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Chapter 1

Plans for the summer

In Seattle, Washington a sweet 15 year old girl named Anika Pensky came down stairs of the house she lived in, with her mom forensic scientist Quinn Pensky who worked for the FBI….Anika had jet black hair that went down to her neck and folded inward. She had blue eyes and was the perfect mix of a girly-girl and a tom-boy.

"Anika, can you come in here." called her mom from the kitchen.

Anika walked into the marble- kitchen and sat behind the counter, with her butt resting on the bar-like chair.

"What's up mom?" asked Anika. She was wearing a Japanese school uniform that her mother acquired, while at a convention in Japan and Anika had fallen in love with it.

"What do you think about going to summer camp in Napa?" asked Quinn.

"I think, you'd have to be joking, but why not."

"I'm glad you think so because you're going to camp in a few days and you need to pack."

"Wow, mom, way to tell a girl three days before she has to leave." said Anika "How long?"

"About two months, but you'll have fun and make lots of friends."

"Whatever." said Anika and raced up the stairs.

In L.A. California a bi shot movie producer was having a similar chat with his 15 year old daughter Erin Reese. She had blue eyes and strait black hair that was always in ponytails. She was not only the tomb-boy girly-girl crossover, but had a tad of Goth thrown into, where Anika had geek.

"I'm not going dad, and you can't make me!" she yelled from her room at the mansion.

"Erin, it won't be so bad. It's in Napa. They'll be horse back riding and a tour of the winery. It'll be great." said Logan Reese through the door.

"If it's so great, than why don't you go there."

"Erin, you're going and that's final."

Erin gave an annoyed wail, but got out her suite case and started throwing clothes and other stuff into it.

Of course they had Maggie the house keeper along with Jack the butler and two maids named Gina and Marie, but she liked doing things herself, since they had enough work as it is.

She finished packing in time to hear Maggie call them for dinner, since besides being the house manager she was also the chief of the house and a damn good one at that.

She came down stairs and sat down at the table next to her father not saying a word Jack brought out the spaghetti, her favorite. Logan Reese was at that moment reading the review of his new movie called My hell of a life about a guy looking for love, only to get turned down by a lot of women, until meeting his "One" and Logan seemed pretty happy with the review.

"Critics like the move. 4 and a half stars." said Logan.

"And you're happy? I thought you said you'd only be happy if it was 5 stars and no less."

"B+ is better than a D+." said Logan "Your….someone taught me that a long time ago."

Erin at that moment knew exactly who he was talking about, but said nothing.

A few days later in Seattle

Anika and Quinn were exiting the car and going into the airport.

"Do you have your bathing suite?" asked Quinn

"For the lat time, I have everything mom." said Anika looking at her mother holding her suite case as they picked up her ticket.

She adjusted the backpack hanging over her back and took the suite case from her mom.

"Write everyday." said Quinn hugging her daughter.

"I will I promise." said Anika returning the hug.

They then pulled apart and Quinn watched as Anika got on the plane.

"Remembered" called Quinn "Chase will meet you at the airport and drive you to the camp."

"I remember mom." She called back.

Back in L.A. Erin was getting out of the Limo that dropped her at the camp.

"Thanks for the ride Jack." said Erin getting her things out.

"Anytime." said Jack "Remember I'll be here in 8 weeks to pick you up."

"Ok." said Erin as she grabbed hold of her things and came up to the old lady with the clipboard.

"Hi!" she said "Welcome to camp Wine Country. You'll be in cabin B."

"Thank you Ms…."

"Mrs. White, camp director. You can go and putt your things away."

"Thank you." Said Erin and headed up the hill to cabin B."

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