Yes, I said in my first story (but not my first original story), that I was going to stick to one story at a time and follow it through to the end before making or posting more.

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Itachi: But like most creative fanfic-authors, you had too much going on in the brainmeat that you couldn't feasibly get away with putting together into a single story, right?

Exactly. Now here we go folks!

Story basis: Set in an alternate universe much like our own we find ourselves looking into what appears to be a cross-breed between canon's Konoha and modern day civilization sans it being in Konoha let alone a Jpanese setting.

We see the forms of many characters from the original story meandering around. Several things can be seen but exactly what they are can't be completely explained, mostly for the fact that almost all the people alive can't even see these things.

Naruto and all the kids he went to the Academy with are about 17-20, depending on what I decide; generally they won't be above 20 though, so no legal drinking by any of them. There are going to be some things that you see some times in other AU fics, so don't be terribly surprised; but keep in mind of what I'm capable of. I killed Inari, almost killed Tazuna, and could easily have had Tsunami killed at the same time, on top of having… wait, I haven't even written that into the story yet. No spoilers for you!

Fluter & the Misfit

"Naruto! Time to wake up for school!"

A mop of unruly blonde hair moved from under the safety of the blanket covering the rest of the dozing form underneath. A protruding foot reached up and scratched the calf of the other leg as a pair of arms stretched outwards from their warm abode. "Damn furnace must've been knocked offline during that storm last night…" came a scratchy voice hidden in the mass of bed sheets.

The door across the room swung open and slammed into the wall next to it. "C'mon kiddo, it's the first day of your last year in high school, now either you get up now or I'll send in your grandparents!"

The owner of the voice that was yelling was a tall lean woman with red hair held up in a high ponytail that fell down her back to her waist. Her piercing green eyes darted immediately to the amassed lump of flesh and fabric. The tan skin of her exposed body showed no signs of her age as she wrinkled her nose at her lazy son.

"You've got to the count of three, Naru-kun; after that, you know what Opa and Oma will do to you…"

Naruto slowly arose from his warm haven amidst the sheets. "I'm up Mama, no need to get Opa and Oma in here…" He moved to throw the blankets off him so he could get to his morning mannerisms, but he then remembered that he had a slight problem. "Hey Mama, think I could get some privacy here?"

Kushina shook her head as she turned and left, mumbling about how he shouldn't be embarrassed about his nudity in front of the woman that changed his diapers and bathed him for four years.

Naruto sighed and let his head drop. 'Good thing she didn't come farther into my room…'

"Is she gone yet, Naruto-kun?" a voice asked from underneath the covers. Before he could stop her, a head popped out from the same area that his head had just been occupying not five minutes ago. "Cuz the last thing we need is for her to catch me in here."

"I know, I know."

The head arose from the blankets, its red hair falling limply from the roots. Her dark eyes flitted from the door to Naruto and back to the door. "Last time we got lucky, and it was just your mother. I honestly don't want to meet your grandparents like this of all circumstances." She got out of the bed silently and pulled a bag from under the bed, her clothes tucked neatly inside.

Naruto lumbered off the mid-sized bed and stepped up to his dresser and grabbed a couple bottles off the top. "Hopefully no one's in the alley at this time in the morning. You know how Mama likes to keep in touch with the neighbors."

The younger redhead placed her clothes on the bed side as she took a sidelong glance at the bare physique of her bedmate. "To think, only another month and a half and we won't have to run and hide all the time, Naruto-kun." She grabbed the panties off the top of the pile and pulled them gingerly up her smooth legs. Her bra slid up her arms and into place as her hands moved behind her back to the snaps. "So, do you think she knows about us?"

Naruto rummaged through the top drawer of his dresser and pulled out a pair of orange boxers with black flames as he responded. "Probably. We have been around each other so much since that first day in high school."

"NARUTO!" a new voice broke through the next instant. Both Naruto and his fiery companion immediately shot their faces at the wall from which the boom came from.

