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Giving In- Chapter 5

Draco stepped out of History of Magic looking for all the world like the cat who'd caught the canary. Getting under Granger's skin was just too easy. He relished the way the poor witch squirmed beneath his gaze during class, the way her cheeks flushed up, and her attention wandered away from the professor. The Slytherin Prince was taking great satisfaction in knowing that- at the very least- Gryffindor's Princess was not indifferent to him.

He smirked quite proudly to himself as he made his way down the corridor, his swagger speaking volumes of the wizard he'd become; exceptionally handsome, powerful and confident to boot. Completely opposite to the boy he'd been before the war. The boy who'd taken the dark mark- who'd performed unspeakable acts- all to please a father who was nearly as mad as the dark wizard he so worshipped. A father who would have taken his own family to hell with him, just as willingly as Potter's mother had given her life to save her son.

Had it not been for his own mother's bravery, Draco'd likely be rotting away in Azkaban with his father, awaiting the Dementor's kiss instead of completing his seventh year at Hogwarts. Her lie to Voldemort had saved them from a fate worse than death. His mother's courage had given him the strength to push aside his fear, his cowardice and finally do the right thing. To fight for the light.

After the battle, he'd been captured alongside his parents and most of the other death eaters. Draco had thought for sure they'd get the kiss, but Potter's unexpected testimony at his and Narcissa's trial assured their immediate release from Azkaban.

Now, with Voldemort obliterated and Lucius behind bars, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy were free of the years-worth of oppression and fear. They were free to finally live their lives in peace, and to restore the Malfoy family name to its original grandeur. It seemed that Voldemort's defeat was as essential to mother and son as it had been to the rest of the witches and wizards who had fought to bring him down.

It felt good, not having the threat of His Royal Darkness lurking behind every corner, and- Salazar help him- he couldn't stop the relief he felt at his father's imprisonment. Draco felt as though he was finally breathing clean, fresh air, after years of inhaling pollution. It was refreshing to be able to make his own decisions, to become the man that he wanted to be. And- of course- to pursue any witch he so desired, or rather, one in particular.

Draco came out of his reverie as he reached his destination. He let himself into the classroom and was glad to see that he'd arrived before Hermione. It gave him a chance to take in his surroundings and to prepare himself for what he was sure would be an interesting rendezvous. Sure, he could have asked her to meet him in their shared common room, but he'd wanted to meet on neutral ground.

Ten minutes later, the blond was slowly losing his patience. He was sure that Granger would be there, so why was the bloody witch taking so long?

Draco huffed and moved to the door, pulling his wand out as he went. He murmured a spell that gave it the quality of a two-way mirror. He could see through it to the corridor, but anyone outside would just see a regular, wooden door.

When Draco spotted her, his face broke into a wicked grin. She was nervous, he could tell, and seemed to be having some sort of internal discussion as she paced in front of the door. This went on for the next few minutes, until finally she turned to leave.

Before she could get anywhere, however, Draco spoke through the door. "Are you going to pace out there like a scared little Hufflepuff the entire hour or are you going to gather some of that famous Gryffindor courage and actually come inside?"

He knew she'd never back down from a challenge, and he also knew that questioning her courage was a sure-fire way to get her inside the classroom. Gryffindors.

He was correct, of course, and watched as she straightened herself out, looking as determined as he'd ever seen her. Draco quickly ended the charm he'd placed on the door. He slipped his wand back into the pocket of his robes and moved back to lean against one of the desks, crossing his arms and schooling his features.

Hermione took a deep, steadying breath and entered the room, closing the door behind her. Malfoy was the picture of elegance and poise, his face gave away nothing and Hermione found herself immediately irritated by this.

"Alright, Malfoy," she started, holding her head up and trying to look dignified as she continued. "I'm here, now give me back my knickers."

Draco smirked at her demand, shaking his head and clucking his tongue as one would to a small child. "Ah, ah, ah, Granger. You only just got here."

He pushed off the desk, letting his arms fall to his sides and took a few lazy strides to where she stood. He saw her tremble slightly at his proximity and felt himself grin. "We aren't even having fun yet." His voice was deep, husky.

For a moment Hermione forgot who she was, who he was. She shook herself and took a step back, raising her arm and aiming her wand at his chest.

