Author's Note- Greetings all! It's been a while, but I figured that it was time for me to update with a new story, since I lost my drafts for the others… :( Oh well. Live and learn. Anyway, this is a story about one of my favorite space travel games for the pc from the geniuses at Microsoft and Digital Anvil. It is a game called Freelancer. Anyway, this story is about a young racer and his adventure through the Sirius sector and his trials during the events from story mode. Don't worry; you'll see all your favorite characters later. Anyway, let's get rolling!

Freelancer is Copyright by Microsoft and Digital Anvil!

Chapter 1- Start of the Adventure

Taylor "Tayls" Rendar was making some normal maintenance runs on his ship, Tri-Edge, a prototype Border World Class Y Heavy Fighter. It had superior battleship plating with a scarlet color scheme, turned on a dime, and could mount his handmade class 11 guns. He had built 2 class 11 AZURE BLADE Gatling Gun styled lasers on the top of the bladelike wings and he had placed 2 THOR'S HAMMER Class 10 cannons on the side of his cockpit. Under the main chasse of the ship, he had placed a Hornet Cruise Disruptor missile launcher that could stop enemies from getting away by jumping to cruise speed. At the top of the hatch that opened the windscreen of the cockpit, he placed a Barrager Mk III turret to handle the tough enemies that might sneak up on him. After that, he had a seeker mine launcher to take care of pursuing enemies, and an Advanced Countermeasure Launcher to blind enemies if he needed a quick getaway. Lastly, he reapplied the sideways A symbol on the side of the hull, so everyone knew what ship it was.

After checking that all weapons were online, he opened the hood of the engine to check that the internal propulsion equipment was functioning properly. His custom Rheinland thruster which emitted cool green flames out of the exhaust plate at the back of the ship was functioning perfectly. His Advanced Cruise Engine was also in the green. After checking his Champion Heavy Fighter Shield Mk II, he closed the hood and then put his tools in the small container in the cockpit behind his plush driver's seat. He sat down for a second, looking at the gauges to check the energy charge, saying that conversion of the space particles is at full efficiency, and then he checked up on the comlink radio to make sure he had full signal bars. Since his inspections were complete, he jumped out of the cockpit, locked the hatch, and proceeded to the bar for some gossip and perhaps a job or race opportunity.

As he entered the bar, a soft ragtime piano piece met his ears. He walked over to Verne, the barkeeper, and a close friend. "Hey Verne, can I get the usual?" he said placing some credits on the counter.

Verne turned around. "Ah! Of course Tayls, a Sidewinder Fang, as usual." He nodded to the redhead teenager as he prepared the fizzy spice drink. "So, how's Tri-Edge? It ready?" the mustachioed man of 30 years and tutor to some of the best racers in the whole system asked of the skinny teenager.

"Ready? For what?" Tayls asked, staring at Verne with his light yellow eyes, that some people rumored could see into your mind and soul.

"Why, your big race of course! You haven't forgotten your race with Hovis, now have you, boy?" Verne chuckled as he passed Tayls the drink.

"Ahh, yes. That's right, I'm racing that blowhard today. Tch! He shouldn't be too difficult, as I already cleaned out Dumas and Aeros." Tayls said mentioning two of the top racers at the Battleship Hood Race Track.

"Well, let's just say Hovis doesn't like to lose, and sometimes won't play by the rules. Watch yourself." The barkeeper said with a shrug while cleaning out some glasses from other customers.

"Hmph! You worry too much, Verne! Tayls will be fine. He always pulls through." A voice came from across the bar.

Both turned and saw a female bounty hunter coming their way. She had long black hair with blone highlights that she kept in a long ponytail that reached down to her midback. She was wearing a blue jumpsuit with a gold flower imprint on the back. She also had gray boots and a tan bandoleer crossing her chest.

"Hey Lily, you just get back from another mission?" Tayls asked the pretty 19 year old as she sat next to him.

She looked at him with her violet eyes, something Tayls had a tiny weakness for, since they were so full of understanding and empathy. "Yep. We got a good haul this time too. It was another one of those freaky Mollys. They were attacking a Kruger base near the Omega 7 Jumpgate." She said with a sigh. "I know diamonds are valuable, but since they live in a gold field, why bother stealing the diamonds? It makes no sense…" she said shaking her head, and ordered a Moon Twist, a tart citrus drink she liked.

"Well the Kruger Diamonds make great focusing tools for lasers, they improve damage quality and range." Tayls explained since he just read a book about it.

"Yeah, but the gold they have makes their shields so strong…. It's a pain trying to drain them in time to get some hull damage in…" Lily sighed.

Tayls noticed that she was looking a bit pale, probably from all the missions she had to go on, since she was the top ranked Bounty Hunter in Bretonia, she was always in demand. She needed some time for herself too, he reasoned.

"Anyway, on a lighter note, I heard that you have that big race against Hovis…" she said looking at Tayls with a half-smile.

Tayls knew she didn't like it when he raced, after all, racing in an asteroid field is dangerous, and with any tricks that Hovis might pull, this was all the more lethal. He greatly appreciated that she was trying to look out for him, but he figured it was nothing.

"Yeah, it's tomorrow. It should be fun, after all, I love what I do, just like you do." He said with a confident smile.

She looked at him for a second, then leaned over and hugged him tightly. "Just be safe. Don't take risks that don't seem in your favor. Keep to the inner circle, and you should be able to clinch victory." She whispered in his ear, then let go, paid for her drink, then walked off to her quarters for some well-deserved sleep.

Verne stood there chuckling. "You two do look nice together, I'll tell you that." He said with a goofy smile at Tayls. "She's a sweet girl, and she does have the best interest at heart for you. Make sure you don't let her down." He said sternly, as Lily was his niece.

"I'll keep that in mind. Anyway, it looks like it's about time to get some shuteye too." Tayls said to himself, said goodnight to Verne, and then left to go to his quarters.

He opened the door to his small, but still somewhat comfortable room. He had several racing medals and pictures from close call races. As he pulled off his blue mechanic trenchcoat and Green T-Shirt and Black jeans, he looked at himself in the mirror, he hadn't eaten lunch today, and the skipping meals was starting to catch up, he was already somewhat unhealthily skinny, but it suited him fine, he'd make it up by having a big breakfast, after all, Verne made some killer waffles. He kicked off his gray Chuck Taylor Sneakers, pulled on a white sleep shirt and blue shorts, and hopped into his comfy plush bed for some shut-eye before the big race, as dreams of victory and adventure came to his subconscious as he drifted off to sleep.

A/N- And that's a wrap! I wonder what will happen with the race tomorrow? Will Tayls be victorious as he assumes? Or will his overconfidence be the grounds for a new lesson? Find out next time!