"Oh…" Naruto started.

"Fucking shit…" the girl finished. She hurriedly pulled her stockings on after putting her shirt on. She tossed her skirt on with fingers deftly dealing with the buttons as she slipped her feet into her patent-leather shoes. She snatched up her bag and grabbed the ribbon from its hiding place next to the bed leg.

"Hurry, go!" Naruto hissed as he swiftly got to the window and opened it. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek as she almost flew straight out the window onto the fire escape outside, nearly losing her balance to fall to the ground three stories below.

He managed to close the window just in time for his door to swing open yet again, this time to see a tall, full-bodied blonde woman burst in and charge at him.

"Good morning, Naruto!" Tsunade said loudly. She flung her arms around him and grasped him in a full-bodied bear hug. "Are you ready to start your last year in high school?"

Naruto would have been able to answer the overly-energetic woman had his head not been absorbed into her chest. She flailed his body around for a couple moments before she noticed his waving arms and the lack of a response. "Oh, I'm sorry Naruto! All better?"

He gasped for breath as he vehemently nodded his head, leaning on the nearest bed post to prevent himself from collapsing.

"Good!" She clapped her hands and smiled, until she noticed something. This caused her good mood to go out the window, just as the cause of her annoyance had coincidentally done not more than two minutes prior. "Why do I see those hidden, quite poorly I might add, under the corner of your bed?" the blonde woman asked, her outstretched arm pointing at an specific garment tucked halfway under the bed.

When he finally saw what it was that his grandmother was referring to, Naruto immediately paled.

Cracking could be heard as Tsunade popped the knuckles of each finger. "Naruto-kun, what exactly happened last night?"

"I'm shafted…" he sighed.

"Whatcha do now, kid?" came the saving grace of his grandfather.

Naruto thought fast as his grandmother was distracted by the new arrival. He squatted down and picked up the offending panties off the ground. Waving them once at his grandfather, Naruto then stashed then into the back pocket of his flannel pajama pants.

"Heh, I see you didn't notice that prank of mine again, huh Naruto?" Jiraiya said when his wife turned to him.

"You put those under his bed?" the blonde woman asked, a twitch starting to form on her face.

'Damn gaki owes me for this one; I gota remember to ask him about those later when I get a chance.' "It was a joke meant for Kushina to be the target of, honey-cakes, honest!" Jiraiya said, his hands up in front of him to try and stop the advances of his wife. "I thought she would see them when she came to wake the kid up. I was trying to just bust his balls, considering her reaction to when she caught him and that redhead in his car a few months ago!"

Tsunade lost the twitching she had developed as she caught on. "Oh yes, I remember that incident. Seeing Kushina pull both of them out of that El Camino of his was absolutely priceless." She started to chuckle as she eased her posture, thinking back to the moment in question.

Flashback - the previous June, a week after the school year ended

"Hope Naruto appreciates this. It's not often I get to take more than a couple days off from work," Kushina said to her radio. The talking of the shock-jock was droning on and on about the current status of the war between the US and the oil giants of the Middle East which caused her to think back to when her son desperately bargained to get a car of his own. 'At least I managed to convince Naruto to swap out the engine of that damn car to a hybrid…'

Her thoughts were pulled off the war she had with her son about the conditions to him getting his own car when she thought she saw that very car zoom past her.

She normally would have just let this sort of thing slide by but then she saw the paint job on the car: orange main coat with black tribal flames running down the sides as a large black swirl design sat on the hood. She squinted her eyes as she noticed that her son was not alone in the car: there was someone in the passenger seat.

Letting her curiousity and motherly instincts get the better of her, Kushina switched lanes as soon as she could and not get attention drawn to herself. She followed them to the cliff overlooking the city until she saw them park behind a large cedar. "Oh no he isn't…" she hissed to herself.

"You ready, Naruto?" his passenger asked, slipping a hand slowly onto his upper thigh. Her voice soft as she leaned over and rubbed the tip of her nose against his right earlobe, her breath hot as it tickled the side of his neck.

