(In a small ruin near Celestic town)

(In a small ruin near Celestic town)

In a small ruin deep within the inland of the Sinnou region, a group of archaeologists were digging through the rocks of the great three ancient ones. They were on the search for clues that could guide them to the three legendary Pokemons. Uxie, the Pokemon of knowledge, Mespirit, the Pokemon of emotion and Azelf, the Pokemon of will. They all thought that they might be able to find something about those three here in the ruins where they were first sought, but little did they know that they were about to find something much more secret.

"Phew… I'm exhausted" said one of the diggers, "We've been digging for so long my arms feel like they're going to come off"

"I heard that" the other digger agreed wiping the sweat off his brow. Because the cave was so vast, the archeologists had to hire a small band of diggers from the nearby village to help them with the excavation. "Let's just finish our dig so we can go and grab a bite"

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to miss lunch now"

As the workers went back to their digging, the team of archeologists arrived on site to see how the work was progressing. So far they had spent a total of three weeks in this mountain and so far they have found very little regarding the three legendary Pokemons.

"Kyle, give us a status report" the head of the expedition ordered to one of his subordinates.

"Yes professor" the young lad replied holding a piece of paper in his hand, "So far we've dug about six kilometers into the cave, but the wall of the Pokemons seems to be protected on all sides. Since we're not allowed to use electronic devices here in the mountains, it's been tedious work"

"I see……" the leader of the group replied with a stern face, "It looks like we'll have to go faster if we want to make any progress. I'll allow the use of rock type Pokemons in the dig but nothing more. I don't want to damage any of these artifacts more than they are now" but just when he was about to head back towards the main camp, one of the diggers shouted out to grab his attention.

"Hey! We found something!" immediately the professor and other diggers joined in to see what the digger had discovered. "Hey you, help me lift this boulder up" as they removed a heavy stone from its resting place, a large pedestal the size of a Steelix appeared before them.

The thing was made entirely out of solid rock, nearly indestructible by common handheld weapons. Its metallic structure was still strong and firm and the dust and rocks endured it through the aging of time. There were some strange symbols and writings on the pedestal, but it was unlike anything any human had ever seen before. There were pictures, words and tapestries that spoke a destiny… but whose destiny was it?

"Out of the way you nimrods!" the professor barked as he shoved the diggers away from the pedestal. "This… this is…… could it be?"

"Professor?" the young assistant said a little worried about their new discovery.

"Contact professor Rowan immediately" the chief ordered, "Tell him…… we found the prophecy…" and without another word the assistant dashed off to find the nearest telephone booth so that he may call on the great Pokemon expert of the region. Professor Rowan.

At the beginning of time, twelve masters created the world

Their powers were equal, 'just' and balanced

The world was their canvas

Their hands were their brushes

Their powers were their colors

And the universe was their studio

But when the balance of power should shift, it is the signal of World's End

Embody shall the power of twelve be…

A servant shall step forward

A servant that will walk with the masters

A servant that shall destroy the cleanse the world and grow it anew

The sun will purge the earth of impure

The land shall scorch away

The sea shall dry up and never a drop shall be spared

And all life shall fade… bringing in a new world

All fear… the servant of the twelve…

All shall hate the servant of the twelve…

All shall fight against the servant of the twelve…

One servant and twelve masters…

Chapter 1: On The Track

The Sinnoh region…

A place of beauty and magnificence, a place where cities and towns are closer to nature than any other region in the world, a place that anyone could call home and a place where even the greatest adventures to start. It was a peaceful region sitting in the middle of the ocean. It had no quarrel with the outside world. But now… a great disturbance was coming and none of the people there know how much in danger they were in.

(Train station Pokemon center near Sunnyshore city) (07:10 AM)

"Haaaaa…" that was the sound of a certain young Pokemon trainer yawning out loud as he awoke in his guest room at the Pokemon center. "Haa… what a nice day" it wasn't long then until a Pikachu suddenly crept up his shoulder giving out a wide stretch, "Oh hey there Pikachu, did you have a nice nap? (Pika chu…)" the little mouse replied with a thumbs up. "That's great. Now wait here while I go and get cleaned up" he gently put the little Pikapal down on the bed and hurried himself to the restroom. But before the boy could get in, a familiar voice suddenly came banging through his door.

"Hey Ash!" said the person on the other side of the door, "Its morning already, your breakfast is ready. Come on, Dawn and I are waiting for you"

"Oh, it's Brock" said the boy now known as Ash, "Alright Brock, thank you. I'll be right there in a minute" he yelled back as he quickly changed into his everyday attire. A black and white T-shirt with a yellow stripe slashed across the center. This boy was Ash Ketchum. He's a Pokemon trainer from Pallet town in the Kanto regions and soon to be Pokemon Master. He had been training in the Sinnoh region for several months now to participate in the Sinnoh league, a tournament only for trainers. He had already earned all the badges needed for the tournament, but now the only problem was getting there.

As the boy exited his room, he quickly put on his favorite Pokemon cap and headed off towards the dining area where his friends have gathered. They were all sitting in a small round table that was offered in the Pokemon center. Not only was the food delicious but it was also extremely filling and affordable by Pokemon trainer salaries of course.

"Good morning Ash" said the blue haired girl who was sitting on the opposite side of Brock, the squinty eyed trainer. "I see you're up finally"

"Yeah, morning" Ash replied with a slight smile, "I woke up earlier this morning but I must've went back to sleep again ahehehehe"

"Well I'm not surprised" Brock smirked, "After all that training last night, I would've been tired too. With all that practice, I'm sure that you must be ready for the Sinnoh league"

"You bet I am!" came the young trainer's quick reply, "Me and my Pokemons have been training for months for this event! We've all worked really hard for this day and I'm gonna show the world the true face of a champion! (Pi pikachu!)" the two partners flexed out their muscles to show off their determination on winning the tournament.

