It's Showtime : Love's Power

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Michelle's voice echoed in the chamber. Lydia Deetz closed her eyes in prayer. Dear God, strike me where I stand. Kill me, please. I will sacrifice my body to save another, please, God! She didn't get an answer. She opened her eyes, tears falling to the ground as the succubus spoke.

"Delicious." Betelgeuse screamed... but scream was not the correct word. Scream was the closest by definition, but it was far from the truth. The sound that emanated from his mouth was that of a lion. A lion that was fighting to stay alive. He roared, he shrieked, and he bellowed with primitive rage. Though she couldn't see him, Lydia could hear his teeth snapping together. "Give it to me."

A pulse crackled in the air. Vince was laughing somewhere. Michelle let out an orgasmic cry, Betelgeuse's power overwhelming her. Lydia felt herself shrinking. She was getting smaller and smaller... she couldn't do anything. She was forced to be useless and hear the man... her fiancé suffer a fate worse than death.

"Please!" Her voice rang out. Vince stopped laughing. Betelgeuse stopped screaming. Michelle held her breath. "Please... please... don't kill him, please." Tremors spread through her body as she pleaded with the dark souls before her, a little ray of hope shining through on the slim chance that they would listen. "Do whatever you want with me. Rape me, kill me, suck out my soul... but don't... don't make him fade away... please..."

Hope died as Vince cackled, jumping up to the platform, his hot breath fanning over her face, making her nauseous.

"Oh, isn't this sweet?" He grinned against her skin. "You fell for the poltergeist!" Their laughter was cruel. It made Lydia's face turn red. Vince licked her collarbone, ripping off her shirt. "But since you're so eager, let's get started."

Disgusting hands grabbed her, making her let out a choked sob as his claws dug into her skin.

"Get your fucking hands off of her."


Curses streamed out of Betelgeuse's mouth as his knees hit the concrete. Intricate patterns on the floor glowed, and he saw his power seeping out of him. The pain was almost unbearable, but he couldn't stand their laughter.

But... when Lydia began to plead, not for herself but for him... that was just unacceptable. He lifted his head to see his fiancé's desperate blind eyes and quivering lips. In that moment, something shifted and clicked. In that moment, Lydia Deetz was and would be the only woman for him. She was beautiful... loving... perfect.

Vincent, the prick, skipped up to his fiancé and mocked her, touching her. Hurting her.

"Get your fucking hands off of her."

He fought against the incantation's restraints and stood. He stumbled over to his fiancé, knocking Vincent down. He touched Lydia's face, hoping that she wouldn't feel how thin and weak his hands were. She smiled a tragic smile, and it looked great on her.

"You're... you're... I'm sorry."

"Don't be stupid." He pressed his forehead to hers. "I'm not going to die, Lyds. I'm already dead."

She shook her head.

"Their succubuses... well Vince is an incubi... she's going to steal your soul, Beej. Then... she's going to use my body... after Vince steals... well, you know..."

Rage. Rage at Lydia for not calling him from the start. Rage at himself for not breaking through the mirror. Rage at the council and Juno for not knowing that these creatures existed... and rage at Vincent and Michelle for putting Lydia through something more terrible than death consumed him.

"I won't let them, babes."

His power was yanked out of him, Michelle's lips letting out a sigh. He leaned forward and kissed her chastely. She smiled, and he tasted her tears. She broke away, chest heaving.

"I love you."

Brown eyes, though blind, met green. Betelgeuse was speechless and... and he felt like he should say something.

That was when something extraordinary happened.


Lydia didn't see the blinding light that made the entire room glow. She didn't see Vincent's and Michelle's expressions of horror, and she didn't see Betelgeuse's body disappear into the light.

However, she did hear the demons' screams of shock. She heard faint bells and felt a distinct heat on her face, as if the sun was shining down on her. Lydia also heard Betelgeuse's gravelly voice say, "What the—?"

Yes, she heard all of that.

Lydia heard the floor and ceiling crack, and she felt the bits of debris fall on her face. She heard a strange, unnatural sound. Then... silence.