"Mmmmm…" Naruto shuddered as her mouth latched onto his earlobe while one of her hands reached over and started to rub his chest. He turned his face towards his companion to start returning her affections when he thought he saw a pair of glowing eyes near the top of the far window.

She stopped her massage on his ear when she felt him tense up. "What's wrong? You were really wanting this…" She eased up a bit to look into his eyes. "Don't tell me you want to put this off even more…" Her eyes started to glitter with the gathering moisture that threatened to let loose.

Just as he opened his mouth, a loud thump rang through the cab of his car as something landed on top of it. His guest latched onto him as she let out a screech of surprise while he quickly urumaged nder his seat and pulled out a sheath from its secured location.

With his other hand reaching from around the frightened girl, he pulled the dagger from its sheath. The eight inches of double-edged metal was glowing slightly in the dim light of the fading twilight.

"Who's there? Show yourself dammit!" he yelled out, his one arm wrapping back around his companion.

"Is that any way to speak to your mother young man?" came Kushina's calm, quiet reply, her face peering at them upside down from the center of the upper windshield.

The younger redhead looked at the space where Kushina's head used to occupy and then shot back to Naruto, the size of her eyes having tripled. She was about to say something when her door was suddenly opened, and a firm tan arm reached inside, retreating with a handful of red hair attached to the squirming form of the female passenger.

"I know who the driver of this car is, now who is it that dares to intrude on my son's virginity?" she asked, keeping a firm grip on the hair in her hand as she stared deep into the dark chocolate eyes of the girl in question. When she didn't get an answer, Kushina's free hand reached up and firmly held the girl's face directly towards her. "Tell. Me. What. Your. Name. Is. Now."

"Mama, let her go now! We weren't going to do anything!" Naruto shouted from the other side of the car, his dagger back in its sheath. His mother only shifted the gaze of one eye to look into his eyes, her other eye looking into the brown orbs directly in front of her. "Please just let Tayuya go…"

Naruto watched as moments went by with his mother looking both of them in the eyes at the same time. He finally let go of a breath he had unconsciously been holding when she finally tossed the younger redhead against the car's side and consequentially caused her to stir up a cloud of dust upon impacting the ground.

"I can see in your eyes that you are telling the truth, that you yourself weren't going to go very far. But when I saw her eyes as you said that, they changed from terrot fo rmeeting me like this into the sorrow that only a person with no true feelings shows when they lose something they never truly have."

The younger woman got to her feet while coughing up a bit of dust from being released. "You bitch!"

She would have said more but she found herself sprawled out on the ground in the blink of an eye, Kushina standing right in front of where she had been standing. Naruto began to move to help her but froze the instant his mother turned back towards him.

"Naruto, help her into your car. We're going to go home, the three of us." Her voice was colder than ice, her gaze not lifting from the target of her frustration. "When we get there, we will be having a discussion with Oma and Opa about this, and then I will take this 'tramp' to wherever she lives." Naruto solemnly nodded as he hurried over to the younger woman. "Depending on how that discussion goes, you may or may not be allowed to see her until your birthday."

Naruto made no move to respond as he picked up his companion and placed her in the passenger side of his car.Just as he was about to get into his open door, a hand was on his shoulder.

"Better yet, I'll ride with you to make sure that all three of us get there at the same time. Then after the discussion we can take her home and then you can take me to pick up my car."

"Yes, Mama," he said as his mother slipped into the middle of the bench seat. He plopped himself down behind the wheel and started the car, not looking forward to the events about to take place.

End Flashback

Naruto let out a loud cough as he noticed the giggling that his grandparents had started. "Mind if I go and get ready? I'd rather not be late for the first day of my last year."

Jiraiya let out a big laugh as he waved to him. "Fine fine, go do all that stuff. I honestly don't care if you're late but you know how your mother is about keeping schedules," he said as he pulled a protesting Tsunade out of the room and quickly closed the door behind her.