"Spirited as always" the blue haired girl replied, "That's the Ash I remembered" the girl wore a white beanie hat with a pink Pokeball symbol on top. She wore a black sleeveless shirt covered with a red scarf and a miniskirt that barely reaches her knee. She also had a pair of pink boots and long socks which covers most of her ankles.

"So what about you Dawn?" Satoshi counter questioned the girl now known as Dawn, "Are you ready for the Sinnoh Grand Festival? I heard the competition is gonna be pretty tough this year"

But Dawn simply waved it off along with her Piplup, "Hey no need to worry" she said her most common word, "I've been training a lot of new combinations with my Pokemons too. I think we'll be more than a match for anything my opponents can throw at me. Me and Piplup will be ready no matter how bad the odds are, ne? Piplup? (Pi Piplup!)" the little penguin Pokemon nodded proudly in response. "See? No worries"

"Hey but don't give yourself too much credit Dawn" Brock interrupted, "You've got to give Ash some praises too. He did teach you a lot of things about the basics after all. If it wasn't for him I think you'd still be running after your Pachirisu, right?"

"Oh I didn't teach her that much" Ash defended modestly, "All I taught to do was on how to capture Pokemons and using special attack moves. Besides, I think Dawn has grown a lot since we first met. I think she's really a great coordinator"

Immediately the girl that was spoken in topic began to blush on Ash's comment. "Uh… thanks… Ash" she replied a little flustered, "You… really think I'm a great… coordinator?"

"Of course!" came his instant reply, "You've trained really hard for the grand festival and you've become really strong in such a short time. And those ribbons you've got is proof of that as well" he gestured to the ribbon box that the girl had in her knapsack. "Those ribbons aren't just there for decorations Dawn. They're proof of your achievements and you should be proud of that"

The girl slowly opened up her ribbon box and starred at the five ribbons that she earned throughout the Sinnoh region. Ash was right… sometimes when other people look at trophies, they could only see a metallic object. But for those who earned their trophies, they were more than just metallic items that decorated their rooms. They were symbols…… proof of their accomplishments"

"T… thanks Ash…" the girl replied slightly flushed.

"But I've got to say that this is a surprise though" Brock said suddenly which caught their attention, "The Sinnoh grand festival was supposed to held at Sunnyshore city this week, but they moved it to the arena next to the Sinnoh league"

"Yeah, it is strange" Ash agreed, "They said they were moving it because of the storm that was coming, right?"

"Yeah, but I just think they're moving it there because they want to attract public attention" the squinty eyed boy theorized, "It must be something the Pokemon league authorities came up to sponsor both the Pokemon league and the Pokemon contest at the same time. But whatever the truth is, I'm sure that the Sinnoh stadium will be packed full when we get there"

"Hey, it wouldn't be the Sinnoh league if it wasn't full, right?" Ash chuckled back while he ate his buttered toast, "Besides, I don't mind. Having both battles and contest in one place makes it all the more interesting, right Piakchu? (Pika pika) Don't you think so Dawn?"

"Yeah!" was her reply, "Although I was kinda expecting to be participating in the contest already today ahehehehehe. I guess I really had my hopes up for nothing" and just while they were eating off on their meal, the famous Nurse Joy came to their table.

"Excuse me, Dawn?" asked the polite nurse, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your meal but I…" and before she could finish, Brock quickly went to his courtship mode to try and win her heart with his own lame ways.

"Nurse Joy! It is wonderful to see you time and time again!" he began with his lame made up pickup lines, "Your face shines brighter than the sun, the star can't compare to your beauty and your eyes blinds me with its magnificent glow! You are indeed one of great goddess in the world. You are the one that gacckkk! My… my… my… my broken ribs… ohhhh…" by the time before he could even finish his sentence, Croagunk, the toad Pokemon appeared and gave out poisoned jab the guy right on right the stomach. (Kishhheee) the poison Pokemon stated before pulling the love sick boy away from the gang. Ash and Dawn simply sweat drop back in return.

"Ahehehe… I guess that's Brock for you" Dawn added before turning her attention back to the young nurse.

"Oh um… anyway, Dawn" Joy continued, "I received a call from your mother, Johanna, last night"

"From mom?"

"Yes, she and I were friends back in the Sinnoh grand festival a few years ago" Joy explained, "She heard about the competition being moved so she wanted me to give you these tickets" she quickly pulled out three tickets from her pocket and handed it to them, "These tickets are for the train that will leave for the Pokemon league headquarters about two o'clock in the afternoon"

"Whoa! Awesome!" Dawn squealed with delight, "With this, we can make it to the Sinnoh league in just two days time instead of walking there for a whole week! Wow, I got to remember to thank mom for this ahahaha"

"This is great Dawn" Ash replied also equally happy of the shortcut they were given, "We'd better go pack up or we might miss the train!"

"I'm way ahead of you" and with that the two trainers quickly headed back to their respective rooms so that they may pack for the journey that was soon to come. With both the Sinnoh league tournament and the grand festival just around the corner our heroes must now prepare themselves for the battle that is yet to come.

(Professor Rowan's laboratory)

Professor Rowan, a brilliant scientist who specializes in the field of Pokemon was in his lab today petting several of his newly captured Pokemons. He was expecting three new Pokemon trainers from the neighboring villages to be here soon to receive their starter Pokemons so that they could begin their journey. It was tedious work at times but it was well worth it when they one day see that the boy that had walked into their labs were somewhere in the silver screen shouting out to his Pokemons.

And just when he was thinking of the new comers coming in, the beginners soon appeared from the main entrance with their faces brimming with youth. "Professor!" the three trainers swooped in catching the old man off guard.