Blind eyes searched and sensitive ears listened.

"What the hell happened?" Vince's ugly voice rang out. "Hey, I'm talking to— argh!"

A soft body hit the floor. Michelle gasped, moving to Vincent's twitching form. There were no footsteps, only laughter. A cool hand touched her face.

"Close your eyes, babes." Lydia obeyed her fiancé, letting her eyes drift shut. The sensation of water washing over her tingled all the way down her spine. She heard Betelgeuse smile. "Now... open."

Her heart was so loud as she opened her eyes. Betelgeuse grinned, his green eyes flashing at her.

"Oh my... Oh my..."

Joyous laughs erupted from Lydia's pink lips. She could see! He unbuttoned his suit jacket and with a wave of his hands, she was free. He draped the jacket over her, buttoning it back up.

The bio-exorcist kissed her forehead. He turned, casting a more than murderous gaze on the two demons. Betelgeuse grinned at the terrified Vince.

"Take a hike."

Shrieking like a child, Vince vanished, finding himself on the sandy planet of Saturn, and the sandworms were very welcoming. Michelle snarled.

"You... you ignorant prick! I'll have your power. Those seals weren't needed! I'll do it the old fashioned way!"

Her bones cracked and she became the hideous monster she had always been. Her long teeth dripped saliva onto the floor, a long, boney tail twitching behind her. Her claws clicked dangerously and she eyed Betelgeuse greedily like he was a piece of meet.

Betelgeuse cracked his knuckles.

"Come and get it."

Lydia grabbed his wrist.

"Don't... please..."

He turned to her, smiling reassuringly.

"It's fine, babes. I've got it back. I've got it all back."

Understanding flooded Lydia's face. She let him go. Betelgeuse turned back to the monster.

"You want power?" He grabbed her claws, pushing his own energy into hers. "Take it!"

At first, the thing panted, pleased with his submission. Then, it began to sting. Blood poured out of its eyes and it began screaming. It was growing bigger and bigger... and it finally burst at the seams. Ash fell, and Betelgeuse snorted.


Lydia stepped off of the platform, wincing at her raw ankles. Betelgeuse looked up at her, gliding over to her. As they were about to embrace, a soft, calm light covered them.

Queens, prostitutes, poets, and various other women appeared before them. Lydia's brown eyes widened when she realized that she could have been one of those souls. Trapped forever inside a demonic host.

There was some movement, and a french woman emerged, her face tired. Old.

"Your name... Lydia Deetz?" The teenager nodded, speechless. The woman smiled. "You have saved us. You as well... what is your name?"


He was shocked as he said his own name. The woman nodded.

"Ah, yes. Thank you." The ghost glided to Lydia. "Child... I... I will owe you in this life and the next." She waved her hand over Lydia's face. "I hope that... this is enough. Farewell."

Sonia Rykeil, legendary fashion designer, sighed away, fading into the air, finally at peace. Finally allowed to rest. A breeze blew over them, and all the women vanished. The building became hollow and free.


Faint whispers rippled through the crowd outside of Michelle Rykiel's building. The police cautiously stepped on the glass, holding their breath. A shadow moved. A low cough was heard. Emerging from the abandoned building, Lydia Deetz and Betelgeuse faced the cameras, fans, and authority.

However, there were no camera flashes or questions. Only awe. Lydia sighed, trembling from the cool wind. One journalist, a young man, spoke.

"Miss Deetz..."

Lydia's eyes lifted to stare at him intensely. He lost his voice, and there was silence. The policemen wordlessly moved past the couple and began searching the building. No cameras clicked on and no pencils scribbled down in notebooks. Lydia looked up at the sky, and she smiled.


A steady, possessive hand touched the small of her back.

"What is it, babes?"

The fresh air... the freedom and certainty that she wasn't going to be used... her soul still in tact and alive made Lydia dizzy. She looked into her fiancé's eyes.

"I'd... I'd like to go home."

