Hey guys and gals!

I hope you're all having fun reading the Sequel!

For those of you who decided to end your reading joy with Silent Force, that's cool too and I hope you all are out having fun.

The reason for this message is that there is Fan Art for this story now. I had a message in Arcana but then I realized that some people might not have wanted to read the sequel. But I still want you all to be able to enjoy the fabulous illustrations that go with this story now.

The incredible Dwellin has drawn some beautiful pictures. So far there are 4 awesome pics. They are all incredible leading me to be simultaneously very honored and very envious of Dwellin's incredible drawing skills. Dwellin's managed to capture the emotions of the scene in a way that is just breathtaking. I highly suggest you go to either my homepage which is my Deviant page and look for them or you can go to Deviantart and search for Dwellin. All the pics have the chapter titles in them but I've marked the chapters as well.

A big thank you goes to Dwellin. I love the art and I'm very happy that my story has inspired you.

Thank you all for your time.