"Oh, well you three must be the new trainers I've been hearing about" the professor nodded trying not to look fazed by their surprise entrance, "Here to come pick your starter Pokemons, correct?" they all nodded in unison, "Well then, I hope you made your choice, because I only have one of each. Pick very carefully because these Pokemons are going to be with you at the beginning of your journey"

But just as the kids were choosing their Pokemons and decided through rock-paper-scissors, one of the professor's assistant came in, "Professor, sorry to disturb you, but you have a phone call"

"Oh? Who is it from?"

"It's from a… professor… Takamura"

"Takamura? The excavator?" from the professor's reaction, the assistant could tell that he and the Takamura guy on the phone were old acquaintances. "I haven't heard from him in years. What does he want now?"

"He didn't say, sir. He just said that it was urgent"

"Alright, excuse me children" he pardoned himself out before turning to his assistant, "You take care of the rest here. I'll be back shortly" and with that he quickly approach the TV phone where it had the phrase 'voice only' printed on screen. "Hello, this is Rowan speaking"

"Nice to hear from you again, Row" came the voice on the other line, "How are you doing? Still cooped up in your lab as always?"

"Ah Takamura" the professor replied a little cheerful than before, "I see your voice hasn't changed, so that mean your face hasn't changed as well. Yes, I'm still in my lab researching about Pokemons. How about you? I haven't heard anything from you in three years. The last time I saw you, you were heading to the Johto region to excavate that site about the legendary Pokemons Ho-oh"

"Yes, well… things turned out ok there and not a lot of evidences were found" the excavator laughed back, "Anyway Rowan, I called you because I need you to do me a favor. Do you know about the ancient Goro-language?"

"You mean the prehistoric language spoken by the elders a hundred years ago? (Yup) Why of course. I know a lot about it. I'm actually quite fluent in it. Why?"

"Well, I've been doing a little work here in the Sinnoh region and found something quite extraordinary" Takamura shifted his position as he explained, "While I was looking for clues about the three legendary psychic Pokemon of the region, I discovered a pedestal with that language on it. As you already know, I'm not really good at translating it, so I was wondering if you could do it for me. It'll be a big help for me and my academy status"

"Well… I have a lot of research to carry on" Rowan replied a little unsure, "But I think I might be able to translate it for you in about a day or two"

"That's great!" Takamura cheered in delight, "I'm sending you the pictures right now. Thank you so much Row, I knew I could count on you. Call me back through this number when you find anything. See you soon, bye"

A few seconds later after Takamura hung up, a couple of pictures began to slide in through the TV phone's fax machine. "Hmm? Well this is interesting" professor Rowan stated as he looked at the pictures, "I haven't seen this language for some time now"

"Professor" the assistant called in, "The trainers have chosen their Pokemons. Shouldn't you say something to them?"

"Huh? Oh yes of course. On my way" and while waiting for the pictures to finish printing, the professor headed off to see the trainers to give them one last word of wisdom before they depart on their journey as Pokemon trainers.

(Back at the train station) (11:45 AM)

After Dawn had received her tickets to the Pokemon league, the gang decided to pack up and wait along the train station for their ride to their destination. The arena of the Sinnoh league and the grand festival. It wasn't common for two major events to be held on the same day much less the same area. But seeing that the gang didn't have authority over where it was held, they had little choice but to head there together.

But since the train wasn't coming in a few hours, Ash decided to have a little practice match to train his Pokemons for the upcoming battle. His Turtwig, Buizel, Pikachu, Gligar, Staravia and Chimchar were all there with him and they were almost ready for any match, any time, anywhere. Even though they had only been with him for a few months, Ash had to admit that these six Pokemons of his were the best batch he had trained yet. They were, strong, fast, street wise and rugged.

They had been practicing for this tournament ever since they met with Ash and they were proud to be his Pokemons.

"Alright then, everyone ready?" Ash spoke with his Pokemons which they all replied with a cheer. "Ok! Pikachu, thunderbolt, Turtwig, razor leaf, Buizel, aqua-jet, Gligar, X-scissor, Staravia, steel wing, Chimchar, flame wheel!" all six Pokemons immediately pushed their attacks against one another giving out everything that they've got. As their powers collided, a mighty explosion occurred but none of them were damaged. "Great work guys! Alright, let's practice one more time and we'll call it a day (cheer)"

And as Ash continued to train, Brock sat on the sidelines observing how much the boy had grown in such a short time. Three years ago, the boy barely knew a thing about Pokemon types or their attacks, but now three years smarter and stronger, the boy that he met in his gym was no longer present. Instead, he was replaced with a much more calm, perceptive and wise trainer. "Wow… Ash is really taking his training seriously" Brock stated as he stretched his back a little. His body was still sore from Croagunk's poison jab so he couldn't stand up. "But I don't think he's the only one excited" he motioned to Dawn who was also training on the other field next to the boy. "Dawn looks like she's trying to devise some new combinations"

And to the boy's truth, he was right. Dawn was indeed practicing some new combination attacks. "Alright team, you guys ready? (cheer)" her Pokemons consisted of Ambipom, Buneary, Pachirisu and Piplup. They had been through a lot together and never before had they failed her expectation. She had only began her Pokemon journey a few months ago along with Satoshi and little by little she becomes more experienced in battling. She trained really hard day and night just so that she could compete in the Sinnoh grand festival just like her mother.

But even though she knew much of the advance tactical thinking of Pokemon coordinating, she had to admit that she would never have gotten this far without Ash's help. The boy had been her mentor just right after she began her journey and together they had gone through so many adventures with one another. Going through time, passing through different worlds, heck she even experienced life threatening situations plenty of times. Sure, being with Ash was dangerous, but it was also fun and exciting. Never had she felt more alive than being close to this boy. Not only was he an excellent trainer, but there was just something about him that makes you want to admire him from the sides.

