Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The Wedding

Erin was out searching for Quinn first thing in the morning. Everyone was starting to seriously worry. Anika and Jeremy had a different job, a tougher job. They had to stall as much as possible. Maggie "Accidentally" forgot to lock the door, when she left and they sneaked out.

Anika went and changed into a nice dress for the wedding, completely ignoring the pink fluff monster Mandy had picked out for her (A/N Think one of Stacy's dresses). It was blue, strapless and went down and was longer at the bottom. It has wavy and a bit layered.

Next Jeremy changed into a, nice slightly formal clothes, dress pants and a collared shirt with a tie.

They went over to Lola's room, where she was getting Michael ready. He had fake skin that looked really gross, some fake ears, with matching gloves, fake teeth and a pair of 80's prescription glasses.

"He looks the part." said Jeremy.

"Let's just home he can act it to." added Anika as her cell rang. "Talk to me!"

"No sign of her! Nobody's heard from her since last night." Said Erin

Anika thought. If she were, Mandy, and god forbid she ever was…where would she stash her mom? There were a few possibilities, such as a closet, office, room, but then she remembered an episode of Psych, where the victims were hidden under the stage, but did the stage in the ballroom have enough room to hold a 40 year old woman? Maybe, but it seemed very far fetched.

"Try looking in the ballroom call out to her and call me if you hear anything." said Anika and hung up.

"Ok. Time to ruin the party. Right now it's about 10 so Mandy must have found out by now that we switched her appointment at the salon…" said Jeremy. "She'll be stuck there till about 11:30…if we're lucky."

"Her bridesmaids!" said Lisa.

"What?" asked the two.

"Hey, I see what she's talking about." said Lola sticking a piece of the fake skin onto Michael. "Get the bridesmaids drunk."

They smiled, but then there was a problem. Where would two teenagers get enough alcohol to make 4 women drunk? The answer wasn't as simple as tough as they thought. Maggie!

They thanked the four and hurried down to the restaurant, where Maggie was talking to one of the waiters, most likely about the reception.

"Maggie!" they called. She slowly turned and walked towards the two.

"What can I do for you?" she asked

"We're gonna need a lot of alcohol."

She gave then a very concerned look, meaning 'why on earth would these kids need alcohol for' "not for us. For the bridesmaids" added Anika with a wink.

"Of course." replied Maggie an went up to the bar tender, who handed her a create of beer. She handed the beer to them, but not before saying. "the girls are giggling in the dressing room behind the ballroom."

"Thanks Maggie." they both said and took the create from her and slowly made their way to the dressing room.

It took them some time to find it, but when they finally did they entered the room, with Jeremy keeping his eyes firmly shut…just in case, but the four women were already fully dressed.

"We come bearing gifts." said Jeremy "From the groomsmen."

The woman gave an annoying little laugh before taking the create.

"We really should be drinking." said one of them. She had flaming red hair with blonde high lights. It looked like the sun was gonna explode from her hair.

"It's ok. In fact, it was Mandy's idea." said Anika.

The girls shrugged and began drinking one beer after another until there was nothing left, but the sound of the hollow, empty bottles.

"By girls." they both said.

"Oh and remember, wedding starts in 30 minutes." called Anika as they left the changing room.

Erin, meanwhile was having major problems as she entered the ballroom. Nothing out of the ordinary here, except maybe a dent in the floor, but that could have been a flooring mistake or something…in the distance towards the stage she spotted another little drop of blood.

"Mom!" she called softly. no answer! She came towards the drop and noticed that there was a small door under the stage. "MOM!!" she called, louder this time, and with much more force. This time she pressed her ear against the door and listened. She heard muffled sound coming from there "Mom is that you?" she yelled. More muffle sounds. "Don't worry I'll get you out. I'll be back."

Here came the problem, how to get her out. There was no opening for a key, ok, ok there was, but it looked pretty beaten up, like someone had purposely tired to pick it so it couldn't be opened. It came down to three options. She could try to open it herself, by kicking it, or using a crow bar…if she could find one. Option two: She could get the maintenance guy and he could open it with the crow bar. Or option three. tell the manager that her mother is trapped under the stage and hope he does something about it. Option two seemed the most logical. she left and went to find the maintenance guy.

He was sitting in his small, cramped little office drinking something very bad looking and Erin didn't really care what it was. She needed his help.

The man was short, bald, and looked to be in his early 60's. It reminded her of an actor she saw in a picture shaking hands with her grandfather, but put that aside.

"I need help, my mother is trapped under the stage in the ballroom." she said very fast.

"Right…this is just another joke to get me fired" he answered and took another sip of what ever was in his cup.

"This is no joke. You have to hurry I don't know how much oxygen she has left…if any.." Erin then began to cry…with fake tears something Lola had taught her, when she was younger and it worked too. The man picked up his keys a crow bar and headed for the ballroom.

The wedding had begun. Anika and Jeremy arrived at the wedding just in time to dodge Logan and to see Lola walk in with Vince, followed by Lisa, by herself.

"Where is Michael?" asked Logan.

"Um…he had to take care of something…just minor stuff. Something about the travel arrangements for passed clients." said Lisa, hoping the lie was convincing enough.

Next walked in Michael disguised as Minister Charles (A/n Now I will refer to Michael as Minister Charles until he takes off the disguise).

"Minister Charles." said Logan "So glad you could come and join us on such short notice."

"Think nothing of it my dear." he said in a shrill voice "It's what I do. Answer calls of desperation."

"Again thank you for coming," said Logan I'll show you to your post."

As he walked by behind Logan Minister Charles gave a thumbs up to Anika and Jeremy and it seemed to work.

