"So," Rose said, the familiar excitement bubbling in her voice. "Where are we?"

The Doctor returned her smile, closing the TARDIS door behind him and leaning against it. "Small little planet called Adveho."


"Relative to Earth, I'd say somewhere in the 1990s."

Rose grinned, making a full 360 to scout the area. Suddenly she stopped and pointed. "What's that?"

The Doctor straightened, shoving his hands in his pockets, and turned to where she was pointing. A large ring stood upright in the field, a device like a console a few meters in front of it. He frowned, walking towards it.

"I'm not sure," he replied, running his hand across the symbols. Rose followed his gaze, then looked up to the ring.

"The symbols on here are also on the ring," she observed. The Doctor glanced up.

"So they are. And now… it's spinning."

The two friends watched as the ring spun, stopped, a light turned on, and then spun again several times before a burst of some sort of energy came from the center of the ring. Rose jumped back slightly, but the Doctor's frown simply deepened as four people stumbled through the now water/gel-like substance in the ring.

"Hi," one of them greeted as the ring went back to the way Rose had first found it. "Name's Jack O'Neill," he continued, voice distinctly American sounding. "This is my team: Teal'c, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson. We're from a planet called Earth. We… come in peace."

The Doctor thought he caught Daniel Jackson rolling his eyes.

"You're from Earth?" Rose exclaimed, stepping forward. Jack glanced to Daniel and nodded.


"Why do you ask?" Daniel questioned.

"Cuz I'm—"

"Was that wormhole technology?" the Doctor interrupted. Daniel looked up to him, seeming surprised.

"Uh… yeah. It's called the Stargate. Or Chappa'ai," he answered. "Sam could explain it better." He gestured to the woman. The Doctor nodded, looking back to the console.

"And the symbols?"

Daniel's mouth twitched in a temporary smile as he scurried to the Doctor's side. "A seven-symbol pattern makes up an address for different planets. Each symbol is a constellation. Well, was at point, anyway. You see—"

"Ah," the Doctor mused. "No, I see. How'd you figure all this out?"

Daniel's lips twitched again. "Well, you see, I'm an archeologist—" He stopped abruptly at a strange noise from the Doctor. Looking confused, Daniel watched as the Doctor's hand flew up to his mouth, hiding a smile. "I—I'm sorry?"

The Doctor shook his head, unsuccessfully hiding his laughter. Beside him, Rose was grinning as well. Daniel was slightly offended.

"What's so funny?" he demanded.

"Well, I'm a time traveler," the Doctor explained. "I point and laugh at archeologists."

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