Unlike a lot of people here in the world, the boy really does standout amongst all of them. He had an aura that says 'look at me' and a spirit so bright that it makes an entire populace of a city look like a torch light.

"Alright Piplup, bubble beam! Buneary, ice beam!" the two Pokemons immediately combined their attack, creating a beautiful pattern of iced bubbles. "Ok, Ambipom, use swift!" immediately the monkey like Pokemon with two hand like tails gave out a flurry of hits against the bubbles, popping them out one by one. "Ok Pachirisu, use discharge!" and in a matter of seconds a beautiful array of electricity shot out, lighting the ice shards and reflecting them over and over again. "Alright! Great job everyone, here's some poffins for all of your hard work" the Pokemons gladly chowed down their favorite snack and left out a satisfying moan at the end of the treat. "You were all great, why don't you all go play for awhile? Meet you back with Takeshi in an hour ok?" the troupe nodded and quickly headed out to play some games of their own.

As Dawn's Pokemons began playing off at the park, the girl decided to sit back and relax for awhile. She had been training for weeks now with little progress and she had developed so many combinations that she practically had to list everything down on a book. She really thought that she was going to have her debut as a coordinator here in Sunnyshore city, but since the Grand Festival had been moved, her heart sank deep and all of her stress had gone away.

"Hey Dawn!" Ash called out, "You mind helping us out?"

"Hmm?" she walked over to find out what the boy needed, "What is it Ash?"

"Sorry, but I was wondering if you can help watch my Pokemons for awhile"

"Watch your Pokemons?" the girl tilted her head puzzled.

"Yeah, when I put Turtwig's razor leaf against Chimchar's flame thrower, I kind of find it hard to see which one is more powerful"

"But Chimchar's a fire type" Dawn pointed out the obvious, "Shouldn't it be obvious that his attacks are much stronger?"

"Yeah, I know that" Ash replied, "But I just thought of a cool way for Turtwig to battle against fire types. So could please just watch?" Dawn didn't really know why she was needed but she agreed to it none the less. As Ash took position he quickly ordered his two chosen Pokemons to dish out their specified attacks to one another. "Alright Turtwig use razor leaf, Chimchar use flame thrower!"

The attacks collided and obviously Chimchar's fire burned the leaves on touch, "Yup just like I thought, Chimchar's flame thrower is way more powerful considering the type advantage" but just when she thought it was over, something amazing happened. The fire that was burning suddenly shifted its route, going directly up. "Whoa… what the!?"

"Alright, I knew it!" Ash cheered, "Good work Turtwig, keep at it! Now send that fire away! (Turt turtwig!)" and with a powerful force, Turtwig immediately sent the fire away, but little did the guy know that he flung it directly back towards his owner. "AHHHH!!" Ash barely even had the chance to yell out in pain when the unexpected attack was sent right onto him. "Oh… nice flame thrower Chimchar… good job" he let out a puff of smoke and fell right back onto the ground like a sandbag.

"AH! Ash!" Dawn hastily made her way towards the boy with a worried expression on her face, "Ash, are you ok? Are you hurt?"

But surprisingly the boy simply let out a small chuckle, "Oh this is nothing" he replied wearily, "Compared to Pikachu's thunderbolt attack, this is nothing. Besides, I'm used to getting him by attacks already" no one could possibly disagree with that. During his adventures around the world, Ash had been electrocuted, burned, petrified, cut, beaten and even killed so many times that he could literally be called the cheater of death.

As the boy got back up, Dawn soon noticed that his face was completely blackened by the fire attack a minute ago. "You should go and wash your face. You look like you've just been cooked or something"

"Ahehehe… yeah I think I should"

"Come on, I'll show you to the wash area" she sighed out loud before escorting Ash towards the outdoor wash house.

"It… is time…"

"Huh?" the mysterious voice echoed in Dawn's head like a ringing tone. "Did you say something Ash?"

"Who? Me?" the boy pointed to himself, "I didn't say anything"

At first Dawn thought it might've been some sort of psychological contact from space or something, but when she noticed the radio on the Pokemon center window, she thought that it could've just been a sudden loud broadcast or something. "Oh well, I guess I must be hearing things. Come on"

"Hey you guys!" Brock called, "Meet you guys at the diner. I'll go get us some food for the trip" and without even waiting for an answer, the squinty eyed boy left.


When the two of them made it to the faucet area, Ash quickly took the liberty of washing his face. All the dust and particles that were on his eyes quickly faded away and the dark spots from the fire were all gone in a matter of minutes.

"Seriously Ash, sometimes, you're just too reckless" Dawn lectured as she stood there by his side, "Getting hit a few times is one thing but getting hit by a flame thrower like that can be dangerous"

But the boy simply waved it off, "Oh don't worry. You got to have a little excitement now and then, right? Sometimes it's always best to do the unexpected. Even though it was dangerous for me, it was still worth it. By using Turtwig's razor leaf, I could actually control a hot stream of fire and point it anywhere I want to. It's like having a big giant fan against an inferno"

"And already he's talking about strategy" Dawn sweat dropped ignoring the fact that the boy had changed the topic even before hand. "Here Ash, let me help you" but when she turned the knob of the faucet she accidentally turned it far too strong and allowed the water to gush right in like a mini wave. "Ah! Oh no!"

