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Dear Draco,

I am sorry for my lack of communication but my parents have forbidden me to write or contact you in any way or form. I write this letter, in hopes to somehow sneak it to you. I'm not sure when my parents will come around, but the stronger the dark lord gets, the least likely they will remain enemies. You know how gossip is, something new every week. But even if things do last longer, luckily we'll see each other at school. Did you know, three more weeks till we return? Can you believe it? Anyways, I hope everything will be all right between us until then. We'll have to match our class schedules on the train.

Sincerely yours, Pansy (Pans) Parkinson.

Draco folded the note and stuffed it back into his pocket. His parents didn't even notice that he wasn't paying attention to lunch anymore. He finished off the rest of his pop and sat thinking about all the things the note said. Pansy was probably right; it would all blow over in a week.

When Draco apparated back home with his parents, he went straight to his room with all his bags and read the note over again twice. He lay on his bed imagining being back at school but without all the work. As he started to doze off, with thoughts of good times in his mind, one of the house elves woke him up.

"Master Malfoy, your father wants to see you in his office."

"Huh?" Draco opened one eye, still in a daze.

"Your father would like to see you in his office."

"What, why?"

"I…I don't know sir. He just told me to fetch you sir."

Draco sat up. Did Snape betray him? They had an agreement. Draco was thinking of all the things he could of done between yesterday and today, to make his father want to see him in his office. The only thing that came to mind was the incident in Knockturn Alley, and he shouldn't even know about that.

As Draco approached those same dark oak doors that he's approached the majority of his life, he took a long breath in then out. He got a better control on his nerves that were taking over his mind and his stomach and proceeded to knock on the door.

"Enter" came his Father's voice.

Draco slowly opened the door and entered. He closed the door behind him and stood at the end of the room. His father beckoned him to come closer, and offered him a seat placed in front of his desk.

"Now Draco, you know the dark lord rises, and with that comes responsibility. You are aware of this?"

"Yes father"

"Very good, now next year you'll be completing your owls. These are very important for your future. They will determine what you will become. Now, after you complete your last three years at Hogwarts, you will be asked to take the dark mark Draco. Will you accept?"

Draco was taken aback by this question. He hadn't really thought about it, other then the few talks he had with some of his friends. He assumed he would, but never imagined actually torturing and killing for it. He wasn't sure if he would be ready, or ever ready. His father must have been reading his thoughts. He continued on to say,

"This is something you need to think about. It's very important to uphold a reputation Draco, I don't know if you'll have much choice in the matter really but I want you to learn as much as you can until then. Prof. Snape agreed to start your dark arts lessons early, along with a few other students, due to the special circumstances. I have complete faith that you will make me proud."

"Yes, of course father."

Later that night while eating dinner around the table an owl swooped into the dinning room. It was from the school. Draco looked at his parents for permission to open the letter and his mother gave a small nod. Draco ripped open the top of the envelope to find his class schedule and a prefect badge along with all his prefect responsibilities. He completely forgot that fifth years were made into prefects.

"Congratulations Draco, we're so proud!" his mother exclaimed, "We'll have to celebrate tomorrow, we can invite over some family and your choice for dinner. Lucius, he's growing up just like you."

"He sure is. We're very proud of you."

"Thank you." Was all Draco could say.

Later that night Draco snuck out of his room and over to Pansy's. He assumed his parents were either in bed, or occupying themselves in some way or another. He put on his new travelling cloak and grabbed his broom and flew on over. He snuck around to the back of their house and up to one of the top floors, right in front of Pansy's window. He saw her looking into her mirror, brushing her hair. Draco tapped on the window and she nearly fell off her chair. She looked over to see Draco hovering at the window.

"What are you doing here?" Pansy questioned.

"I made prefect!" Draco said, trying not to be to loud.


"I made prefect!"

"Oh that's wonderful Draco so did I. We're going to be prefect boy and girl together, how romantic." Pansy let out a small giggle.

Draco hopped through the window and landed on her floor with a bit of a thud. He hoped that her parents hadn't heard, but he didn't care that much while he placed his hands on Pansy's cheeks and gave her a hard passionate kiss. She nearly tripped over her nightgown from the force.

They continued to kiss all the way to the bed, where she pushed him down and laid on top of him.

"Oh Draco this is so exciting, we'll be together all the time."

"Yah, we will. I better head back soon though. Before my parents realize I'm gone."

"Alright, but one more kiss."

They kissed another five times, all the way back to the window. Draco flew back and up to his bedroom. As he landed on his balcony, and entered his room, he realized his father was sitting in one of his chairs.

"Draco, come sit."

Draco was nervous, he didn't know if he would be in trouble.

"Father I can explain."

"No need Draco, I was your age once. Things were different back in my day, but we still had the same feelings. I know you think you love Pansy right now, but things may change. But until then, enjoy your young love while you still can. Anyways, what I was here to ask was what would you like for becoming a prefect? I think a reward is in order."

"Really? Well I wouldn't mind some new clothes, especially a Quidditch uniform. I know my Quidditch gloves are getting all tattered and the ones at the school are disgusting."

"Of course, your mother will be glad to buy you some new clothes, and I'll take care of the Quidditch apparel. Now have a good night Draco." His father patted him on the back and walked out.

As the summer went on, Draco began to start his assignments for school and practice his broom tactics. Pansy was right, their parents did eventually make amends and by the last two weeks, Draco and Pansy had permission to see each other again. As the summer came to an end, his parents became more and more antsy to send him off to school. He knew that they loved him; they were just getting anxious with the dark lord. He had begun to double all the meetings to twice a week, and his father got less and less of sleep.

Before they knew it, they were standing at King's Cross waiting for the train. His mother was fussing over his clothes and hair and his father was looking around the platform. Draco noticed Potter with all his blood traitor and mud blood friends.

As he entered the train, he found a compartment with all his comrades before he had to go to the Prefect cart, and gave one last wave to his parents. He knew he would miss them, and was even slightly worried for his parent's well being. Yet he knew that his father had a good reputation and would keep his mother safe. It was a start to a brand new year.