This is my first Dalemark fic, and I hope that it's a good one. It's basically about what happened to the people in past Dalemark after Maewen disappeared. PLEASE READ & REVIEW!!!!!!!!


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"Just hold it for me while I do some sketches" He passed her the statue. As soon as her hands were on it, she was not there any longer" Crown Of Dalemark Page 379

            "CLUNK". The statue dropped and Maewen was gone. It had fallen right onto Alk's foot, but no one cared. Everyone was looking at the spot where Maewen had been just seconds before.

            Navis was the first to speak, "Dear Ammet, she's gone!"

            "It must've been the statue," Moril said, "It was the only link to her world." Everyone started to break into talk about what had just happened. Well everyone except for one person.

            Mitt, Alhammitt Alhammitsson, Amil the Great Of Dalemark, said nothing. He did not look angry or upset; he just looked like someone who was lost. Mitt felt like he had when Hildy had been rude to him at the Law School. Only this was ten times worse. He had only been slightly in love with Hildy (how could spend weeks with someone on a boat and not end up liking them?) It had been Maewen, Noreth, the girl who he had saved even though it felt like she was emotionally saving him. And then he said, "But I never got to say goodbye."

            Kialan, who had been standing nearby said, "You loved her didn't you"

            "Yeah, I did. And I didn't realize it until today" Mitt said.

            Suddenly everyone had stopped talking and was looking at Mitt. "Are you okay?" Ynen asked.

            "I am. I just need to clear my head. One doesn't become king and loose there best friend everyday." And with that, Mitt walked into the nearby forest. He didn't know what to do. Crying seemed like a good idea. He hadn't felt this bad since… well never.

            Mitt sat on a rock and started to think. He remembered how happy he was when he found out that she was younger than he was. How it felt when they were holding hands. How bad she felt for him when Hildy was being mean. How much she needed him when she was almost murdered. Then he started to think about the funny things. Maewen yelling at them all to be quiet and get along. When her cousin was in love with her and writing poems.

            Then he said out loud, "Flaming Ammet! Why did I have to fall in love with a girl I'll never see again?"

            Suddenly from behind a voice answered, "I'm sorry but that's the one we don't do anymore." Ammet walked into the forest and sat beside Mitt. He continued speaking, "Love is no longer one of our jobs. It always ends up with someone killing someone else. Too much work."

            "Then why couldn't she have stayed here?" Mitt asked.

            "She's from another time. She has a family that would miss her greatly if she left." Ammet said.

            "Well I left home over a year ago and no one seems to miss me." Mitt said looking depressed, "I know Hobin doesn't care and I'm not sure if my mom does."

            "Oh they care," Ammet answered, "There's just nothing they can do."

            "Isn't there some way I could see Maewen again, just once?" Mitt said, now he looked desperate.

            "I'm sorry but there isn't any way. You could always leave a message for her through history." Ammet said.

            "You mean like naming something after her?" Mitt asked.

            "Maybe, but don't use her name, that also always turns out wrong. And you could always leave a message with Wend."

            Just then, Wend came waltzing into the clearing.

            "Wend!" Mitt yelled, "Will you give Maewen this message, 'better make it four years, not two, to allow for inflation."

            Wend nodded and disappeared, and at the same time, Ammet did too. Mitt left the clearing, to go plan an uprising.

            I hope you like it. I am planning on writing another Dalemark fanfic


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