"Ahh! Dawn, stop it! Ouch! Hey! That hurts ouch!" the two of them tried to contain the water that was gushing out but it was simply too strong for either of them. By the time they were able to close the faucet, Ash was already soaking and dripping wet a lot more than he was supposed to be. "Oh great, now I'm soaked"

"Sorry Ash" the girl apologized as she handed him her napkin, "Here, wash yourself with this"

The boy gladly accepted her gesture and wiped his face clear of liquid. "Thanks Dawn. Although this is kind of funny ahehehehe, first I was burning up now I'm soaking wet ahehehehe" but just as the boy was busy scrubbing his face and his hair, Dawn suddenly noticed that the water on Ash's clothes had began sticking onto the boy's skin. At first she just thought that the boy had some muscles in him but after a closer inspection, she could see that Ash had abs. I mean layers of them! Dawn had to admit, the boy was probably the smallest kid with muscles that could compare to Hercules (Greek hero)

Right at that moment, Dawn suddenly began to get this funny feeling around her chest, like a strange warmth that surrounded her heart and massaged her inner soul. She put her hand on her chest and realized that her face was heating up. "Wha… what's this feeling in me. I… I'm burning up"

"Phew, I think I'll go and let Chimchar dry me up" Ash sighed as he handed back Dawn's napkin, "Here Dawn, come on let's go. We wouldn't want to be late for the train"

But the girl seemed to have taken a momentary froze when she received her napkin back. She was blushing madly and she could not tell why. "O… ok" she replied before following Ash back to the train station.

(Pallet town) (Professor Oak's lab)

Professor Samuel Oak, the number one leading scientist of the Kanto region was tending to his work on his computer that afternoon after a hearty breakfast. He was old but still retained much of his adult figure. He had many antique items stashed on his cabinet and a lot of Pokeballs in the shelves. He had no immediate jobs right now so he was just busy reviewing and giving out minor lectures on the computer.

"Well then that settles that" the old scientist stated as he sent another round of his work on the printer, "Now just to send this off to the committee and I'm free for the whole week. Oh boy I really need the rest" he stretched his aching shoulders a bit trying to get the pain to go away.

But after a few minutes later, his assistant popped in, "Professor, I'm done with the Pokemon chores now"

"Oh already? That was quick. Thank you Tracey" the old man replied cheerfully, "Thanks to you I was able to get a lot of work done this morning. I should be able to go ahead of the deadline for once"

"No problem professor" the assistant known as Tracey smiled back, "I'm just glad to help. Is that your latest work for the Pokemon research committee?" he gestured to the bunch of paper on the professor's hand.

"Why yes it is" he replied laughing, "Could you Pidgey-mail it for me? After this is done, I think I'll drop over by to Delia's place for a snack"

"Sure thing professor" Tracey immediately dropped his sketchbook down and took the paper and placed them all in a folder. "I'll have this sent in a few minutes" and with that he walked off.

But before the professor could go out and stretch his legs to the sky, he suddenly noticed that his computer was receiving a call. "Huh? What's this? Someone's calling?" he quickly click the icon and in a few seconds professor Rowan's picture came into view, "Oh, professor Rowan, this is a surprise"

"Good afternoon Samuel" Rowan replied seriously, "I'm sure you're probably busy so I'll get straight to the point"

"Why not at all" Samuel stated back with a smile, "I just finished off the last of my work to the committee so I should be free for the next whole week. Is something the matter?"

A strange silence came to Rowan before he started speaking again, "I don't really know how to explain this Samuel so I'll come clean. I just received a mail from an old acquaintance of mine. He's been excavating an old ruin here in the Sinnoh region and uncovered something that was made entirely out of solid rock"

"So? Aren't all ruins like that?"

"I thought that too, but when I saw these pictures, I thought that you should know" immediately, Rowan sent out the pictures that Takamura had sent to him in hopes of enlightening the professor. "Does any of these tapestries look familiar to you professor?"

As Samuel slowly scanned the pictures carefully, his eyes suddenly widened with horror and amazement, "This… these are old Goro-language. They haven't been around for more than three billion years!"

"That's not all professor" Rowan clarified, "After scanning through all the pictures, I found one that might interest you" when the last picture revealed itself, Samuel felt like his heart had just exploded upon an impact so extraordinary that it shook his very essence. "Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you Samuel?"

"This… this is… this is what my grandfather was researching" he muttered in silence, "The End of the world. The Embodiment of the twelve"

"Yes……" Rowan nodded nervously, "I contacted professor Birch from Hoenn, professor Elm from Johto and professor Ivy from the Orange Islands. They've all agreed to come and the committee has agreed for the continued research, if you're willing to come. I've already packed my thing and will be leaving Sandgem town in a matter of minutes. We've all agreed to meet up at Jubilife city by later this evening. I hope to see you there too"

"Are you kidding!?" Samuel said almost too shocked, "I wouldn't miss this for the world! Wait for me Rowan, I'll be there in a matter of hours!" and without even waiting for a reply, the old man closed his computer and began packing his things. He rushed outside get some of his belongings and some Pokeballs just in case of protection.

"Ah hey professor" said Tracey as he reentered the room, "I just sent your work. Is there anything I can…"

"Tracey, good timing!" Samuel interrupted, "I need you to book a flight for me to the Sinnoh region! The earliest one possible! Hurry!"

"The Sinnoh region? But that's too far sir"

"No time for arguments! Just find us a way to reach Jubilife city as fast as you can!"

"Y… yes professor! Right away!"

(Train station waiting area) (01:45 PM)

Ash and his companions were at the train station. By the time they got there, the train was there as well unloading its previous passengers and loading them with new ones. There were a total of nine carriages dis-cluding the engine and coal supply cart of course and two extra carriages for supplies and other goods that were to be sent to other cities and towns. Six of the nine carriages were made for passengers and the other three were used as diners which were supplied with the latest dish the Sinnoh region had to offer. Some would call it the business class of rails and tracks.

"First call for train 101!" said the conductor of the train, "First call for train 101, bound for the Pokemon league! Everyone aboard!"

