Title: Encore

Summary: AU The finale was so brilliant, there just had to be one more show. Allen and Lavi are reunited after three years of being apart. Sequel to Finale. Lavi/Allen.

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: PG-13/M in the last chapter.

Content: Two guys in love, kissing, groping, doing it, all that jazz.

Author's Note: Because it was requested ages ago, here's the sequel to Finale.


Lavi hadn't seen him in three years. Had it really been that long? Yes. It had been. Lavi knew, because Lavi remembered. He remembered coming home after graduation—after he and Allen had made love so beautifully together—after the family dinner that had actually gone well...Allen was sitting on the porch, looking sad and distressed, his face almost as white as his unusual hair color. That had worried Lavi and even more so when Allen started crying, telling him that he was leaving. For how long, he didn't know, but he was leaving. And Lavi could remember exactly how sweet Allen smelled when he hugged him and recall just how much Allen had been shaking and clinging to him like the world was going to throw him off and Lavi was his only lifeline.

"I thought...we'd at least have a summer..." Allen had cried softly against his shoulder.

The redhead read a lot, but didn't know exactly what "heartbreak" was until Allen left that day. It was raining—how appropriate—as Allen got into his father's car. Lavi didn't know exactly what it felt like to have his "heart crawl into his throat" until he watched them drive away. Allen was looking at him through the glass like something broken and sad. His hand was pressed against the fogging glass in a motion of longing and goodbye.

Lavi didn't even know he was crying until that car was out of sight. Had he been crying the whole time? He didn't know. But he knew that he stood on his porch for a long time, looking out on the street, hoping that Allen would come back. The storm was awful and even when the sun finally came out a few days later, it wasn't shining as brightly as it could have.

The summer was long and painful. Lavi wrote letters and emails everyday, hoping for some response. Only the first two weeks or so after Allen's departure did he hear from his...from Allen. He told Lavi about their family problems and that they had to stay in a city a few states away while one of his relatives wasted away from cancer. Allen called a few times, but it was so upsetting that they were separated that more often than not, one of them was crying on their end. It worried Lavi that he cared enough to cry like that. But every day that Allen was gone was a day that felt...wasted somehow.

Then after those first two weeks, the letters and emails back and forth stopped. Allen's phone no longer rang when Lavi called. He kept writing, though, with the hope that maybe Allen was just busy and that maybe one of his notes would prompt him to write back. But there was nothing. Lavi didn't want to think that Allen had moved on, but he didn't send as many letters. He wrote more, but didn't send them, keeping them in a box beneath his bed.

That box turned into two boxes as the years went on. Then three. Lavi was in college, going into his fourth year after summer ended. People called him stupid (those who knew of his love for another man) for waiting so long. They told him to move on. Lavi tried. He tried with several people he met in college. A girl or two, a few other men. But there was nothing there. Nothing as passionate and understanding as he and Allen had had.

So Lavi resigned himself to his studies at the university in his hometown. He was smart enough to go anywhere he wanted, but had stayed in the area. He told himself that it was because he was familiar and comfortable with the town, but he wondered if it had anything to do with the hope that if Allen ever came back, he'd be able to find him.

A year or so after Allen had left, Lavi's grandfather—his only real family—passed away and Lavi struggled to keep the house. Although it had been willed to him, he couldn't afford it and was forced to sell the property. With the money, Lavi guiltily bought an apartment near the college and resumed life. The boxes full of letters still stayed under his bed. The third slowly was being filled up with a multitude of objects, such as photographs, paintings, poetry, and novel ideas. All were dedicated to Allen in some way. And all of them went into that box under the bed. He never looked at them again after they were locked away.

Three years. This summer would begin the fourth year without Allen. It really wasn't healthy to continue on in this way of life, Lavi knew. But he just...couldn't let go.

And then one day, all the waiting paid off.

It was raining, so much like the day that Allen had left, and Lavi was on his way to work when something caught his eye. Standing in the parking lot of the apartment building, there was someone standing there out in the rain with no umbrella. The only reason Lavi had looked and felt his heart almost stop for a minute was the color of that person's hair. It reminded him of Allen's hair, because it was a certain shade that so many people tried to mimic, but could never actually achieve. And Lavi remembered how soft it had been to run his fingers through after they had laid together when they were done making love. And how they had kissed...

He jerked his eyes away from the person guiltily and walked down the stairs to head to his job. The only way he could not look at that person was to keep his gaze focused on his feet. Left, right, left, right, avoid the big puddles...left, right, left, right, don't think about Allen or his soft hair or his warm hands or those loving eyes of his or the way he could hear Allen saying his name...Lavi wished he could stop the scenes playing in his mind because they were making it hard to breathe and think and move and just keep going...what had happened to make it all go so wrong?

