The kiss

This is just a little bit of fluff-nothing too fancy…I think….hehe…

This is my first fanfic, so please bear with me and give me constructive reviews to pinpoint my faults- all constructive criticism is welcome.



Touka Gettan-a short one-shot…pairing Touka x Momoka.

Touka caressed the cerulean hair in his fingers. He pulled her into a warm embrace, and rested his chin on her head.

Momoka's flushed; content face lay against his pounding chest.

"T-Touka-chan…" she breathed.

Touka slowly lifted her chin up, and his amber eyes pierced her soft, scarlet ones in an intense gaze.

Momoka melted under his gaze, and shyly turned to look at the floor-only to have Touka lift her blushing face to look at him.

Touka bent down slightly, heart pounding, and kissed her soft lips. His arms wrapped around her waist, he heard Momoka's soft moan.

His hands ran through her smooth hair as he deepened the kiss. Momoka, lost in her pleasure, gave in to her heart as she wrapped her hands around his back. She gasped in the kiss, heart racing. "Momoka…."Touka murmured. He held her tighter and kissed her more roughly, exploring her mouth, causing Momoka to moan again. Her lips tasted like sweet peaches.

Finally, they broke the kiss, and they leaned toward each other. "Momoka, you should eat peaches more often," Touka told her. " Mou, Touka-chan!!" she blushed.

Touka laughed. She was too cute.