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Just like a page out of a fairy tale
the storybook romance comes true...
He proposed to her on bended knee,
He asked "Will you marry me?"
Elaine Lovy Tamora Dridel
said "Yes!" (finally) to
James Sirius Potter who
Together with their parents
Ginevra Molly and Harold James Potter,
and Adyllia Arianna Dridel,
Invite you to share in their joy
Saturday, the twenty-second of December
at three o'clock in the afternoon
Cathedral of St. Thomas
751 Rowena Road
Hogsmeade, Scotland

"Wakey Wakey Jamesy Jamesy," came a low voice, causing James to startle out of the light doze he had fallen into after what had seemed like hours of tossing and turning the night before. "Today Dridel gets the final laugh, she gets that one last rejection, that resounding NO, that…" James' eyes widened. Would Elaine really do something like that? She had rejected him dozens of times in the past. "It's not too late to back out yourself and avoid public humiliation. I'm telling you man, witches are bitches, and you should get out while you can!" said Orion who was perched on the edge of James' bed. James was about to the point of hyperventilating, when Orion was roughly pushed off the bed while he chanted, "Don't marry Elaine, Don't marry Elaine, Don't marry Elaine."

"JAMES!" exclaimed Teddy coming into his range of vision which was quite limited due to his lack of glasses. "IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY!" he said happily, setting a tray with toast, tea, bacon, and some eggs in front of James. James eyed the food skeptically as he reached for his glasses.

"What if Orion is right?" said James in a small voice. He and Teddy had been over all of these doubts the night before, and he had thought they had beaten the horse to death. However, hearing your fears voiced the moment you wake up is never a good thing.

"Orion is just being a git because the on witch he found that he thought he could date forever managed to break his heart. Just because he can't find happiness with a woman, doesn't mean that you can't. Elaine loves you, so much. She wouldn't have agreed to marry you if she had the slightest doubt that she would be able to say yes once the big day came. She's the type that would break up with you the second she had doubts. She has no problem saying no, and when she says yes, she means it. This is it James. You and Elaine are meant to be forever, and you finally will be. Today, at Three O'clock," said Teddy. James looked at Orion who was currently having a staring contest with James' owl, Mercury. Maybe he should discredit everything that his other best friend said. He was obviously clinically insane since Ophelia had dumped him. Hopefully moving to France tomorrow would be a good move, a good change in scenery for the marauder.

"Padfoot, cut it out!" said James as Orion apparently lost the staring contest and looked like he was going to attack the poor bird.

"Orion, come here, I made some special orange juice for you!" said Teddy.

"Is it freshly squeezed by Citrus Fairies? That's the only kind I'll drink, you know," said Orion.

"Of course it was," said Teddy with a look at James. They really needed to help Orion get back on track with his life, or at least back in touch with his sanity. It was a common problem within the Black Family.

"Mmm… delicious!" proclaimed Orion smacking his lips. Teddy grinned and mouthed calming drought to James who cracked a grin. Orion needed to be a little calmer today.

Suddenly Murphy burst into the room. "James! It's almost time to go over to your manor to start getting ready. I had an early quidditch practice, but I'm done now, what do you want me to do?"

"Just come eat with us, and ignore Orion, he's being weird," said James, smiling at the sweaty Murphy. "It's the last morning that all four Marauders will be living in the same house. I'm moving out and living with Ellie after the honeymoon, and then Orion's leaving for France tonight, and then Teddy's barely home with his job in Egypt anyways. One last breakfast!"

"It's weird to see us all going in these different directions," commented Murphy around a piece of toast.

"Yeah," said James. "I'm getting married, Moony's mooning over Victoire from a thousand miles away in Egypt, Orion has sworn off women from here to eternity, and well, how is the lady front with you?"

"I'm on an all guys quidditch team for a reason!" laughed Murphy. "I'm so bad with girls, it's a miracle I can talk with my mum!"

"HA! You aren't that bad, at least.." said Teddy as he was interrupted by the other three who chorused together.

"You aren't in love with your veela childhood friend who doesn't notice you." The other three laughed at Teddy's frown.

