Kim stretched out on the blanket Ron had laid down on the sand

It's an Olympic sized Mission
Chapter one
By Captainkodak1

Kim stretched out on the blanket Ron had laid down on the sand of the beach. They were back with Kim's uncle on the beach in North Carolina. The sun had turned Ron a deep brown. Kim had been very careful and had obtained a nice deep cooper-brown hue. The two teen heroes had spent the last week lying out on the beach, swimming, and just generally taking it easy on the beach. Their evenings had been taken up by long walks on the beach. Their friends from before supposed to arrive in the next week and all of them were looking forward to hanging out together.

"Be beep be beep"

Ron groaned and placed a towel over his face.

"Why didn't you bury that thing KP?"

Kim snickered.

"Ron, remember? We did bury it but Wade used the robotic arms to dig it back out."

Kim pressed the switch on the device that normally rode on her wrist.

"Go Wade."

Wade's face appeared on the screen. He grinned at the screen.

"Oh good. You didn't bury the Kimmunicator again. Kim, Ron, Dr. Director needs to speak to you. She has a ride on the way to pick you up. No need to pack up, she promised to have you back at the beach by tomorrow morning. Kim, she has already notified your aunt and uncle."

As Wade finished a GJ agent stood at the walkway that crossed the dune line. He waved to the two teens. Soon they were settled in a hover car and flying toward a local GJ headquarters. They landed and were immediately escorted to the office that Dr. Director was using. Dr. Director smiled as they entered the office. She stood and motioned for them to take the two seats in front of her desk."

"Team Possible, thank you for coming. I'll make this short so that you can return to your vacation. I can already tell that the two of you have been spending a lot of time in the sun. Now then, down to business."

She pressed a button the screen on the wall came to life. Kim was surprised to see the Olympic rings and the website for the coming summer Olympics. Dr. Director sat back and crossed her hands.

"Kim, Ron. There have been some unsettling moments of Dr. Drakken, Shego and Monkey Fist in the past weeks. We have been tracking them but we always seem to be a few steps behind. A great deal of their activity has been in the area where the Summer Olympics are to be held in August. GJ has decided to have agents at the games both public and secretive."

Kim and Ron looked at each other then turned back to Dr. Director. Kim shook her head.

"Dr. Director, I don't understand. I thought GJ was supposed to remain secret. What do you mean by public?"

Betty smiled at the two teens. She was about to drop a ton of bricks on the two teens but she was sure they would take on the mission.

"It's quite simple Kim. We will enter the two of you into the Olympics representing the United States in a number of events. Kim, we plan to enter you into the gymnastics team. Ron, you will be entered into a number of track and field events including the javelin throw and the steeplechase. Right after your vacation you will return home where you both will undergo intense training to bring you up to speed on your events. You will then join the U.S. Olympic team as official members."

Kim's jaw nearly landed in her lap.

" mean we will be going to the Olympics"

Betty nodded.

"That's correct. A number of the governments have agreed to let you participate to help provide some internal security as well as actually participate in the events. The normal tryout procedure has been waved. The official story will be that a number of athletes had to drop out due to various reasons. Your names have been placed in the proper order on the alternate list so that you will take their places."

Ron raised his hand.

"You mean we could.."

Betty nodded.

"Yes, you will be official members of the team and eligible to win a medal just like any other athlete. Train well and who knows what can happen."

Kim smiled over at Ron.

"Well potential boy, I would like to see you standing on the stand getting your medal."

Ron grinned back at Kim.

"Not as much I am going to enjoy seeing you in those leotards that the gymnasts wear."

Betty laughed as Kim's face flamed red.

"So, you agree to help us in this manner?"

Kim and Ron glanced at each other then back at Dr. Director.


Dr. Director stood and shook their hands.

"That is fine. We will get you back to Middleton after your vacation, once there a news release will sent out with the news that the two of you will be joining the U.S. Team. I am sure that the news media will eat this up, which is exactly what we want to happen. Drakken, Shego, and Monkey Fist cannot help hearing about it. We can only hope that you being there will inhibit them from trying anything."

Kim shifted in her seat.

"Dr. Director, shouldn't we be worried that they might try and attack us while we are there. We could be a danger to the other athletes."

Dr. Director shook her head.

"Only a fool would try and take on the Chinese security forces protecting the Olympics. They have assured us that you and the other athletes would be quite safe. They look forward to you attending."

Reaching over to Ron, Kim took his hand and gave it a slight squeeze. They shared a glance for a moment then turned back to Dr. Director.

"In that case, we accept."

Standing, Betty stepped around her desk and approached the two teens as they stood.

"Thank you, I know you realize that the true reason that you will be there. That is to hinder those three. You may be called at any time if they make a move. If it is at a time that you should be participating in an event, I am sorry but you would have to forfeit that event. We will work with the Olympic Committee to help with your cover in that event, even if it means juggling some lineup schedules. Let's hope that it does not come to that. Other than that, I wish you good luck. Your trainers will contact you when you return to Middleton. Now, agent Davis will return you to your vacation. Enjoy it while you can because you have a lot of work to do."

Kim and Ron stepped from the office and followed Agent Davis back to the hover car. The trip back to the beach house was short and soon they were sitting on the elevated deck of the cottage looking out over the ocean shining in the moon light. Snuggling down into Ron's arms, Kim sighed slightly before looking up at Ron.

"So what do you think?"

Ron reached up and scratched the back of his neck in a gesture Kim knew so well.

"It's weird KP, the two of us...In the OLYMPICS?"

Kim nodded.

