Game Boy


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Matt x Near Drabble

"You stole my game boy."

Lester lifted his eyes away from Near's back to view the man standing in the doorway. So this was the guy they'd been told to let in- red hair, yellow goggles over his eyes, a striped shirt and a cigarette in his mouth… he'd never seen this man before, but he trusted Near's judgment. (Even though the last time they let someone in Near had almost been killed.)

"I didn't steal it," Near informed, turning around instantly to face this newcomer. (That in itself was odd.) "I borrowed it."

"You didn't borrow it!" The newcomer accused, obviously angry. "Borrowing includes asking. You just stole it!"

"You can have it back, in any aspect," Near informed, curling a lock of hair around his fingers. "I have no real use for it."
The new guy looked around and then stopped dead in his tracks. He pointed at the Christmas tree (an odd thing to be there, Lester supposed- he'd never pinned Near for the holiday type) and gaped. "You hung it on a tree!?"

"What did you expect me to do?" Near asked, looking at the offending object. "Play it?"

"That's what you do with game boys!"

"That's what you do with game boys."

The redhead gave a frustrated groan and stormed over, grabbing the object off the tree. He quickly looked it over and after inspecting it for a few moments he must have decided that it was satisfactory because he turned back to Near. "Next time you want to see me, Near, just ask. Don't go jacking my stuff."

Then the weirdest thing happened. This redhead guy, whoever he was, walked over to Near and leaned down, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. Then he walked away, the door closing behind him like he had never been there.

"So that's why I had to go buy a game boy," Giovanni breathed from the other end of his video call.