The four ate the rest of their breakfast, having conversations reminiscent of the many they had had over their years at Hogwarts over their meals at the long Gryffindor house table. By the time they were done, even Orion was acting normal, forgetting that he disagreed with James' wedding, forgetting his heart was still an open wound. Teddy had forgotten that he was living in a foreign country surrounded by strangers and no friends, with his true love a million miles away in London. Murphy had forgotten that his friends were all going to be gone over the next few months, and he would be living on his own for the first time in the still somewhat creepy Shrieking Shack where they had lived for the past six months since graduation.

The rest of the day leading up to the wedding was a blur for James. As soon as they flooed over to the house he had inherited from his father's side of the family, he was set upon by his family. His mother and Grandmother fussed over his hair, desperately trying to make it resemble something other than a bird's nest. When that failed, they consented that it was at least clean, but trying to make it orderly was impossible. Instead, they forced him into his black pants, white shirt, silver vest, and tie, which they happened to try to strangle him with. Being almost twenty years old, and having your mother dress you was not fun in the least.

"I can dress myself mother!" he said angrily, pulling the long black robe that one wore like a muggle suit jacket out of her hands. He could put his own hand through the sleeves thank you very much. Finally, it was time to apparate over to the Church. However, there was still enough time for James to pace the small room provided for the groomsmen for about twenty minutes, praying that Elaine would show up.

Finally, the priest came and herded the four boys and Albus who was the fourth groomsman out into the chapel where the ceremony would take place. James had scanned the crowd, seeing all of his Aunts, Uncles, cousins, grandparents, many friends, multiple teachers, his parents' friends, his bosses from work, other people from the ministry, after all this was Harry Potter's oldest son's wedding. The church was packed with witches and wizards from nearly every walk of life. James saw Elaine's mum in the front row sitting next to his own mum and dad. Both mothers looked as if they was already crying.

With every second that he stood next to the priest, waiting for the crowd to settle and the ceremony to start, James got more nervous. He barely registered Teddy, who was his best man in light of Orion's recent rejection of womankind and the establishment of marriage, whispering in his ear reassuringly. All he could focus on were the large wooden doors that stared at him from across the long aisle.

He was just starting to sweat when suddenly a light music started up and the doors opened magically. Not even the smiling face of his redheaded sister as she walked elegantly down the aisle in her long purple dress could calm his nerves. When halfway down the aisle, Lily's dress changed to a vibrant emerald green, he wasn't even fazed. Lily only had a slight stutter to her step and continued on calmly. When she got close enough to him, James registered that she smiled at him and gave him a wink, he relaxed his shoulders a bit and shuffled his feet to a more comfortable position nervously.

Looking away from his sister who had passed to the other side of the altar, he saw Elaine's friend Sarah Weber who had married his friend Frank the previous summer. Following close behind her was ShiShi Lee who worked in the hospital as a healer trainee with Elaine and had been friends with her during school also. She had married David Lee the ravenclaw that fall.

James registered that Victoire was gliding in veela-like fashion down the aisle, but he didn't pay attention to her because by then, his eyes were fixed on the door, anxiously awaiting the appearance of his bride. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, the music changed, and Elaine appeared on the arm of her Uncle Aberforth who had indeed cleaned up quite nicely for the occasion.

As she stepped out from behind the door in the long white dress with it's long train trailing behind her, James entirely forgot how to breathe. To him, Elaine was a thousand times more beautiful than any other woman on the planet, and how she was walking toward him in that moment was a mystery that he wasn't even trying to figure out. Her slender and delicate shoulders were exposed by the neckline of the dress while her arms were covered in long white sleeves that came to points over the back of her hands. There was intricate beading over the tight bodice of the gown that emphasized her slenderness before the gown flared out into a voluminous skirt. Her long dark hair was in giant curls down her back and framing her face, but the lace veil that covered it and her face made it look as if she had just walked in from a snow storm and there were big white snowflakes in her dark hair. Beneath the veil, her eyes were glowing a bright emerald green, a color James knew could mean that she was angry or in love. Basically it was her James color. He after all was the only person who really inspired those two passionate emotions in Elaine. Maybe it was just her passionate color.

James was staring at his beautiful bride, with the rosy red blush on her cheeks and a twinkle in her green eyes, and a delicate smile on her pretty lips when he felt Teddy nudge him. Oh yeah, he had to breathe too.