Draco raised his hands in submission and took a few steps back. "Come now, Granger. There's no need for violence. This is supposed to be a...friendly rendezvous."

Hermione hated the ease with which he spoke. His tone was ever so persuasive and his words seemed to envelop her like the smoothest sheet of silk. She raised her chin a little higher, keeping her wand trained on him. "There's nothing friendly about blackmail."

Draco chuckled softly as he lowered his arms. "Oh, Granger. Blackmail is such a strong word. I simply reminded you that we have some...common interests."

Hermione huffed. "What are you playing at, Malfoy? What is it you want from me?"

The Slytherin in question pretended to inspect his nails. "Oh, it's not much really." He raised his eyes to meet hers. His gaze was intense and Hermione felt positively nude beneath his scrutiny. Her cheeks flushed. "See all I want, Hermione, is-" he paused for effect. "You."

There he went again. Enunciating every syllable of her name. Sending shivers down her spine. "Me?" she whispered to herself. No. He was just trying to get inside her head. She went on in an elevated tone. "Malfoy, I don't have time for games."

"Hermione, I assure you I am quite serious." He leaned back on the desk again, letting his eyes trail up and down her petite frame for good measure.

Hermione sighed. "Malfoy," she began, tone nearly pleading. "Why can't you just leave this alone? I don't want anything to do with you!" She was becoming increasingly exasperated. "I just want things to go back to the way they were."

Draco scoffed- slightly offended- and pushed off the desk, taking a step towards her. "You really think that things can be normal again, Hermione?" he took another step.

"D-don't." Her voice wavered, as did her wand arm.

"Well, they can't." He took another step, bold and unafraid.

"Malfoy, I'm warning you."

"Go ahead, Hermione. Hex me, for I've no intention of giving up."

"This isn't a game!"

"Well, whatever this is, I will win."

"Everte Statum," she uttered furiously, flicking her wrist in Draco's direction. Draco managed to side-step the spell meant to send him sprawling to the floor, the fury in her eyes merely fueling his hunger for her.

Before she could try to hex him again, Draco turned shocked eyes to the door. "Professor McGonogall-"

At the mention of her favorite professor, and acting headmistress, Hermione swiveled towards the door making the mistake of lowering her guard and her wand, before she realized she'd been duped.

"Expelliarmus." Her wand flew out of her hand and into Draco's waiting one. He slipped it into the pocket of his robes along with his own.

Hermione turned to face him, but this time there was nothing she could do to stop his advancement on her. When they were face to face- or rather chest to face, for he did tower over her- she opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was a feeble "Y-you-"

Draco smirked down at her. "Me..."

She slapped him. Hard. He brought a hand to his face, eyes furious. When he didn't back away, she raised her other hand to slap him again, but this time he caught her by the wrist, easily bringing her arm down and twisting it so that she had no choice but to turn with it.

Hermione struggled, but was unable to escape his grip as he pressed her, face-first, into the nearest wall.

"Always so stubborn," he murmured into her ear, grinning as he felt her shiver. He took both of her hands in his and brought them up to rest on the wall above her head, relishing the feel of her petite form as it pressed into his much larger one.

"Let. Me. Go." She demanded in a dangerous whisper.

"I don't think so." Replied the Slytherin, taking both her wrists in one of his hands to keep them in place. He reached for his wand again and whispered a spell. When Draco released Hermione, her hands were still pressed against the wall. With another flick of his wrist, her robes were gone, leaving her standing in her Hogwarts uniform.

Hermione gasped and tried to pull away. Once. Twice. Three times, but it was as if her wrists were bound to the wall by invisible shackles. "Malfoy-"


"What do you think you're doing?" she cried, yanking some more. "Dammit, Malfoy! Release me!"

"Don't pull. You'll bruise your pretty little wrists," he stated calmly.

Draco removed his own robe and tossed it on the nearest desk. He slid his wand into the back pocket of his pants before stepping closer to her. "And, I think you know exactly what I'm doing, Hermione," he said to the bound witch, running his hands down her sides, letting them rest on her hips.

"Why?" The word came out as a pitiful whisper.

"I already told you," he said gently, rubbing circles on her clothed hips. "I want you. And- you should know- Malfoy's always get what they want."

"B-but you've already had me," she tried to reason.