Anika came over to Chase. One of dad's best men, who had the rings. They arrived late last night, but Lola and Michael filled them in on the plan.

"You ready Uncle Chase?" asked Anika

"Remind me again. Lola wasn't exactly clear, what am I doing again?"

"Loose the rings. Simple as that!"

"Alright!" replied Chase "Go sit before your dad sees you."

She went back and sat down.

At that moment Logan went and stood up with his best man Chase…Michael, would have been up there two if he wasn't playing the minister. Anika sat down next to Jeremy and kept her fingers crossed. She was getting nervous. If Erin wasn't back in time she would have to…interrupt and she hayed talking infront of a large amount of people….anything short of 10 scared her.

The flower girl Mandy's niece walked down the isle, followed by 4 ditzy bridesmaids and then Mandy came out with her father, a pig-faced man with a very bulgy stomach.

Mandy had gotten someone to fix the hole in her dress. Something that Anika still found very funny.

Her father opened up her veil and kissed her cheek before sitting down on the left front.

"Dearly beloved." started the minister "We are gathered here today to join Logan Reese and Mandy….Jefferson in holey matrimonies."

"It's Mandy Franklin." whispered Logan.

"I'm sorry Logan Reese and Mandy Franklin." said the Minister. He then went on about the importance and significants of marriage and love. Anika noticed that when the minister said the word love Logan looked at his feet instead of at Mandy.

Meanwhile the old man was trying hard to open the door under the stage, but not having a hole lot of luck.

"May I try?" asked Erin

"Alright, kid, but it' pretty hard…"

he was cut off by the sound of an open door, being crowed open by Erin.

"MOM!!" yelled Erin and spotted her almost at the other side of the stage tied to a pole with wide eyes and a rope tied around her mouth.

Erin quickly reached her mother and un-tied her. "Mom, we have to stop the wedding!"

"Erin, he loves her!" she stated firmly.

"Right that'd why when ever you come up in a conversation, he quickly changes the subject and moves on, or because, before I went to camp I saw him looking at your photo every single night, and I know you did the same when I came to you as Anika."

"Alright, let's go!" said Quinn a bit nervously. She still felt a tad skeptical about Logan's feelings for her, but she knew deep down that she still loved him no matter how much she tried to deny it. "Did you tell Logan about the tape?" asked Quinn

"Course we did, and do you think he believed us? Even after we showed him the recoding, he deleted it and locked us in the suite. No matter now! We have to get going. we have two minutes to get into the second ballroom to stop the wedding."

Back at the wedding everyone who fought against this wedding was getting more and more worried by the minute as the most epic part came.

"IS there anyone here, who has a reason who these two should not get married, speak now or forever hold your peace." he said

Anika was about to stand, but sat immediately after receiving the worst glare from not only Mandy, but her own Father.

Even Michael was now starting to worry. So they exchanged rings, the real rings, Chase panicked a tad and gave the rings as soon as Michael asked for them, and said their I do's just as Erin and Quinn burst through the door.

"Quinn?" asked Logan.

"Yay!!" came Lola, Anika, Lisa, and Jeremy.

'Why is she here?', thought Mandy 'I thought I disposed of her?'

"You can't marry her." said Quinn.


"Let me finish! You can't marry her because she'll turn Anika and Erin's lives into hell."

"Oh and I suppose there is another reason why I shouldn't marry her?"

"Yes!" said Quinn "because she doesn't love you, but I do!"

A gasp was let out in the hole room and people started whispering and giggling to one another as Logan starred in shock at what Quinn had just said

"Quinn….I…l … love you t…too." he stated and was about to walk over to her, but Mandy grabbed his arm.

"Hate to burst your bubble." started Mandy "But as of 30 seconds ago. Logan and I are married." she showed off her ring.

"I beg to differ." said Anika.

"What did you not see the I do's?" asked Mandy

"Oh we saw them alright." said Jeremy

"But the ceremony is a tad un-official." said Minister Charles as he walked over to them and took out the stupid fake teeth that had been bothering him for an hour. "You said, even in high school that I would never be able to pull a fast one on you….but HA!" said Michael and took off the fake skin and wig, and what ever else he had.

"Michael?" asked Logan.

"The one and only." he stated. "And you have Lola to thank for the make up." The three teens gave a round of applause as Lola took a bow.

"And these three geniuses for coming up with this little plan." said Lola looking at Erin and Anika. And the two girls gave a bow.

"Don't you just hate us?" asked Erin looking at Mandy.

"You really should thank us dad." said Anika "We just saved you from making THE biggest mistake of your life. Come on, who in their right minds would want to marry the pink freak?"

"You little twerps." yelled Mandy as she turned to leave the two girls stepped on her annoying veil and it ripped from her head messing it up. "I'll get you for this I swear it!" she yelled as she turned and left.

"I'm guessing the wedding's off." commented Quinn.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" came the chanting from the twins and all their friends.

Logan smiled at Quinn and they pressed their lips against the other's and the room broke out with cheers…well their friends, kids, and Logan's side of the family did, Mandy's followed her out.

They pulled apart and starred at one another.

"We did it! We did it!" started chanting Anika and Erin like little 5 year olds with goofy grins.

The girls stopped as a question popped into Erin's head.

"Hold it! Which one of us is older?" she asked starring at her parents.

"Yeah, I'd like to know too." added Anika

"Well…Erin is older by about 10-15 seconds." said Quinn.

"SO" said Logan "Does this mean we have a new wedding to plan?"

"It sure does!" she replied and they kissed again.

I call this The End.

I may write a sequel, I may not, but thanks for reading.