This is going to be one long authors note so hold on tight…

            Chapter four of Statue was my last. I really wanted to write something else, but I decided that it needed to end there. But, my friends don't despair! I plan upon writing another story, only not part of the Statue series. Keep on reading for the details.

            Statue I feel is one of my best things written. It has not gotten hundreds of reviews, but the reviews I have gotten have made me very happy. Without the input from you, the reviewers, there never would've been any other chapters. Your reviews have also made me feel like an actual writer, not just some twelve-year old girl with an unhealthy obsession with those books.

            Okay, before I go completely mushy on you, my plans for my new series: A particularized analysis of the onslaught during the famed insurrection in Dalemark. Also affixed will be enchantment and a section in the commenced. Now what I said without the use of a thesaurus: A detailed study of the fights during the great uprising. Also added will be romance and a chapter about the present, more Maewen and Mitt things. Writing will probably start in early April.

            Okay, before I go crazy, I better end this, or I'll say something that I regret. Thank you for reading the Dalemark fic Statue, I have enjoyed writing it, you've enjoyed reading it, my muses are now happy, Mitt and Maewen have been re-united, I'm going for a record for longest run-on sentence, review my other chapters, if not, death comes to the non-reviewer, I'm reading Gone With The Wind, may get inspiration from that, thank you and goodnight folks!

            Joy rings throughout the land.