As the announcement was given the entire populace of the station began cramming themselves into the train trying to find the best seats possible. Although there were only a few people, Ash could tell that everyone that was getting on board were either trainers or coordinators. Anyone else would either just be spectators or breeders.

But before the gang could board the train, Brock recommended that they made a little call to Johanna to tell them that they were on their way. They didn't want Dawn's mom to get worried just because they forgot to call her before they left.

The phone on the other side rang for a few minutes before Johanna finally picked up, "Hello, Johanna speaking… huh? Oh Dawn, it's you sweetie"

"Hi mom!" Dawn said cheerfully back, "Sorry we didn't call last night, Ash and I were out training last night so we didn't get a chance to use the phone"

"That's alright dear" Johanna replied with a cheerful face, "Just knowing that you're safe is enough for me. By the way, I heard that the Sinnoh grand festival got moved again to the Pokemon league area. I was really excited about the match and this is quite a surprise"

"Yeah me too mom" Dawn agreed, "But anyway, I called you because we'll be leaving in a couple of minutes"

"That's great sweetie, but remember: Never underestimate your opponents in the match" she warned, "Everyone you meet there will all be talented and skilled. There's no reason for you to hold back ok"

"Oh come on mom, no need to worry, right?"

"Dawn… you know that when you say that, that's when I worry the most"

"Hey don't worry Johanna" Ash came in, "Dawn's been training for this match for a long time now. She's worked really hard on this. I'm sure she'll do just great in the grand festival. You can count on it" but unconsciously, Ash's face suddenly came slightly closer to Dawn's face than necessary. His cheeks were touching her shoulder slightly and without any warning whatsoever, the girl yelped slightly to herself as her face turned slightly flushed.

This of course did not escape the notice of Johanna. "Why thank you Ash. I'm sure of that since you trained her yourself right? I guess I shouldn't be worried after all"

"That's right" Brock agreed, "I'm sure the competition will be tough but I'm sure Dawn will find a way to overcome them. (horn sound) Well, it looks like they're boarding now. We'll go on ahead first Dawn, see ya there"

"Y… yeah" the girl replied before seeing Ash and Brock off.

After they were out of sight, Johanna immediately grew out a sly grin on her lips and her eyes became that of a chibi type, "Hmm hmm… Ash's become quite a man hasn't he?" she cooed to her daughter like some kind of snake.

The question immediately caught Dawn unprepared and off guard, "Huh? Wha wha what?!" she stuttered blushing.

"Oh my, Dawn, why is your face all red? Are you sick?"

"What? Nonononononono, of course not!" the girl was talking so fast that she could've beaten Tyler in a speaking contest, "I, I'm just tired that's all ahehehehe"

Johanna really had to fight an urge to pry something more from her daughter but seeing that she wasn't going to admit anything right now she had to force herself to drop it off. "Oh well, I'm glad that you've managed to find some great friends on your adventure Dawn. I was really worried when I heard that your bike was destroyed when you got Piplup"

"Ahehehe… yeah… that was really something huh ahehehehe" Dawn let out a small sweat drop behind her head knowing full well who was responsible for destroying her bike. "Anyway mom, I'm really glad that I've made it this far. But…… I don't think I would've been able to make it here on my own" this of course made Johanna raise a brow of question to her sentence, "Back when I was on my losing streak, I really thought that I wasn't cut out to becoming a coordinator. But here I am now, participating for the grand festival. I wished you were here to see me, but I guess you're stuck at home huh"

"Yes dear, but don't worry. I already planned to have all my friends come by to watch you perform. I know you've been through a lot Dawn, but know that I'm always proud of you no matter what happens. If you do win the grand festival, I might even buy you a new dress for the competition tee hee. Oh that reminds me. Since I know that you'll be thinking hard on what to wear I sent your old luggage to the Pokemon center at the Pokemon league"

"Ahehehe… thanks mom. You always know what I want"

"Oh by the way, how are you getting to the stadium?" Johanna asked, "The last time I checked, the only road leading there was still under repair"

"Oh don't worry, we'll be traveling by train, the one you gave us tickets to"

"Huh? I don't remember sending you…"

"Last call for train 101 bound for the Pokemon league stadium! We leave in fifteen minutes!" the conductor shouted out as the train blew out it horn to signal the passengers. "Last call for train 101 bound for the Pokemon league stadium!"

"Uh oh! Got to go mom! I'll call you in three days, bye!"

"Oh Dawn, wait a minute! What ticket are…" and with great haste the girl hung up and dashed right towards the train along with her companions not knowing what her mother's last words were.

As Dawn made it to the train she immediately noted that Ash and Brock were all there waiting for her, "Sorry I'm late guys, I must've been on the phone longer than I thought"

"That's ok" Ash waved it off, "The train hasn't left yet, come on!" and with that, they quickly head towards the forward ramp leading to one of the carriages at the rear end of the train. But just before they got on board, another one of the passengers suddenly bumped onto Dawn, making her slip off. She should've hit the pavement below her, but luckily Ash was there to catch her when she fell. "You ok Dawn!?"

"Y… yeah"

"Hey, watch where you're going!" Ash blammered to the trainer, but then suddenly, he knew instantly who he was talking to. "Wait a second… Paul!?"

The purple haired boy known as Paul jerked his head around with that permanent scowl on his face. "Oh, it's you again" He groaned boringly, "What are you guys doing here?"

"That's supposed to be my line" Ash grunted, already getting ticked off just seeing the boy's face. The two of them were more than just rivals. They were practically mortal enemies like the Serviper and Zangoose. They couldn't stand each others faces and there was no way in hell they were gonna share the same train together.