The blonde let out a sigh as he knelt down and grabbed his backpack. "That was close; next time, she's gotta make sure to either grab these things or else not bother even wearing them," he muttered to himself, the abandoned panties transferred from his pocket to the bag.

Naruto placed the bag on his desk as he moved past it towards hist closet. 'God, I can't wait for this year to be over already; I hate having to wear these damn uniforms.' He pulled the sliding door back and pulled out a clothes hanger with a black shirt and grey tie already done around the neck. The sleeve cuffs had stripes of gold with the school logo in black on the pocket of the left chest. Quickly checking to make sure the black slacks were still pressed, Naruto grabbed his hygene products and headed into the adjoining bathroom.

"Alright Naruto-kun, have a good day at school," Kushina said as she handed him a five dollar bill. "Don't pig out at lunch today; you're due at the Hyuuga shrine to help them get their new inventory set up for the equinox festival in a few weeks."

Naruto let out a loud sigh. "Why do I have to help them? Their family is huge, and plus that girl Hinata stalks me, I swear! I still say she's got a camera set up to look into my bathroom," he complained as he slipped the money into his pocket.

"Now now, Naruto; peeping is the first step to getting your attention. Right now she's just gathering information about you," Jiraiya said as he slipped into his chair at the head of the table. He grabbed some french toast from the serving plate and stuffed a single piece into his mouth, which he was finding himself choking on an instant later after having the back of his head smacked as Tsunade passed by.

His blonde wife sat down next to his left and poured herself some breakfast tea. A twitch appeared above her eye as she reprimanded her husband. "Just because that's how you won me over doesn't mean that's how all relationships start out."

"I'd rather that be the case than how Mama finally got Dad to acknowledge her; I'm still hating how that Uchiha bastard is having his son Sasuke try and kick the shit out of me whenever no one's looking," Naruto complained.

Kushina looked at her son with a calculating eye. She had heard of the problem as soon as it had started back in elementary school, and nothing she did was working, short of having pulled Naruto out of any class he may have had with the younger Uchiha, so as to not interrupt the class itself. "Naruto, is Sasuke still doing as his daddy tells him? If so, I'm so sorry I chose him to use as a pawn but it was necessary to use someone. Otherwise you wouldn't be here."

"Honestly I think Sasuke lost his marbles when his older brother Itachi killed their mom back when we were younger, and clung for dear life onto his dad after Itachi disappeared from public view." Naruto scratched his chin as he hefted his bag onto his shoulder and waved to his grandparents. "I'm honestly starting to think that he's developed a reverse Oedipus Complex that hasn't been getting any better since that weird guy Suigetsu has been helping his dad out at their car lot."

"Well try to not let any of that get to you just yet, Naruto-kun; as long as you can hold it in for just another month and a half, then when you hit eighteen you can retaliate as you see fit," his grandmother said between sips of her British tea.

"I'll try, Gramma, I'll try," the blonde teen said as he grabbed his keys. He walked over and gave his grandmother a kiss on the cheek and his grandpa a slap on the shoulder; he almost got away scot-free at that point but then his mother appeared right behind him and wrapped him in a large hug.

"Just remember, leave Sasuke alone as much as you can and try to at least be curteous to Hinata. You never know, you may end up marrying her, unlike that tramp I caught you with in the summer." Naruto felt the hug intensify a bit when his mother mentioned that incident, and almost started sweating.

"I'll take everything in stride Mama, don't worry."

"Okay dear." With a quick kiss on his cheek she let him go and shoved him playfully to the door. "Have fun at school dear, and try not to get suspended for at least a week this year?"

Naruto gave her a fox-like grin as he opened the front door, but then he remembered something. "Crap, almost left without Dad's necklace!" He dropped his bag haphazardly on the doorstep and rushed upstairs.