Lavi could hear Allen's voice again, calling him. He chalked it up to his memories, trying to ignore the way he could see Allen's sad expression behind the raindrops streaming down the foggy glass with his hand pressed up against it like "goodbye" and the way that just before that Allen had been in his arms crying not wanting to leave but there was nothing either of them could do about it...


Looking up at the sound of his name, Lavi tried to arrange his features into something not so depressing in case it was someone he knew. But there was no one around, except for that person in the parking lot who had no umbrella and hair just like...


It had to be a cruel joke. Maybe he was sick and hallucinating. It couldn't be Allen...it couldn't be that person he had missed for so long. Had he finally come back? Had...Lavi's heart lifted as he took a few hesitant steps toward the person. His vision was bad, it always had been, and contacts never seemed to do what his glasses could. And wearing said contacts at that moment, Lavi couldn't see the person's face even as he walked toward them, his hopes building higher and higher by the second.

"Allen...?" he asked a little louder, hoping his voice would carry that far and not shake and not show how goddamn hopeful he was that it was who he'd been wanting to see and hold and love for so long now.

The person began running towards him and that was when he knew. He knew that it was Allen, just from the way that he felt against Lavi's chest and that scent that he had almost forgotten over the years. His arms were around Allen before he could register what was happening, or that he had dropped his umbrella and they were both getting soaked, but in that moment it didn't matter.

"I-Is it really you?" Lavi asked, tightening his hold on Allen because even if it was a dream, he wanted to hold on to it as long as he could.

The response was the pair of arms around him tightening back and Lavi could hear and feel soft sobs coming from the boy in his arms.

"Y-Yes...it's me..." was the reply.

Allen had pulled back slightly so that he could look up at Lavi. Up close, Lavi could see that it was Allen and that those beautiful bluish gray eyes of his were crying. Gently, Lavi wiped some of them away with his thumb, rubbing over an indented mark on Allen's cold cheek. He must have made a strange face, because Allen shook his head and smiled weakly.

"I'll tell you everything later...I'm so sorry..." Allen said, raising himself to his tiptoes so that he could put his arms around Lavi's shoulders to bury his nose in the redhead's neck.

Lavi pulled him close and nodded, kissing Allen's wet temple. This made the smaller of the two tilt his head back slightly to look up at Lavi, and he couldn't help himself from kissing Allen. At first, Lavi thought maybe he had made the wrong decision because Allen did not respond. But soon they were locked in such a passionate embrace of lips and limbs that Lavi ceased to pursue that previous thought.

"C'mon...let's go inside..." Lavi said, breathless when they parted; Allen nodded.

Not wanting to let go of Allen just yet, Lavi kept his arm firmly around him, picking up his umbrella as he led the silver-haired boy back to his apartment. Once they were inside, their shoes were removed and Lavi's bag was dropped on the floor, going to work forgotten. Lavi hadn't been pushed away the first time, so he leaned in for another kiss, this one soft with a relieved sigh from both of them. Gently, Lavi cupped Allen's cheeks as they enjoyed the contact of their lips pressed against one another.

"Do you want to take a hot shower? You're cold..." Lavi said, looking a little worriedly at Allen's wet clothes and hair, his hand resting on his frigid cheek.

Allen looped his arms around Lavi's shoulders and the redhead couldn't describe his expression. It was somewhere between that distressed and longing face that Allen had had that day he left and something else that Lavi thought could have been arousal. But then it was broken, replaced by embarrassment and his arms fell from Lavi's shoulders.

"Y-Yeah...if it's not too much trouble," Allen answered, looking down; Lavi took his hands, wondering why he was wearing gloves in the summer, but decided not to ask.

"It's not so don't worry about it, c'mon," he said, leading Allen towards the bathroom by his hand. "There are some towels in there and I'll go find something for you to wear."

"Something with long sleeves, if that's okay?" Allen requested; Lavi found it odd, but didn't question it.

"All right. I'll find something," Lavi answered as he moved to leave, but was stopped when he felt Allen's hand on his arm.

"You're wet too..." Allen said, looking at his clothes. "Do you want to..."

Lavi was unsure as to what Allen was insinuating, so decided to just decline all offers, no matter what it might have been, no matter how much he wanted to just be with Allen after waiting so long to get him back...

"I'm all right. You need one though," Lavi said, leaning forward to gently kiss his forehead before leaving Allen alone.