From the moment he had seen her, all of his nervousness had dissipated. In the back of his mind, he registered that he was grinning from ear to ear. He simply couldn't hide the emotions of elation, pride, and wonder that he felt. Elaine, Elaine Dridel was finally going to be his. She was the most beautiful woman and everyone in the room couldn't help but see that, and she was marrying him, of all people. This had to be the happiest moment of his life when her Uncle handed him off to her as she gave the green stemmed golden roses she was carrying to Victoire, her maid of honor and took his hands, looking into his eyes with tears in her own.

Minutes later he changed that sentiment. The moment that she finished her vows, saying "I, Elaine, take you, James, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life." Elaine, the most beautiful, intelligent, kind, and wonderful girl, no woman, he had ever met was his wife. Seconds later when he was granted permission to kiss his wife, lifting the veil from in front of her face, he wasn't sure which moment was better anymore. All he knew was that he was the happiest man alive, and the luckiest.

All through the pictures, he and Elaine were radiating happiness. It was like a dream, and he had no intention of ever waking up. Elaine had teared up a bit during the ceremony, but he couldn't tell now. In fact, he would never admit it, but he might, just a little, have felt the tiniest of prickles in his eyes too. BUT, he had in no way shape or form CRIED. No, absolutely not.

After that, the reception was held in the ballroom at Potter Manor in Godric's Hallow, the house he and Ellie would be moving into after their honeymoon in Bermuda. Dinner involved some very delicious food, but he wasn't exactly sure what he had been putting into his mouth considering he spent the majority of it watching his new bride. Everything she did from wiping her mouth with a napkin to the way she tilted her head as she talked to Victoire seemed amazingly different. Of course they talked, in fact, she was pretty wrapped up in him during the meal, and it wasn't until Teddy and Victoire stood up to give their joint speech that their attention was truly directed elsewhere.

"So as many of you know, I'm Teddy, a.k.a. best man. And as many of you also know, James here is practically my family. With his father being my godfather, that makes him like my godbrother, or something like that. And I've known him pretty much as long as a person can. In fact, apparently I was there the day he was born, although I don't quite remember it. Being the friend who has known James the longest, I feel the most qualified to make this speech, along with the lovely Victoire Weasley, a.k.a. maid of honor, I guess."

"Thank you for that wonderful introduction, Teddy. And let me remind you, that while you have known James a full one month and 6 days longer than I have, which you have never let me forget, I have known Elaine longer than you. I met her briefly before boarding the train as a first year, a full fifteen minutes before she met you," quipped Victoire earning a laugh from the crowd. "And honestly, knowing the both of them so very well, I can honestly say that to this day, I cannot believe they are together."

"And that, I can agree on," said Teddy, earning a few more laughs. "I, rather than Vic here, was present when the world of James Potter and that of Elaine Dridel first collided. And let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. To help Vic and I demonstrate how Ellie and James' relationship has progressed through the years, we have enlisted the help of our dear friends, Orion Black and Murphy Finnigan who will be playing the parts of Elaine and James respectively." The attention of the guests was momentarily displaced to the stage where the bands would later be performing.

"I thought I got to be James!" came Orion's indignant voice from behind the curtain.

"I'm taller, so I get to be the guy!" came Murphy's deeper voice. "Now keep the bloody wig on or I'll charm it on for the rest of the night." The crowd laughed.

"It all started on the train on the way to our first year at Hogwarts," said Teddy gesturing to the magical scene that appeared on the stage behind him. James smirked. Were they really going to act out his and Elaine's story? Orion definitely wasn't good looking enough to play his bride, and he told his wife so, causing her to laugh loudly.

Suddenly not two, but three people emerged from behind the curtain, Elaine laughed out loud along with most of the guests, causing Orion to look down and curse.

"I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WOULD BE WARDROBE!" he exclaimed gesturing to the Hogwarts girls uniform he was wearing.

"Yes, you're definitely much better looking, luv," he murmured in her ear, causing Elaine to smile.

"Continue with the story," demanded Victoire.

"My name's Elaine," said Orion in a falsetto voice, sitting down with a giant book in hand and a pout on his face as Farley Greengrass sat next to him, and Murphy with a black mop of hair sat across from him.

"I'm James, who's your friend?" said Murphy in a weak boyish voice to which James protested, "I don't sound like that!"

"You used to sound even worse, your high squeaky voice, no wonder I didn't fall for you until your voice matured," joked Elaine quietly to him, causing him to smile, even if it was at his expense.