"Yes," he began, moving his hands around to her belly and letting them trail higher, ever higher. "But I've found that one time wasn't nearly enough with you, Hermione. Oh, no," he whispered in her ear. "I plan to have you again, and again." He nipped at her lobe. "I want my fill of you, witch."

"Ev-even," her voice trembled as she spoke. She cleared her throat. "Even if it's not what I want?"

He chuckled again, a deep throaty sound that muddled her thoughts. Merlin, her heart was racing!

"Believe me, Hermione," he paused when his hands where right beneath her breasts, tone severe. "If I thought for a moment that you didn't want this, it wouldn't be happening."

Hermione wriggled in his grasp, causing Draco to moan into her ear as her bum brushed against his already engorged member. Hermione stilled.

"No." He murmured, finally cupping her sumptuous breasts. Hermione gasped. "No, I think you want this just as much as I do." Draco ground his erection into her backside to drive the point home. Head Boy and Girl groaned in unison.

He began to unbutton her crisp oxford and Hermione's breaths became short and shallow. When he was finished, he pulled her blouse apart and ran his hands over the smooth expanse of her abdomen. Gods, her skin was like silk.

Hermione tried to pull away again, to no avail. "Stop trying to fight it, Hermione." The wizard chastised as he reached her simple, white bra and grinned when he felt the clasp in between her breasts. "Just relax."

"Malfoy-" she began, voice raw, but stopped abruptly as he released the clasp, setting her chest free of its confines. Hermione shivered, feeling her nipples tighten against the cool air of the classroom. "Malfoy, please-" she pleaded, voice unrecognizable, no longer sure what she was even asking of him. Gods, what is he doing to me?

"What is it, Hermione?" He cupped her naked breasts, taking her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and proceeding to roll them around, so torturously. Hermione let out a strangled cry, throwing her head back involuntarily. "What is it you want?" he asked softly, leaning to place a feather-light kiss on her exposed neck.

"M-malfoy," she moaned.

He kissed her cheek as he let his hands trail back down her sides, past her hips, to grab the hem of her school skirt. Letting his knuckles brush against her thighs. "Mmm...I want you to call me by my first name." He stated. "Would you do that for me, Hermione?"

Hermione shook her head, still trying to fight it, to clear the fog of arousal from her mind. She wouldn't say it.

Draco chuckled into her ear and Hermione felt goose-pimples cover her skin. He lifted her skirt up, exposing her matching white knickers to his sight. "Why are you still trying to fight this, you stubborn little witch?" He ground himself into her arse once more and this time Hermione couldn't help but push back. What was happening to her? She was losing it!

"Wouldn't it be easier to just give in?" She shook her head again, and Draco reached his hand around to her front, cupping her womanhood through her knickers, effectively pinning her between his hand and his erection. Merlin, she was so hot. He licked the tips of his free thumb and forefinger before returning them to her nipple. Pinching, flicking. "Say it, Hermione."

The stubborn witch let out another moan, but still would not utter his name, and so Draco pushed her knickers aside and pinched her pussy lips together, trapping her clitoris between them.

Hermione gasped at the sensation, wriggling against his hand. It was torture. She wanted...

"Say my name, Hermione." His voice was somehow stern and husky all at once as he uttered his demand and good gods, it made her so hot. She wanted...

He licked the shell of her ear, stopping to suckle at her lobe, and ground his hardness into her arse once more, pinching her nipple and her lips just the slightest bit harder between his fingers and she broke.

"Oh, gods, please. Draco, please!" She cried.

The Slytherin groaned as his name left her mouth, his swollen cock twitching almost painfully against her bum. He released her throbbing sex and brought his hand up to her face, turning it in his direction. Hermione's eyes were teary, brimming with desire and he crashed his lips down on hers in a desperate kiss, plunging his tongue into her mouth, exploring every crevice.

"Mmm," he felt like a man taking his first sip of water after wandering a barren desert for weeks. He wanted more. He had to taste all of her.

When they pulled away, both gasping for air, he rested his hands on her hips once more, and sank to the floor. Draco reached for his wand and murmured a spell to keep her skirt in place, vanished her knickers and almost spilled himself at the sight of her naked arse. Perfectly rounded, smooth. He squeezed one cheek and then the other, before planting a series of searing kisses to her skin.