Jiraiya shook his head at his grandson. "Still can't believe he thinks that thing actually works. But I can see why he obsesses over it to an extent; Minato was always a true believer in all that supernatural stuff."

"Oh let him be Jiraiya; so he follows after his father, big deal. At least he can think for himself rather than those Mormons next door." A scowl graced Tsunade's face briefly. "Still can't belive they tried to convert us just so that Minato would marry all five of their bastard daughters…"

"Least they stopped once they found out exactly what makes Papa-raiya to be so rich," Kushina said with a true laugh. "The look on that bastard Sherman's face when you held up the complete collection of that first series you and Uncle Nawaki made was priceless!"

"What was even better was when he did the 'Pervy Shuffle' when he handed that prick his official business card," Tsunade said while she plopped a bagel onto her plate. She reached over and grabbed the cream cheese just as there was a blur down the stairs and to the door.

"Bye everyone, see you all when I get home!" Naruto said as he rushed out the door, swooping down and grabbing his backpack just before he slammed the front door shut.

Kushina shook her head as she took her seat across from her mother-in-law. A few silent moments passed as she took a few pieces of french toast for herself and slathered them with maple syrup. She accepted a fresh cup of the imported breakfast tea from Jiraiya as Tsunade quirked an eyebrow.

"So do you think we should tell him that we already know he's still seeing that Tayuya girl?" the aging blonde asked.

Kushina slipped some of the food into her mouth and chewed a moment before she gave her response. "Personally, I think it's rather cute how he thinks they've 'managed to not get caught' since the car incident last June."

"I can't believe you gave them the 'talk' complete with STD videos when you brought them both back here," Jiraiya said as he finished his breakfast off. "I swear that Tayuya's face was almost as red as her hair, and Naruto's complexion had turned greener than grass."

"At least he's sticking with his decision rather than just giving up. If there's anything that I've drilled into that thick skull he's inherited from Minato, it's to always be absolutely sure of what you're going to do before you do it and stick with it, no matter what may go wrong or how it may end up." Kushina smiled to herself slightly as she sipped her tea. "I just wonder what it would be like to have that Hyuuga asshole for a brother-in-law though, if somehow Naruto wound up with that Hinata girl."

20 minutes later at school -

"Hey there Misfit!"

Naruto closed the door to his car as a guy close to his own age walked up to him from the main entrance to Roosevelt Memorial Prep School, his black rooster tail flopping slightly as he made his way.

"Hey there Lazy-man; how was your summer in the middle of butt-fucking-nowhere?" the blonde asked as he slung his bag over his shoulder with one hand and used his free hand to shoulder slam his friend.

"Pretty nice; beautiful skies with puffy white clouds and hardly any work to do for two months," Shikamaru said as he walked beside Naruto into the school building. "Though I wish Mom hadn't been so adamant that we take my cousin Ruri along with us this year."

"Isn't she the one that got orphaned when her parents were killed at that festival a few years ago?"

Several of the other students sort of spread out from in front of them as Naruto and Shikamaru made their way up the front stairs to the Counselors' Offices.

Shikamaru closed his eyes and rubbed his temples with one hand as he opened the door labeled 'M-Z'. "Yeah, her and a bunch of others were made into orphans by the end of that festival. My parents were pretty upset about it; my aunt on my mom's side was the only member left after Granny Ansu passed away ten years ago."

They stopped at the front counter to the large room, finally noticing the looks they were getting from the other students. Naruto grinned as his friend simply groaned, his hand reaching into his pocket and pulling out a slip of paper.

Naruto glanced at the paper and then remembered his own, which he knew he had hidden somewhere on him. "Man, where did I put that damn thing this year?" he asked rhetorically as he rummaged through his bag. It took him five minutes of searching through the bag, with several students creeping out the door, when he started to violently shake the bag upside to try and locate his registration form.

"Did you check your wallet yet, dumbass?" came the voice of someone from behind them.