Paul wanted to say something back but he simply did not have the time or the reason to say anything. So instead of continuing this little charade, he turned his back on the gang and walked into the train. Brock saw this and knew right away that he must've been here to compete for the Sinnoh league as well, "Well I'm not surprised to see him here" the squinty eyed boy began, "Knowing Paul, he's here to join the Sinnoh league as well. Out of all the trainers I've seen so far, I think he's going to be toughest one to beat"

"Grrr…" Ash gritted through his teeth like a sawmill, "Just looking at his face already makes me mad (Pika…chu!) I knew I had to face him one of these days but at the Sinnoh league… man, talk about the chances"

"Uh… Ash" Dawn motioned, "You can let go of me now" a moment later the boy realized that he had been holding Dawn's waist and arm from her fall.

"Huh? Oh yeah… sorry" the boy apologized, "Come on, let's go see to our seats" but just he let go of the girl, Dawn suddenly felt a slight pang of disappointment stabbed through her heart. She began to feel a bit uneasy and her heart felt like it was being put atop of cooking grill making it beat faster and faster.

Just as Ash was about to step in, the conductor stopped him, "Hold a minute there young man" he said in his adult tone, "This train is only for trainers and coordinators only. Kids like you should be in the front seats"

"Hey! We are trainers and coordinators!" Ash clarified feeling a bit insulted, "I'm Ash from Pallet town and I'm on my way to the Sinnoh stadium"

"Yeah right" the guy replied rudely, "If you really are a trainer than I would've heard about you dozens of time. Show me your ticket so I can direct you to your carriage, please"

"My ticket?" Ash said puzzled before remembering, "Oh yeah, I got it right here" he quickly showed the man the ticket to which he scanned it hastily. But once the guy got a taste of what was on that small piece of paper his eyes widened with horror.

"G… g… g… oh… my… y… y… y… your… Ash Ketchum?" the guy stuttered to which the boy nodded back confusingly, "Forgive me for my previous disrespect sir!" the conductor bowed down suddenly which frightened all of them, "Your carriage is the third one before the last. There's a mini-Pokemon center in between so if you want to have any of your Pokemons checked in, just talk to the Nurse Joy there and she'll handle the rest! Hey, you three over there!" he called to the bus boys at the carriage, "Escort these guests to the back train immediately! (to Ash) Welcome aboard train 101 sir. I hope you enjoy your stay here sir!" and with that, the guy vanished to his station to conduct the preparation for the trip.


When the gang made it to their carriage they were amazed to see that their place was way bigger than the ones up front. There were eight large air-conditioned rooms all connected with a single three man size hallway and a lounge at the center, a bathroom on both end of the carriage for both men and women and for every ten minutes, a security enforcer will patrol the hall making sure that no one interrupts the VIPs.

As the gang entered their room they were amazed on how truly spacious it was. There were two bunk beds for the guests, a small sleeping point for small sized Pokemons, two changing rooms connected with a closet, a TV with its own antenna connection and a window that had a great view of the entire Sinnoh valley. After one whiff of the place the three trainers truly felt like they were VIPs in a golden chariot taking them to a secluded palace atop Mt. Coronet.

"Wow… look at this view!" Dawn gestured as she approach the window, "You can see Sunnyshore gym from here!" she pointed to the lighthouse near the gym was supposedly be. "And look, I can see the lighthouse too!"

"Man, Johanna really pulled us one this time!" Ash added as he checked the closet, "This place is even better than I thought. It's even got a sleeping place for Pikachu ahehehe" he quickly noted Pikachu jumping onto a small soft pillow near the bunk bed. But after he made himself comfortable, Piplup and Brock's Happiny suddenly jumped in to join the fun. "And it looks like everyone is having fun too"

"I got to say, this place is a lot roomier than the ones up front" Brock motioned to the soft bed, "I call the top bunk!" and without even waiting for his friends to reply, he quickly jumped onto the second bunk of the bed and pulled his bag in.

"I call the second top!" Ash called in before putting his bag up on the second bunk of the other bunk bed.

"Aww no fair you two!" Dawn groaned, "I wanted the top bed!"

"You snooze you lose Dawn hehehehehehe" the boy replied brushing his nose. But just as they were settling into their new temporary home, one of the valets of the train entered. "Huh?"

"Excuse me" he apologized for the interruption, "Sorry to disturb you, but are you the guests here?" they all nodded in response, "Well, sorry for the inconvenience but I'm afraid you'll have to share this room with another VIP member. You see, the other rooms are already full due to the capacity, so the staff apologizes for this sudden change"

"Uh, we don't mind, really" Ash answered, "We're used to strangers so it's no problem"

"Splendid" the valet then turned his head outside for a moment before bringing the fourth guest in, "Please come in" but when the door opened up the gang's eyes widened with amazement on who their roommate was.

Standing in front of them was a fiery red head girl wearing a purple shirt, covered by an orange vest and wearing aqua blue jeans tightened slightly by a buckled belt. On her foot she wore hiking boots which covered most of her ankles but her most unique piece of accessory was her funky shades which were placed on top of her head.

"Zoey?!" the gang said in unison.

The girl immediately known as Zoey looked also equally surprised as them as she entered the room, "You guys? Dawn! Ash! Brock! How are you? Long time no see" they quickly exchanged greetings with one another.

"Wow Zoey, I didn't expect to see you here of all places" Dawn gave her one friendly hug, "It's like a dream come true. Where've you been? How are you? Have you been eating well? Did you make some new combinations? Did you catch some new Pokemons?"

"Easy Dawn" Brock motioned, "Give the girl some breathing room. She just came after all"

"Thanks Brock" Zoey thanked for the gesture. "It's been a pretty rough road getting here. I had to run all the way back to Sunnyshore city to get to the station, I even thought I wasn't gonna make it"

"Really?" Ash asked quizzled, "Where did you run from?"