He went and changed into some sweats and socks, not bothering with a shirt just yet. Also, he removed his contacts and put his wretched glasses back on. He figured it would be a good thing, though, as the last time he and Allen had seen each other, Lavi had still worn the wire-rimmed frames.

Then Lavi found a black, long sleeved shirt for Allen to wear and another pair of comfortable pants and some boxers and socks as well. Folding them up, Lavi brought them to the bathroom and when he heard that the shower was still running, quickly cracked the door and set the clothes on the edge of the sink.

Lavi headed into the kitchen after that, deciding to cook. He never did except when he had the rare company over. There was just something so lonely about cooking for himself that he didn't bother. But now...he wasn't and Lavi couldn't stop smiling or humming to himself. It had been a long time since he felt so...happy.

Not wanting to think about how long the happiness would last, and spent his energies focusing on making Allen's favorite meal: French toast. It was such a strange thing, but Lavi had ended up making it one time after Allen had crashed at his place and ever since then, every time Allen had come over, Lavi had made French toast.

He was in the middle of soaking some bread and putting it into the pan when he heard Allen walk in and looked up with a little smile.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," was Allen's reply, although he was slightly red.

Lavi then realized that he forgot to put a shirt on before cooking and suddenly felt a little self-conscious.

"Sorry, I'm used to not wearing a shirt around the house during the summer," Lavi explained as he flipped the bread over.

"It's okay," Allen answered, avoiding his eyes, cheeks still slightly pink.

With the better light and his glasses on, Lavi could see Allen much better. There was something strange on the left side of his face, like a cut that went through his eye and down his cheek. It was very faint, but Lavi could see that it must have been a deep gash at one point. But other than that, Allen looked exactly the same, although maybe a little older and his hair a little longer, his eyes just a little sadder…

"I-I'm, um…making French toast," Lavi said, indicating the kitchen.

Allen smiled and Lavi felt his heart actually flutter a little, realizing all in a rush how much he missed that smile.

"My favorite," he replied, still smiling, leaning on the counter in front of him. "Just like old times."

"Just like old times," Lavi repeated, smiling a little himself.

Silence took over them, but it wasn't bad. It was more like a comfortable one, although Lavi wanted nothing more than to just hear Allen's voice, this was nice too. Just Allen's presence nearby was enough to calm him. He gave Allen the first few pieces and a glass of orange juice.

"So…" Lavi said, once Allen started to eat and he started to cook again. "What…what's been going on?"

He made sure that Allen had food while he asked, giving him time to chew and think about his answers if he needed to. Allen readily used this method, taking a large bite of French toast, then a large swig of orange juice. When there was nothing else he could procrastinate with, Allen opted for silence, looking down at his plate with an intense look on his face.

"You…don't have to tell me, if you don't want to…" Lavi offered, when it looked like Allen really wasn't going to say anything at all.

"No, that's not it…" Allen said, poking at his breakfast, an expression of deep concentration on his face.

"Well, you don't have to tell me now if you don't want to…" Lavi clarified, not wanting to make Allen uncomfortable, or make it seem like he was being interrogated. "I mean…I've been waiting three years, what's a few more days gonna do?"

Allen's face looked tortured and Lavi hung his head guiltily.

"I just…want to know what you've been doing...all this time…" Lavi sighed.

Allen looked up at Lavi, making him stop his cooking for a moment, his eyes held to that stare like a magnet. Those beautiful lips moved, but no sound came out. Then he tried again.

"You…wrote to me," Allen said, with a ghost of a smile on his lips.

"Everyday," Lavi answered, something tugging in his chest, making him look down. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have…you probably…moved on ages ago…"

"Don't be sorry. I'm glad you did…" said Allen, his eyes looking rather wet. "I'm sorry I didn't write back…"

"I-It's okay!" Lavi replied, anything to keep Allen from crying, because it just hurt to watch and even more so to cause. "I…I managed…"

It was an understatement; he just barely managed to function when he had no idea what happened to Allen, being ignored by the person he loved so much…

"I'm sorry…" Allen said again, rubbing at his eyes. "I-I want you to know that I didn't move on. I wasn't…ignoring you. I didn't not reply because I wanted to."

Lavi's eyes were drawn to Allen's again, that beautiful shade of blue-gray that he adored so much.

"What…happened then?" Lavi asked, his voice slightly choked.

There was a moment of silence that seemed to stretch on forever, Lavi too afraid to move in case he broke it, yet wanting it to break so he could find out. Find out why, why he had held on for so long and was it really worth it? He was holding still, not breathing, waiting. Then after what felt like an ungodly unfair amount of time, Allen finally spoke again.

"I…was in an accident," he replied with a shaky breath. "And I didn't wake up until a few months ago."


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