Author's Note: This was an English class assingment. The assingment was to write two scenes that happened sort of "off-camera" in the book. It's in script format because we had to act the scenes out in front of the class. . This first one is where George runs into Tom and Tom tells George that Gatsby was the driver who ran over Myrtle. I like this one more than the second one.


Scene opens to Tom and Daisy sitting in their living room. The doorbell rings. Tom is restless and jumps up almost immediately. He darts out of the room and beats the butler to the door. He motions the butler away as he opens it. George is standing in the doorway glowering at Tom.

Tom: Nervously Erm, George? What are you doing here? I'm sorry to hear about Myrtle.

George: Vehemently I'm sure you are.

Tom: Sensing the malice in George's voice W-what?

George: I'm going to kill her.

Tom: Panicking Kill her? What are you talking about? George, Myrtle is dead.

George: Flatly I am brutally aware of that Tom.

Tom: I don't understand-"

George: Snaps Daisy! I'm here for Daisy!"

Tom: Daisy? Why would you-"

George: Wrenches gun out of his heavy coat. You took my wife so I'm going to take yours!

Tom steps in the way of the door trying to keep George out.

George: Leans in closely and pushes his gleaming black pistol into Tom's stomach. Out of my way or I'll kill you first.

Tom: You can't get away with this. Think about this logically… You'll be arrested-"

George: Icily What you don't understand, Tom, is I don't care anymore. Myrtle is everything to me!

Tom: Myrtle is dead-"

Daisy begins to wonder what is keeping Tom and slips quietly into the anteroom.

Daisy: Tom?

Tom becomes distracted for a moment and turns around suddenly to see Daisy standing confused a few feet behind him. George sees his chance and pushes past Tom. George charges into the anteroom and everyone freezes as George comes to a halt between Daisy and Tom; his is gun drawn.

Tom: Daisy, get back!

George: No! Stay where you are!

Tom: Daisy!

Daisy: Open mouthed Wha-

Tom: Go Daisy!

Daisy standing scared

Tom: George, George! Listen to me, I DID NOT kill Myrtle. I lied, I lied, I lied, the car is not mine!

George: Well then who's is it Tom? Gestures at Tom violently with the gun.

Tom: Nearly in tears. It's Gatsby's! Gatsby killed Myrtle!

Camera zooms in on Daisy and she goes rigid. All the color drains from her face as she says nothing.

George: Eyes dart between Daisy and Tom looking for any signs of a lie. Then I'll leave.

George: While backing away. If you say one word about this I'll kill your precious little Pammy too!

Keeping the gun on Daisy, George backs slowly out the house. After a minute, Daisy rushes to Tom. They embrace each other and Daisy buries her face in Tom's chest.

Daisy: Quietly, muffled by Tom's chest. I was driving the yellow car.

Tom: It can't be helped now.