Hermione could do nothing but whimper from above. She'd never been in such an indecent position! Before their affair in his room, the most she'd ever done with a boy was kiss. Now she found herself all but naked in an abandoned classroom, bound to a wall, with Draco- sodding- Malfoy kissing her bum!

The worst part was that she was wildly aroused, gods she'd never felt such a need, such heat.

The little Gryffindor inhaled sharply as the Slytherin separated her cheeks. "Draco-" her voice was a hoarse whisper.

"Shhh," he soothed, sensing her discomfort. "Just relax, Hermione."

Hermione nearly fainted when he ran a finger down her slit. "Gods you're so wet," he whispered. She thought her face couldn't possibly get any redder.

Draco pulled Hermione back a step, so as to get a better angle, and reached his tongue out to taste her. And gods, but she was sweet. Like nectar. Ambrosia.

"Oh, Draco," she moaned, and the Slytherin couldn't help himself. He licked Hermione from her clitoris to her opening once, twice and again and again until the poor witch was downright mewling and almost incoherent.

Hermione was going into sensory overload, blushing all over as a certain heat in her lower abdomen began to spread throughout her entire body. She was almost glad for the magical bindings when she felt him bring a hand to her front and begin circling a finger about her clit, ever so slowly, all the while teasing her entrance with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh, Gods!" She let out. Deep. Guttural. "Draco. Oh, Draco please!"

The wizard yielded to her pleas, thrusting his tongue into her dripping hole and pumping it furiously. Hermione was so close. She felt on fire. All of her nerve endings sparking with electricity. She felt she might soon combust. Her hips were gyrating of their own accord, wantonly grinding her pussy further into Draco's face.

He began rolling her clitoris between his index and middle fingers, just so, and felt the walls of her pussy begin to contract around his tongue.

"Fuck! Yes. Oh, Draco! Yes!" She let out as the dam broke, trailing off into nonsensical whimpering. Hermione's orgasm washed over her in cool, forceful waves, putting out the fire that Draco had set and leaving her skin hypersensitive and tingling.

Draco lapped up every drop of nectar she spilled forth, licking at her pulsing opening repeatedly until a distant sound, like that of a bell, cut through his amorous haze. He pulled away from Hermione's naked backside, shaking his head to clear the stupor.

The blond was shocked at himself for having lost control and tried to get his wits about him as he stood up. Draco summoned his wand, which had apparently fallen to the floor at some point, and stepped up behind Hermione.

The witch was positively trembling as he removed the magical bindings. Her knees buckled and she fell against him for support. Draco turned her to face him and propped her up against the wall, letting out a shaky breath at the sight of her. Eyes, heavy-lidded. Lips, swollen. Ravished. Shirt and bra pushed apart, revealing supple breasts and pointed nipples. Skirt bunched up about the waist, giving him a perfect view of her glistening slit.

She was magnificent and he tried to commit the vision of her to memory, in hopes of capturing it on paper at a later time. With a wave of his wand, Hermione was properly dressed once more, robes and all.

Draco noticed that the Head Girl's caramel eyes were downcast, avoiding contact with his gray ones. He put away his wand and hooked a finger beneath her chin, raising it so that their eyes could meet.

Hermione gulped at the raw desire displayed in Draco's eyes. Hot. Dangerous. Pupils like molten silver. She felt a shiver run down her spine as they darted to her mouth. She saw him lick his lips and her traitorous heart hastened in anticipation, eyelids falling shut.

Draco captured her lips in a slow, decadent kiss, bringing his hands up to cup either side of her face. Hermione's arms remained at her sides as the Slytherin kissed her, hands fisted in an effort to keep control. She could taste herself on him and for some unfathomable reason, she found it utterly arousing.

When Draco pulled away, he kept his hold on her face, giving her a serious look. "You won't avoid me again, will you?"

Hermione sighed, eyes darting away from him as she shook her head no.

"Good," he murmured.

Draco pressed one last, chaste kiss to her lips before releasing her face and stepping away. He reached for his robe and made quick work of slipping it on, pulling Hermione's wand out of his pocket and handing it back when he was done.

"I'll see you at lunch, Hermione. Although," he swiped his thumb at the corner of his mouth, licking his lips as he gave her a good once over. "I don't think I can eat another bite."

Draco smirked, turning away from her and promptly striding out of the classroom, robes billowing behind him in a manner reminiscent of Severus Snape.

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