The young red head slowly put her bag down for a minute before motioning to the gang to explain her journey, "I was actually running from the mountain that was supposed to take me to the Pokemons league stadium two days ago. I was supposed to take a bus that went right through the mountain, but when I got there, there was a cave in which trapped me on the other side of the mountain"

"Wow, that must've been some experience" Brock said slightly relieved that she wasn't hurt.

"Yeah it was" came her reply, "But anyway. Since I couldn't get through the mountain, I had to stay in the nearby Pokemon center for awhile. Then luckily my parents sent me this ticket for this train trip going to the Pokemon stadium. Pretty lucky don't you think? You wouldn't believe how much I've been running just to get to the station. I just arrived here a few minutes actually"

"Wow, you must've been running for a long time" Ash said amazed, "Did you ever stop to eat or rest?"

"Nope, I was eating as I was running" the girl replied a little embarrassed, "I didn't even have breakfast this morning either ahehehehehe"

"Well we can't have that now, can we?" Brock gestured as he moved his hand to his bag, "I bought a couple of sandwiches from the train station before we left. You can have some if you want"

"Thanks Brock" usually Zoey wouldn't really accept such gestures of kindness, but the situation was pretty much desperate. She gladly took one of the offered pieces and chowed it down faster than a Munchlax on a eating spree. As she continued eating, the gang couldn't help but watch with a sweat drop behind their backs. At most times, Zoey was looked as a graceful figure with a brilliant mind. She was well respected and had an aura that was to be admired by all. Even Ash had a certain respect for her, but right now her actions seemed rather vulgar-ish and out of character.

"Wow… she must really be hungry" Dawn whispered to Ash to which he nodded in agreement. "I've never seen Zoey like that before"

"That makes the two of us" Ash added.

When the girl finally finished her meal, she immediately let out a small moan of satisfaction from her stomach. "Phew… man… that hit the spot. Sorry about that. I guess I was hungrier than I thought I was"

"That's ok" Brock waved it off, "You should see Ash when he goes into an all you can eat buffet table at the restaurant ahehehehe. He can be quite a handful"

The boy in question blushed back, "Yeah, I guess that's true" he admitted flatly, "It's just that when I see a lot of food I kinda get hungry all together. It's a habit of mine ahehehehehe"

And just as they continued with their minor topics, the speaker of the train buzzed in, "Attention passengers of train 101. We'll now be departing from the station in five minutes. The crew are still loading some cargo at the rear carriage. The final destination of this train will be the Pokemon stadium at the north east edge of Sinnoh region. On the way we will be making a stop at two nearby stations to re-supply and unload. The estimated time of arrival at the destination will be a total of 36 hours, a total of one and a half day. We should be arriving at the final destination at 02:20 PM. For your entertainment, we provided a local TV network on all carriages. We hope you have a comfortable and safe trip, thank you"

"Whoa, 36 hours" Dawn repeated, "That was even longer than I expected. I don't know what to even do during that time"

"Well it's better than walking through the road for a whole week" Zoey added, "The Mountains really can be dangerous for anyone who goes through that place. I even had a hard time just trying to navigate through the place. I got lost so many times that it was a struggle just to make it back to the Pokemon center"

"Well we might as well settle in" Brock recommended, "Looks like we won't be going anywhere for awhile so we might as well get some rest" the gang all immediately agreed and slowly made their way to their respective spots and rest for a bit. They needed the strength anyway.


But little did the gang know that outside the train, three familiar villains were sneaking up onboard in the sneakiest way manageable. Team Rocket, the self proclaimed super villains that have been stalking Ash's every movement had disguised themselves as bus boys that were loading some cargo into the rear cart of the train.

Just as they finally got into the train, they immediately took out their hats to relax a bit, "Phew, we're finally in. All this carrying is making lose too much weight for one day" said James the blue haired Team Rocket member.

"You could use the exercise boyo" the talking Meowth who also serves as the team's mascot replied as he took off his hat as well, "It beats paying and using the gym equipment right?"

"Hmm, but it looks like the twerps are in the VIP lounge" Jessie, the self proclaimed leader of the group stated as she pushed in the last of the cargo, "Come on you two. We can sneak in through the backdoor" but just as she approach the door leading to the next carriage, Wabuffet, the oddly shaped Pokemon appeared once again out of her Pokeball. "(Wabuffet) Don't just stand there Wabuffet, help me pull this lock off!" the entire team quickly began yanking the door lock but sadly they didn't exactly have the strength of Prometheus.

"Step aside, puny humans" Meowth declared, "And leave this kind of work for the professionals" with a motion of his paw, the talking cat began picking the lock with his long nails using it like some kind of lock-pick that were used on TV. "Gently… gently now… ok now a little bit to the right and… (click) bingo! Now this is what I call B and E!"

"Great work Meowth!" Jessie cheered, "Now come on, let's get to work" but just when they were about to break in and enter, some of the real workers came in and dump some cargo on the sides.

"Is that the cargo?" said the first one as he gestured to the iron container that they had just carefully put in. "Looks pretty big"

"Yeah, the guards for this package will be picked up at the second station" said the other, "We don't know what's in it, but the Pokemon research committee wants it delivered to them as soon as possible"

"I heard they even hired a Pokemon ranger to see its safety. Heh, whatever is inside that thing must be worth a lot more than we could afford in two life times"

"You got that right. Come on let's get out of here"

"Alright Joe, that's the last of them!" he shouted, "Tell the guys to move out!" and a few seconds later, the train began moving and the take off procedures weren't as smooth as they expected it to be. And sadly enough, Team Rocket was right under a bunch of crates that looked like it was packed with Miltank manure. But luckily for them, the sound of the train's horn blocked their screams of pain.

And with that the train went off, bringing our young heroes to the Sinnoh league… but little did they know, that getting there… was going to be a lot harder than they expected.

(This would be the perfect time for the main theme song of the movie ahehehehehe)