Naruto refused to look back and give the 'Platinum Banshee' the acknowledgment she was trying to get out of him. Shikamaru simply sighed as he mumbled something and handed his paperwork and school ID to the receptionist behind the counter.

"Alright Shikamaru, here's your card back, and," the woman rummaged through one of the file folders on the counter before her, finally pulling out a sheet of paper and looking it over quickly before she handed it up to him, "your schedule for the first semester."

"Thanks, Ms. Shizune," the cloud-watcher said. He turned to Naruto and saw that his blonde friend was about to undo his belt buckle. "You should seriously check your wallet Naruto. It probably got put in there by your mom or grandma since they didn't want to have you suspended again for the first week of school."

Naruto stopped with his belt as he thought back to that moment last year. "At least I didn't go so far as to check my boxers and then run out to my car to find it in the glove compartment!"

The platinum-blonde girl standing in front of the door as her complexion almost looked like her hair color at that thought. "That's disgusting Naruto!"

The blonde turned to her with a foxy grin as he replied "You know you would've liked to see me streaking through the halls again, and don't try to hide the fact you found it hilarious back in middle school when I did it during our eighth grade graduation ceremony Ino."

Shikamaru shivered and turned his back as he made his way past Ino. "I'll catch you at lunch or something Naruto; laters." With a wave of the hand, still holding his schedule, Shikamaru silently left the Counselor's Office.

The blonde slipped his belt back into position and discreetly took his wallet out. When the leather case opened up a puff of dust flew out that caused Naruto to cough, having been holding it right in front of his face. The wallet dropped as his arm wiped his eyes of the dust and a piece of paper fell out.

"Told you it was in your wallet, dumbass." Ino stomped her foot down and planted her left hand to her hip. "Now hurry up so I can get my schedule!"

"Shut it you bleach-aholic," Naruto snapped back as he put the wallet away and retrieved his registration form. He barely moved in time up to the counter as Ino swung her 'fashionably small' backpack at him. "Here we are Ms. Shizune. I'm just glad I didn't have to completely strip down to find it this year." The woman behind the counter blushed a red that stuck out compared to her dark brown hair.

"Here you go Naruto, the schedule for the first semester. Now please try to not get in trouble so fast at least would you?" she asked sweetly, her eyes closed as Naruto sweatdropped.

"Sure thing Ms. Shizune, I'll try!" he called as he left the office. He paid no attention to the parting of the crowd in front of him as he made his way down the left hallway.

'Seems I got shafted again this year. God I hate having gym class first thing in the morning! Naruto thought after glancing at his schedule. Of the three class slots on either side of his lunch time, Naruto could only see about half his day being somewhat normal. Man, Mr. Maito sure does have some insane methods, but at least his weight lifting methods pay off. Mr. Umino for American Civics shouldn't be too bad; Mrs. Sarutobi? Oh yeah, Ms. Yuuhi and Mr. Sarutobi got married over the summer! Should be interesting for her to be teaching Trig. Let's see who else we got here-'

Naruto would have continued his train of thought had he been watching where he was going more carefully. Just as he was about to see who he had in the afternoon, he bumped into someone that fell down and emitted a small 'eep' when apparently she landed on the floor.

He looked down and saw Hinata Hyuuga sort of sprawled on the floor at his feet. "Sorry about that Hinata; I wasn't paying enough attention to anything else while I was looking at my schedule." He offered her a hand that she almost took but then she looked down at herself.

And immediately blushed as her hands flew to her skirt.

Naruto was clueless up until he heard some whistling and then saw exactly where her hands were.

There before him sat Hinata with her backpack spilling papers a foot to her left as her legs were quickly returning to be together rather than splayed out from her fall. Naruto had barely missed it but he had seen the tiniest glimpse of what could only be guessed as lavender under the black fabric of the school uniform skirt.

Hinata's face was a very deep red as she looked discouragedly away from Naruto. 'S-sorry about that Naruto-kun, I should have moved out of your w-way when I saw you w-were too focused on your schedule."

