Catch Me When I Fall

Chapter One: The Start

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"Hey, Big Sister? I know it's only your first day back home, but I told my friends I wanted them to meet someone," my little brother asked me.

"You mean those older kids you're always telling me about, Tommy?" He nodded his head.

"No problem," I told him and gave him a thumbs up. Before he ran up to his room, he gave me a quick hug to thank me. At least I won't have to be a babysitter for two and a half months. As I was unpacking the rest of my stuff, I heard the doorbell ring. That must be Tommy's little friends. But before I could even reach the staircase, he was already downstairs, opening the front door.

"Hey Tommy!" I heard multiple voices say one after the other. When they finally stepped inside and into full view, I realized they were all about my age: high school juniors. So I tried walking down the stairs as coolly as humanly possible, but that didn't exactly work out too well. Instead of having a complete and total Hollywood glamour moment with the wind blowing through my hair, I tripped and almost fell down about seven steps. If it hadn't been for the boy with the bandana on his head, who knows what would've happened. All of a sudden I found myself in the arms of Bandana Boy.

"Thanks," I practically whispered, feeling my face heat up. Very smooth, Kari.

"My pleasure," he said, helping me get back on my feet. He didn't let go of me, though.

"Nice bandana."

"Nice entrance," he smirked at me. I was about to say something back but Takuya interrupted.

"That's my boy, Koji! Sweeping the ladies off their feet, huh?" He started slapping 'Koji' on the back to congratulate him, which snapped him back into reality.

"You guys, this is my big sister, Kari," Tommy said and stood beside me. "She's been in America for two years. She got exchanged or something. But I think she's in the same class as you."

"I'll be in my junior year. My mom's sending me to your school in the fall," I said.

"Cool," Goggle Boy stepped forward. "I'm Takuya. This girl right next to me is Izumi. Oh, she also used to live in Italy for a while so I bet you've got tons in common, like shopping and stuff. That guy over there's JP. And Kouichi's the one here with the baseball cap." I looked around at everyone Takuya just introduced, trying to match up faces and names. Then my gaze fell on Koji, the boy who saved me from falling down the stairs. What a charming way to meet someone.

"But you probably already know his twin brother, Koji," Takuya started pulling at his bandana and flashed a mischievous grin at me. I better brace myself for what's about to be thrown my way this summer. So after we were done with all the formalities, I went back to my room to finish unpacking. After a while, I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I called out as I hung another shirt in my closet.

"Hey," I heard a voice say, hesitantly opening the door. It was Kouichi.

"Oh, hi. Sorry, I'm still unpacking my stuff; and I've got a lot."

"Don't worry, I'm used to it. I share a room with Koji." We both laughed. "So when did you get home?"

"Just this morning, actually. I'm still adjusting to the time difference," I said, yawning.

"You should rest first, then. We'll take care of Tommy for you."

"Thanks," I smiled at him. "Oh, and your brother?"

"Huh? Koji? Oh. No; no girlfriend," he told me as he walked out the door. This is going to be an interesting summer, I thought as I lied down in a pile of shirts. (Wow, that was a short chapter!)

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