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An owl swooped into the window of Draco's room, and landed gracefully on the bed next to him. He was just lying there bored, looking at the ceiling. The letter said,

"My dearest Draky Waky, hee hee, I'm so bored. What are you up to? Have your parents found out yet? I'm grounded in my room until my father comes home. Do you think they know everything? Write back when you can. Love Pansy Wansy."

Draco scribbled back, underneath,

"My father isn't home yet either. I don't know what they know but I'm not going to say anything and let them do the talking. We'll see how much they know, and don't admit to anything more. It's stupid, they just don't want us getting them in trouble. It's all about them. I'm bored too. – Draco."

Draco always liked Pansy. She met the Malfoy standards. But it wasn't until a year ago that they started to get serious. When I say serious, I mean they've gotten past the stage of calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend because they held hands in the halls. It wasn't a big surprise they connected. Both their parents were death eaters, and they were sorted into the same school house, with the same values. Even their parents went to school together.

Luckily Pansy didn't live to far away. It was about a 30-minute walk or a 15-minute fly. Draco's house was surrounded by yards; which were landscaped differently every year. Past the yards were thin forests separating the houses. The properties contained many spells, protecting the manors from intruders and hiding it away from muggle's eyes. If you walked straight, from out their back door, you would eventually hit the Parkinson Manor. If you walked out and turned left, there was the Snape Manor, and on the right, the Lestrange Manor. Draco always thought it annoying having his aunt and godfather as neighbours. It was harder to sneak out, which is the very reason Pansy and Draco (and most likely a bunch of other Slytherins) now sat in their homes bored.

With rumours of the dark lord rising, Draco was under strict surveillance. His mother felt the need to escort him everywhere. He was 15, no longer a child. He felt he didn't need his mother to tell him what to do. None of the guardians felt that the children should know what's going on. Draco asked his father about the rumours Potter was spreading after the Triwizard Tournament, but his father's reply was that it was none of his concern. It wasn't only Draco who was in this situation, but all the Slytherin students, especially the ones with deatheaters as parents. They didn't want their kids getting in trouble and giving off a bad impression I guess.

His mother hasn't told his father what he's done yet. He wasn't entirely sure if his mother even knew the whole story. Hopefully not. Due to the possible rise of the dark lord, all the children were getting anxious being under the new rules that were laid down. It's not a bright idea to cause raucous at a time like this. The parents were having another meeting, over at the Goyle's Manor last night, talking about and doing who knows what. The meeting started around 10pm, and usually didn't end till about 2am.

The plan was, everyone (as in any Slytherins, who's parents would be at the meeting) were to meet at Pansy's, to have a little party of their own. Supposedly, someone was going to bring a bottle of fire whiskey. Draco was mainly looking forward to having time alone with Pansy. He was hoping to get farther in their relationship like second or third base. Making out was beginning to get boring.

The owl flew back to Draco. On the back of the parchment Pansy wrote, in very neat writing,

"I'm so scared, I don't even know why, they never really punish me. By the sounds of it, my father is home, meaning yours can't be far off. Don't reply to this note. Love Pansy."