Naruto moved to the side as Hinata started to stand and picked up her bag, careful to not let any more papers fall out of it."No, it's my fault Hinata. I should have stepped to the wall and looked my schedule over rather than trying to read it while walking." He handed her the bag as he knelt down and started to pick up the materials that had spilled out.

His hands moved faster than Hinata could watch, that is until she saw something underneath the last few papers. She blushed further into the bag she had subconsciously gripped to her chest and almost dove for the notebook before Naruto could get it from the floor. "T-thank you, Naruto-kun. I c-can pick up the rest of my t-things."

Just as her knees hit the ground and her hand reached out for the notebook, Naruto snatched it from her and simply put it face down on the pile of papers and folders in his arm. "It's the least I could do Hinata."

The blonde stood back up and held out the stack of materials to her as the pale girl stood up quicker than one would think she could. "Thanks again, N-Naruto-kun," she squeaked out as she took the contents from his hand and deftly put them into her backpack. "W-Well I guess I'll see you later!" Before Naruto could respond to her, Hinata almost made a flat-out dash from his view and down the stairs.

Naruto simply looked dumbfounded as he watched her leave. 'Wow, talk about strange. At least she managed to not faint that time.'

The few students that remained in the hallway during the collision turned their faces away when they noticed Naruto return to moving to his initial destination. He failed to notice the guy that had not bothered to watch the incident and not turn away, his raven hair sticking down in large bangs as the back turned into a duckbutt hairdo. Damn loser, I don't know what Hinata even sees in him… The face of Sasuke Uchiha frowned in disapproval, his black eyes narrowing causing red flecks to manifest.

Naruto noted that he was in front of the double doors into the gym just in time to see Mr. Maito leave his office across the hall. "Ah, Naruto!" the large buff teacher exclaimed.

Shit, I was hoping to at least get inside before he rants about 'the flames of youth'.

"Hey there Mr. Maito, are we gonna be doing power-lifting again this year or did the school board get freaked out when Lee's arms snapped last year to the point of canceling the program altogether?" Naruto asked, shoving the paper schedule into his pocket.

"Yes, the school board has graciously agreed to give us another chance at creating a team for the sport so long as we make sure that no one gets hurt as bad this time," the man said, his huge fuzzy eyebrows wiggling whenever his forhead was moved in concurrence with his speaking. "They also insisted that I obtain at least a couple more assistants to further ensure nothing would happen like that again."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow. "And did you manage to find someone?" Indeed, trying to find someone that would help out the single-most fitness crazed man in the entire city. Most of the gyms within the state alone refused to let Mr. Maito work out at their businesses due to his fanaticism with overdoing everything physical.

"Thankfully I have. They actually sought me out due to my legendary status!" The man before him struck a heroic pose with his fist out in front of him with an upturned thumb.

Naruto sweatdropped at the sight. At least Lee isn't here for them to start that fucking hug-fest. God that creeps me out. "So who did you manage to hire?"

"That would be us, you snot-nosed brat," came a grating voice from the gym doorway. Naruto turned his head to see two men in the open doors. One had a deathly gray complexion as the other one seemed to be so pale that the color of his arteries were causing the color of his skin to be unnaturally light blue. Both had short black spiky hair, what appeared to be shark-like teeth, and hardened dark eyes.

The one with the gray skin stepped forward, his navy blue tracksuit rustling in the hallway. "So you're the legendary Misfit? Better than I expected; thought we'd have to deal with some short-ass with ADHD or something."

"Yeah, at least he doesn't seem as bad as the reports say, huh Zabuza?" snorted the blue-tinted man. His teal tracksuit made a smaller amount of noise as he stepped up to stand between Zabuza and Mr. Maito. "Well let's get in there, kid."

"Right! We have the flames of youth to shape for many students!" Mr. Maito shouted with a fist pumping the air. The other three men had large sweatdrops behind their heads as their fearless leader/deranged gym teacher jogged into the gymnasium.