"Farley Greengrass," replied Farley.

"More like Farty Greengas!" laughed the Murphy-James.

"You're rude! Let's leave Farley!" said Orion not sounding like he meant it and more like he still thought the insult was funny. James too was smirking, because he definitely still thought the joke was funny, even if he was on good terms with Farley.

"Once we got to school, things didn't really get better between Elaine and James, what with him being such a bragging prankster, and well, Ellie being Ellie," said Victoire continuing the narration as Murphy charmed Orion's wig about four different colors, and Orion pretended to get mad at him. Then Murphy levitated Orion around the room before dropping him in a fountain across the room.

"The subsequent years at Hogwarts passed in a similar manner, James harassing Elaine, and then often wondering why she hated him so much and why her eyes were always angry green when he was around. Anyone who knows Elaine knows that livid green eyes on her are to be feared. In fact, it can safely be said that Elaine hated James at this point." Currently, Orion who had used a drying charm, was now trying to write at the desk in the magical scene while Murphy charmed the quill to fly away from him. Orion eventually got so frustrated, he began chasing Murphy through the maze of tables with his wand, causing the wedding guests to laugh uproariously.

"I didn't hate James!" exclaimed Elaine as she held her new husband's hand, lifting it to give it a kiss.

"Of course not, you loved me all along. Admit it, you wanted me," James told her under his breath, causing her to kick his foot under the table.

"HE FED YOUR BOOKBAG TO THE GIANT SQUID!" exclaimed Victoire causing the crowd to laugh yet again.

"Okay, maybe I did…" said Elaine with a look at James who simply grinned.

"On with our story," said Teddy as things settled down. "I don't think that James noticed Elaine was even a girl until the summer before our fourth year. We ran into her in Diagon Alley when we were school shopping."

"Hey Elaine, how's your day going?" asked Murphy.

"A lot better before I saw you!" cried Orion in a falsetto voice before stomping off, his wig a bit askew.

"Fourth year also happened to be the first year we could go to the Yule Ball, and James was dead set on asking Elaine who he had just realized was quite beautiful," said Victoire.

"Where are you headed Lainey?" Murphy asked Orion as they walked across the front of the stage.

"Away from you."

"Want some company?"

"Not if it's you. Why are you following me?"

"Well, IwaswonderingifyouwouldgototheChristmasdancewithme?" he stated in a rush.


"Will you go to the Christmas Dance with me?"

"If you think I would go with you after everything you've done to me over the years? Sorry James but I think you know the answer is no."

"I remember that," commented Elaine to James.

"I was nervous as hell," replied James. "You were so intimidating, and I was horrified you would reject me."

"Well, I did, and you obviously survived."

"Yes, aren't you happy you didn't Avada me?"

"And that was about the nicest she ever said it," stated Teddy with a laugh. "Because she said no to James quite a bit, and he just couldn't take a hint."

"James never could give up on Ellie, no matter how many times she rejected him, or how harshly," narrated Victoire as Murphy followed a haughty Orion around the room.

"How about you and me go out to Hogsmeade together next week? It will be really fun."

"Really fun would be being attacked by a hippogriff. I'll pass on the fun."

Pause with laughter. "It took me an entire holiday to come up with that one!" exclaimed Elaine with a smile. Obviously she had found her little comeback hilarious. James frowned, no wonder she was always so good at rejecting him, she sat around and thought about ways to turn him down over holidays!

"I just got the results. You were just voted the most beautiful girl at the match today and the prize is a date in Hogsmeade with me this weekend!"

"I'll take the cash instead."

Pause with laughter. "That was pure on the spot wit!" she giggled, James frowned.

"NO!" exclaimed Orion.

"I didn't even ask you yet!"

"Well then ask me so I can answer you again."

"Fine, will you go to Hogsmead with me?"


Pause with more laughter.

"Wana go out with me Ellie?"

"Your voice makes me want to go insane, and I would actually prefer going insane to going on a date with you."

"We wouldn't have to talk, we could just snog!" said Murphy and Orion slapped him with an undisguised laugh. By this point, everyone in the room was laughing at the scene as the two marauders acted it out with exaggerated voices and faces. They were both quite drunk which made the whole thing even more hilarious.

"That hurt," said James, remembering the incident and rubbing his cheek.