He smiled. He didn't smirk, grin, or laugh, he smiled. It was soft, tired, and Lydia couldn't place the other emotions behind it. He squeezed her hand, and they lifted into the air. The onlookers gasped, and their arms were frozen. With a wink, Betelgeuse and Lydia vanished from New York City and appeared in Peaceful Pines. More specifically, the living room of the Deetz house.

Charles picked his head up. Lydia's hand slid from Betelgeuse's as she ran into her father's loving embrace. He was smiling and crying, his big hands shaking as he planted kiss after kiss on his daughter's face. Delia was pulled in by Lydia's trembling fingers, and the family whispered desperately to each other.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Over and over again. Next came Adam and Barbara who were equally distraught. Betelgeuse just watched as this loving family rejoiced over the return of Lydia Deetz. Barbara looked up, her eyes red and puffy and hair frizzier than usual.

"You..." She got up quickly and slapped Betelgeuse across the face before hugging him fiercely. The poltergeist seized up, his nose wrinkling. "Thank you."

"Alright, alright! You're welcome!"

Barbara released him, and Delia was next. Then Adam, then Charles. One after the other, they all thanked him. It made him a bit uneasy. Then, when it was all over, he saw the Lydia was gone.


The air was colder than Lydia remembered. She rode her bike down the road, her eyes leaking. I'm so stupid. Across an intersection and up to the black gates, Lydia rode on. She got off her bike, wiping her eyes with the back of her hands. She was still wearing Betelgeuse's suit jacket.

She chuckled, then giggled, and she was soon laughing maniacally. It figured... she was in love with a dead man. A dead man who scarred her for life when she first came here. A man who... was everything she could ever want... and... she could never have him. She... she didn't want him to... to...

Lydia walked past the gravestones, biting her lower lip. He doesn't need me anymore. He's got his power back... yeah. She smiled bitterly. I... I was looking forward to marrying him... to making jokes and going places... God, I'm such a loser. She bowed her head and chewed her lip.

"Keep on going like that and you'll gnaw it right off."

Gasping, Lydia whirled around to see Betelgeuse sitting on top of a grave.

"How did you...?"

"Babes, I'm the Ghost with the Most. I'm amazing. It's what I do." He smiled, and Lydia let her lips twitch. He had the jacket he gave her with him, and he held it out to her. "I figured this would be more comfortable."

He covered his eyes, and she switched clothing, though she saw him smile when she fumbled with a button.


"Would you have me any other way?"


"So what's the deal, babes?"

"Nothing, just needed some air." They both knew he wasn't fooled. Lydia sat in the shadow of a grave, nestling into his big coat. "Do you still have all your power back?"

Grinning, he nodded.

"Sure do."

"Great." She meant it, smiling up at him. Her face glowed, and Betelgeuse had to look away. The sun was slowly disappearing, and when night fell, Lydia felt her chest clench up. "Damn i-i-i-it."

Betelgeuse flexed his fingers and manifested a lantern. He gave it to her, nodding his head back towards her house.

"C'mon, you should go back." He held out his hand. She took it, and he pulled her up, up, and up. "Are you going to smile again?"

"Don't worry about me." They landed on her roof, just outside of her window. She slid inside, their fingers still entwined. "Go have fun."

Her hand slid from his as he slowly vanished into the wind.


As it turned out, Sonia Rykeil changed her will just before she perished, leaving most of her fortune to Lydia Deetz. Lydia addressed the press, stating that she was going to give seventy-five percent to various charities. She was labeled as a hero, and she sank back into the shadows.

For seven days, Lydia rode her bike, cooked, sketched, and took photographs. She busied herself with the mundane life she cherished, and she soon found it easy to lose herself in the most trivial of tasks.

She yawned, stretching as she walked back into the house. Charles and Delia were gone, Adam and Barbara were waiting for her. Lydia hung up her coat and placed her camera on the table.

"Hey, guys, I'm going to start dinner, okay?"

Barbara's hand ensnared her wrist.

"Lydia... call him." The teenager didn't say anything as she tugged her wrist away. "Stop torturing yourself."

"I'm sure he wants to see you too."