Zabuza started back to the doorway as he called back, "Hey Kisame, hurry up already. The class should be almost starting now."

Kisame, the one with the weird skin tone, grunted in response. Before he followed his colleagues, he looked back at Naruto. "Don't worry about him, he's just a hardass when it comes to dodgeball and some sports. I'm more worried about how to work with that freak with the giant eyebrows."

The blonde simply grinned as he stepped up and walked side by side with the larger teacher's aide. "Don't worry about Mr. Maito; he just overdoes things really, not much to keep an eye out for. Just run when you see him and this kid Lee do the whole 'anime-tear' thing."

Kisame visibly shuddered at that thought. "That stuff just creeps me out when people do that outside of cosplay." He moved through the doorway and moved to stand next to Zabuza as Mr. Maito waited for the last few seconds to tick slowly away before he could start his first day of the new year.

Naruto quietly sat down on the backmost row of the extended folding bleachers next to a guy with straight white hair that parted down the middle of his head as a pair of red dot tattoos rested above the bridge of his nose and eyebrows. "Yo 'Maro, didn't expect to see you this early in the day."

"Hello there Naruto," he responded as Naruto flopped his bag under his leg. "I honestly don't know why I'm even here still. I completed all the necessary classes and had enough credits to graduate early last year, but Mr. Sarutobi refused my request."

Naruto shrugged his shoulders as he leaned against the remaining stacks bleacher rows while the students flowed into the gym to await the start of class not much longer off.

"At least you get to graduate with the rest of us. I don't know how Tayuya would handle not having her oldest friend leave the rest of us behind," he said as he saw a girl with brown hair and a pretty face climb the rows to them. "Hey there Ayame, how's your dad these days?"

The girl smiled to both Naruto and Kimimaro as she sat down on the next row down. "He's good, especially now that we got Jiroubou to get his Food Handler's Card so he can officially work in the kitchens. I'm telling you, it took forever to convince him that it was either that or he go work at the Safeway down the road as a courtesy clerk," she replied as her sling bag was placed next to her.

Kimimaro let out a chuckle at the news. "I'm amazed he actually is doing something with his life, albeit working with food."

"Hey, at least it's something he's good at. Imagine if he had to try and deal with having to bag groceries and clean up the messes that people make for eight hours a day?" Naruto asked.

Ayame was about to comment as the first bell of the day rang and Mr. Maito's eyes seemed to literally burn with large fires.

All three of the students that occupied the top two rows almost crapped their respective underwear, knowing from personal experience what only Fate had in store for them.

"Alright students! Welcome to my 'Personal Fitness' class! Due to complications with a student going overboard and pushing himself without the help of a spotter during last year's pilot powerlifting program, I have been mandated to hire two assistants!" Mr. maito said, his hands pointing to the two men behind him. "I'll have both introduce themselves right now, and then we can go over this year's curriculum."

Both men that Naruto had met just before entering the gym stepped forward. The one in the navy blue outfit started: "My name is Zabuza Mamochi, and this," pointing to the one in the teal outfit, "is my associate Kisame Hoshigaki. We have experience as personal trainers on the level that you would find in a fitness club as well as coaching outh activities."

Kisame stepped forward and gave a slight wave as he spoke. "As Zabuza said, we've got more than enough experience to teach you kids about fitness, even the legendary Mistfit up there," pointing at Naruto and receiving a foxy grin in return. "When it comes to talking with either of us during school hours or school functions, please refer to us by the term 'Spotter'."

Mr. Maito stepped forward and gathered everyone's attention before there was a chance for the students to ask any questions. "Alright everyone, please listen up carefully as we will be going over the daily routine and the courses of study during this program for the academic year!"

Everyone sighed in great relief at hearing they wouldn't have to conduct any of the crazy exercises that the overly energetic teacher came up with, all thanking the deities they worshipped for an easy start to the first day of school.

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