"At some point, Elaine began hexing James, not even merely rejecting him, a personal favorite was when his mouth was sewn shut for five days. I remember incidents when she claimed she wouldn't date him if it was a choice between him and the giant squid. And the giant squid eats backpacks… that's not date material!" laughed Victoire. "James was just such a stubborn Gryffindor and Ellie was too!"

James tested opening and shutting his jaw a few times, hoping that no one noticed, but sometimes he was afraid that he would wake up with his mouth sewn shut again. That was bloody horrible, couldn't even eat and had to drink from a sponge. She had only even removed the spell so he could eat. That was the best roast he could ever remember eating.

"When they got paired together for the sixth year project, we thought that Elaine would kill him," laughed Teddy.

"But I convinced her not to. After all, I couldn't have my best friend in Azkaban!"

"AND I'M GLAD YOU DIDN'T LET ME!" called Elaine from the table looking fondly at James. They both remembered a few times they had gotten close to breaking points during that year.

"Remember Charlie?" he asked quietly.

"How could I forget?" she replied squeezing his hand tightly.

"We counted over the years, being the loyal friends we were… and James asked Elaine out a grand total of 246 times, either by letters, telephone calls, notes in class, or chance verbal encounters among other methods. Each time he received a reply of no, sometimes with a bloody hell in front of it."

"Yes, there was that time with the sign language," added Victoire.

"But, believe it or not, she finally said yes," said Teddy. "Lucky number 247. A number that will go down in infamy along with the day of their first date, a year ago tomorrow. December 23rd."

"Has it really been only a year?" asked Elaine, startled that their first date had in fact been a year before.

"I know, it feels like I've loved you a lifetime, but then again, I've loved you so much longer."

"It just took me longer to realize it," said Elaine.

"I remember getting the letter when I was in France. Believe it or not, I somewhat saw it coming as I believe that Elaine had been fighting her feelings for James for a while at that point," said Victoire.

"What can we say? He didn't like to pour ink on her anymore!"

"THAT WAS ONCE IN FIRST YEAR!" cried James indignantly. However, he did feel a little guilty. He hadn't exactly been nice to most of the girls back then, particularly her.

"And, so, they had their first date, and from there it was history. I still remember the first time most people saw them holding hands. Professor Binns about died of shock… except he was already dead." James was pretty sure Binns was actually at the reception… he looked at Elaine with a smirk and subtly nodded in the direction of a startled looking Binns. About ready to die of shock again.

"I formally thanked Elaine once they started dating, because he was much more livable to be around, not constantly whining about how the girl he loved didn't love him back… Then I revoked my apology, because all he ever did was obsess over his new girlfriend!" joked Teddy.

"And Elaine was obsessed with him too. She used to complain about how he was always stalking her, and now all she did was exclaim over what a great kisser he was!" Everyone laughed as Elaine blushed furiously. Orion and Murphy who had sat down and were now normally dressed began clinking their forks against their wine glasses. James grinned and leaned in to kiss the blushing bride.

"Told you I was irresistible. And you were obsessed with me," he taunted gently in her ear.

"You were more obsessed with me," she shot back.

"So then, after graduation, most of you know the story of how James proposed, and she said yes for the second time, finally agreeing to be his wife."

"I never really would have thought I would be here standing in front of all of you, proclaiming the marriage of my immature cousin and best friend, but, well, here we are against all odds."

"I'm not immature," James grumbled, frowning a bit in Victoire's direction.

"Yes you are," laughed Elaine. "And I really don't mind, it's endearing."

"I'm endearing!" gloated James with a goofy childish grin.

"If Elaine could have said no to James that many times, she must have really meant it when she finally said yes. That's why I know they're going to last. James knew it all along, and it may have taken Elaine and the rest of us a while longer to realize, but they are perfect for each other."

"James makes Elaine laugh and relax, not being so serious, while she brings out the serious side in him, and I'm not talking about his middle name!" said Victoire, causing anyone who knew James' full name to chuckle louder than the rest.

"They are both incredibly intelligent, made obvious by the fact that they graduated at the top of our class. They push each other to try harder and be better both academically and as people. In fact, James probably never would have grown out of the mindset of a three year old if wasn't for Elaine."

"And finally, I have never met another couple with such passion for each other. They may fight like my Uncle Harry and Voldemort, but they love each other so much. It's almost sickening sometimes. But they are a couple that is going to last forever. To Elaine and James," began Victoire.

