Author's Note: This scene takes place after the book has ended. Daisy has skipped town with Tom and here she finds out what happened to Gatsby after calling Jordan.


Daisy sneaks into a hallway and picks up a phone. She dials a number quickly.

Voice: Hello?

Daisy: Hello? Jordan, love, how are you doing? It's me, Daisy.

Jordan: Daisy! What a pleasant surprise!

Daisy: Jordan, you will never guess where I am! Guess, my dear, truly, you'll be so surprised.

Jordan: Jordan's voice contains a touch of boredom like she's only humoring Daisy. I haven't the slightest idea. Don't be cruel, love, tell me.

Daisy: I'm in Chicago! Can you believe it? Tom has brought me out to Chicago!

Jordan: Uninterested. Why, Daisy, what on earth are you doing in Chicago?

Daisy: It was Tom's idea! He thought we needed a nice little vacation after this entire ordeal.

Jordan: Is that so?

Daisy: So, Jordan, how are things without me in New York? How is everyone? I hope you've been good to Nick… And everyone else… She adds in a quieter voice.

Jordan: Nick and I are no longer together-"

Daisy: What a shame! You made the most fabulous couple!

Jordan: With a sarcastic laugh. Is there anything else you needed?

Daisy: Quiet at first. I was wondering how Gatsby was.

Jordan: Faking ignorance like she doesn't remember. Gatsby?

Daisy: Jordan! Don't be cruel! You know I feel absolutely dreadful about this whole ordeal! Please, tell me how Gatsby is! I don't want him to think of me as a hypocrite!

Jordan: Soothingly. I wouldn't worry about that, my dear.

Daisy: He's not mad at me? Are you being honest to me? It's just been tearing me up for days about how I left him. Oh! You probably don't know that story… It's too long to go into now, although I think I was dreadful to him. I haven't been able to enjoy my stay in Chicago at all! Please, you must be honest and don't worry about hurting my feelings. I assure you, the slightest lie may hurt me a thousand times more than the pain you wish to spare me from. Please, how is Gatsby doing?

Jordan: He's not doing. Gatsby is dead.