"Ha!" Lydia began to heat up leftovers. "Please... you shouldn't talk about him like that... as if he's just like any other man."

She opened the container and saw that it was Cantonese. Lydia turned away, her appetite gone. She walked up the stairs to her room, ignoring the raised voices of her ghost God-parents. Lydia sighed and let her fingers fall on the cold knob of her door. She twisted it and pushed her way into her room.

Darkness. Lydia flipped the light switch, but nothing happened. The door slammed shut behind her. Adrenalin began to set in when a low growl reverberated all around her.

"For such a lovely girl... you're such a bitch."


Seven days of pranks, booze, and flirting wasn't enough. Betelgeuse couldn't fell the rush he expected. He ran wild, he frightened the feces right out of the living... but he was left feeling empty.


That was how he found himself in Juno's office. She blinked, surprised.

"What are you doing here?"

Betelgeuse didn't look like himself. The rings around his eyes had faded, and he was sallow and too thin. If he wasn't dead, Juno would say he was ill.

"I... I can't feel..." His fingers went limp. Exhausted green eyes lifted up in their sockets. "What was DSNY1007?"

Juno smiled.

"The movie Beauty and the Beast. Your power was in you... you just needed someone to unlock it. They would have to love you, and then... then you would get all of your power back."

"Then why did... there was a time where I almost had it, but... it hurt Lydia and I couldn't get it."

Snickering, the older ghost shook her head.

"You really don't get it, do you?" When Betelgeuse didn't crack a snarling retort, Juno continued. "Just because you loved her then didn't mean that she did as well. You only had half of the puzzle done." Silence. Heart-wrenching silence. Betelgeuse's mouth hung open, his eyes flickering from his own hands to Juno's calculating face. No... no I can't... "Now get out of my office and go back to her for God's sake!"

He vanished, appearing in his fiancé's bedroom.


"Excuse me?"

Lydia narrowed her eyes even as a soft glow came from the body before her. Her fiancé was smirking.

"You heard me."

"What do you want, Betelgeuse?"

"I want answers."


"Do you love me?"

He was grinning maliciously. Furiously. Lydia's back pressed against the wall.

"What does—?"

"Answer me!"

Green eyes caught fire. Lydia shivered and looked away, her face red.

"Y-Yes." Deep chuckles rumbled in his chest. Lydia exhaled loudly, shoving him away. "If you're going to mock me, I won't stand for it! Yes, I love you, are you happy?" She kept on pushing him, making him laugh louder. "I love you, a pervert, a dead man, a poltergeist! Yes, I love you!"

She was flushed, shoulders rising and falling with each heaved breath. He was holding his stomach, unable to control himself. Refusing to fuel his mockery, she turned to leave, but a steady grip on her wrist kept her still. Lydia turned sharply, her hand flying to slap the cruel smile off of his face, but his lips pressed themselves against hers.

He pressed her back against the door, his hands lifting her up. Her legs wrapped around his waist, causing him to growl as he moved his hips against her. Lydia gasped, her head rolling back and hitting the wall.

"Say it again." His voice, though insistent, did not contain one ounce of malice. He nipped her neck, and she let out a helpless moan. Grinning against her weak spot, he repeated himself. "Say it, Lydia."

The sound of her name on his sinful lips was enough to drive her mad. He kissed her neck again, sucking lightly on her skin and received a pleased shudder in return.

"O-Oh, God... I love you."

"Good." He let her slide down to her feet, though her shaking legs did not function so he held her up. "You know... you could have at least called."

Laughter glowed around them. Lydia smiled against him.

"Mhm." Her arms tightened around him, not allowing herself to hope too much... to assume too much. "How long are you staying, Betelgeuse?"

His eyes were open in the dark. He smelled mint and fire... her smell. Holding her in his arms, he felt empowered and complete. She was... she was his... and he was hers. They belonged to each other... and it terrified him... it terrified the living crap out of him.

But... he needed her. He... he couldn't do anything without her. Whether he liked it or not... Betelgeuse loved her.

"As long as you'll have me, babes."

Lydia closed her eyes.

"I like the sound of that."

The End


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