"… to a blessed marriage full of happiness, health, wealth, and love," finished Teddy.

"To my best friend Elaine, and her new husband who also happens to be my beloved cousin," said Victoire with a giant smile.

"And to my best friend James, and to his beautiful wife Elaine," continued Teddy raising his glass as Victoire did the same.

"To Elaine and James Potter!" they said together as everyone lifted their glasses. James grinned at Elaine, leaning over and kissing her long and hard while everyone cheered all the louder. Turning to Teddy and his cousin he grinned at them.

"Thanks for the great speech Ted, you did awesome," James said. "You did a great job! I'm glad I picked you, and not Orion, just don't tell him," he said with a grin, hugging his oldest mate. Turning to his cousin, he saw her downing a glass of champagne. Engulfing her in a hug, he mumbled something about her being his favorite cousin for a reason, and thanking her for the kind words.

Soon the new couple was gliding across the dance floor gracefully. Looking into her eyes, James felt love wash over him, he knew he would love her for the rest of his life. The rest of the night was spent in each other's arms as much as possible, but they obviously had to dance and socialize with the multitude of guests. Finally, after cutting cake, which he had mischievously smashed into her face while she had smashed his into his hair, dancing some final dances, throwing the garter, they were ready to wish everyone goodbye. Their families gathered around giving them hugs and kisses, wishing them a happy honeymoon and a safe trip. They were finally ready to leave as she threw the bouquet behind her. Turning, James could see his very drunk cousin clutching the golden flowers happily and dancing around with them above her blond head. He wasn't jealous of the headache she would have in the morning.

Waiting in the street was a long black car that was driving them to London to the international Floo Port. Then, to Bermuda. Looking at Elaine, her bare feet propped up on the seat across from her, the white dress with its massive train floating around her, he couldn't help but smile.

"So, was it everything you dreamed?" he asked, knowing that every girl dreams of their wedding day.

"Yes," she sighed, scooting over and snuggling up to him. "I'm so happy, and I love you so much," she said kissing him. "Today, today was so special."

"I agree, and of course I love you too. It's funny, I was thinking about everything when Teddy and Vic gave that speech."

"Hmmm, how?" asked Elaine quietly.

"Well, I remember trying not to stare the night of the Yule Ball. You had me mesmerized as you danced with Farley. And three months into school fifth year, probably the forty fifth time I tried to ask you out, you rejected me yet again, making me think my heart would break. I hadn't yet resorted to proclaiming it, but I thought I loved you then. And now, well, you're my whole life, now you're my whole world, and I just can't believe the way I feel about you Elle, stronger than it's ever been, and well, I thought I loved you then?

"I remember taking you on our first date, to the muggle mall, for pizza, a movie, shopping, dinner. You were so surprised, and there were muggles all around, proving how stupid I was when it came to their customs, but I didn't care if I looked like a fool. I had you. And then in June, when I took you to dinner, and I got down on one knee, and you said yes again. I thought I loved you then, but now you're my whole life, now you're my entire world, I just can't believe the way I feel about you now. It's stronger than it's ever been, but I thought I loved you then?

" And I can just see you, with our baby on the way, all round and glowing, carrying our child until it's birthday. And I can just see you when your hair is turning grey. What I can't see is how I could ever love you more than I do in this moment, today, as I looked into your eyes today and felt this shot ringing through my heart. I don't see how I could possibly love you more, but then again, I've said that before. Because now you're my whole life, my entire world, and I don't think you can even understand the way I feel about you, girl. And I'm sure we'll look back someday, on this moment that we're in, and I'll look back and say, and I thought I loved you then?" said James, holding Elaine tightly, loving the feel of her in his arms, all warm and happy.

"Awww, James, and the only nice thing I can even think to say back is I love you too!" pouted Elaine, tearing up at the sweet rambling that James had just voiced aloud to her as he let her cuddle in his arms.

"You already said the most beautiful words in the world to me, you already said the most meaningful thing you could have possibly said," he said stroking her hair, whispering into her ear.

"What's that?" she asked quietly.

"Yes," he said with a silly smile. "You said yes."

"And I'd say it again!" she proclaimed looking at him with a smile.

"Really?" he said looking happy. He had been so worried she would just reject him today, reject him someday, anyday.

"Yes, a thousand times yes."

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