"I know. I really don't know what to think about it either. Wait will Monique hears about this."

Ron snorted and laughed slightly.

"Warn me please so that I can find a set of ear muffs. All of Middleton County will probably hear her. I wonder who will be helping us train?"

The two teens returned from their vacation and settled back into a normal life back in Middleton for a few days until Wade forwarded a call from Dr. Director.

"Greetings Team Possible, I just wanted to let you know that the news release will hit the news agencies in time of the six 'o clock news. A press team is waiting in a car in front of the house. They will assist the two of you in setting up a news conference after the word hits the wires. The official news conference will be help at 8:00 in your front yard Kim. The press team has a number of items of clothing for the two of you to put on at the news conference. Good luck. I have already informed your parents about what is occurring. I will contact you later."

Kim and Ron looked at each other and both slowly climbed down the stairs into the Possible living room. They noticed that all four of their parents were standing there waiting for them. Their faces were literally beaming. Kim's mom stepped forward.

"Kim, Ron, we are all so proud of you. We know the reasons and the situation, but we are still proud that you will be representing our country like this. I think you will want to see this. Let's turn the TV on. Jim, Tim, have you got the recorders ready."

The twins popped up from in front of the TV.

"Sure do mom. The DVR is already recording and we are splitting the signal to our computers. It will burn a dozen DVDs at one time. This is going to be sooo cool!"

Everyone settled down in the chairs around the wide screen TV. Kim and Ron took the couch right in front of the screen. For the first few minutes, it was the same kind of old news repeated from the night before. Then the Olympic symbol came up on the screen behind the news anchor along with the Team Possible logo. The anchor smiled as she looked up at the camera.

"In other good news, the U.S. Olympic Committee announced just hours ago that Middleton's own Team Possible will be joining the Olympic team going to Beijing. Kim Possible will be joining the gymnastics squad and Ron Stoppable will be joining the track squad. A news conference has been announced for 8'o clock in the front lawn of the Possible residence. I would like to be the first to congratulate Kim and Ron and wish them good luck in Beijing."

Ron glanced over at Kim and they began counting down as she pulled her cell phone out of her pants pocket.







At zero Kim's phone rang. Glancing at the screen she saw "MON" displayed. Turning it to the side to show Ron they both laughed. Kim moved to the side as Ron put his fingers in his ears. Everyone else in the room took the hint and left the room. Kim put one finger in her ear and held the phone at arm's length as she flipped it open to answer it.


Kim pulled back from her phone as Monique's voice came screaming out of the speaker.


Kim put her phone up to her ear to speak.

"Okay, now that you have vibrated every glass in the living room are you ready to talk in a normal tone. Hang on while I put you on speaker."

Kim pressed the speaker button and Monique's voice came out clear.

"Okay girl, I am I am not! I am totally freaking. My best girlfriend is going to the Olympics. Oh girl, those outfits are so totally cute. My boy, his mad running skills are going to come in handy."

Kim leaned over as Ron put his arm around her.

"Thanks Mon. We are a little freaked over this too. But we are looking forward to it. We can only talk a little bit; they are setting up a news conference here at the house at 8:00. After that, I am sure we will be quite busy."

Monique cooed over the phone.

"Oooooo... I can just imagine what Bonnie's reaction is going to be. Listen girlfriend, tomorrow, the mall, 10 o'clock, dig it."

Kim sighed.

"It all depends Mon. I'll give you a call after the news conference. We have to get ready now, talk to you later."

Kim put her phone back in her pocket after snapping it closed.

A tall man stepped up to the two teens.

"Kim, Ron. I am Jefferson Price. I will be your news agent until the Olympics are over. Now I will start the conference with a few words about the fact that you will be going to the Olympics and your parent's feelings on this. Then I will ask both of you to the podium so that you can take a few questions. You will answer a few questions then I will give a final statement. Before we start the conference I would like you to put on these outfits."

Jefferson handed Kim and Ron two packages. Opening the packages, Kim and Ron found a red, white and blue hat with the Beijing logo on it, a gray T-shirt with the sport they would be participating in, a new set of jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Kim pulled out her t-shirt that said "Team USA – Gymnastics. Ron's said "Team USA – Track and Field." The two teens split up and went to change.

Jefferson stepped up to the microphone on the front porch of the Possible's home. There were several new steams from all over the United States and a few from other nations. Clearing his throat, Jefferson started the conference.

"Good evening everyone. My name is Jefferson Price and I will be acting as the newsagent for Team Possible from now until after the Olympics. I will make a short statement and then Kim and Ron will come out to answer a few questions. A small press package will be given out to you afterwards. Now, we are pleased to announce that Kim and Ron have been selected to be a part of the U.S. Olympic Team. Kim will be participating with the Gymnastics team and Ron will be a part of the Track and Field team. Their parents are very pleased with their selection and look forward to supporting their children in this new part of their lives. Now, I know that you don't want to hear me talk, but Kim and Ron. So. Kim, Ron will you come out please."

Kim and Ron stepped up to the microphone amid a flurry of camera flashes. They stood at the microphone holding hands. Kim looked out over the audience and pointed to one woman on the front row.

"I am Kasuni Tanaka, Tokyo News Net. Kim, Ron what were your reactions when you learned you had been selected for the US Team?"

Kim looked at Ron as he leaned forward to speak.

"I believe I remember yelling Booyah!"

The audience laughed as Ron pointed to a man just to the left of the woman.

"I am Henry Culpepper, New York Times. Team Possible, is there any truth to the rumor that you are being sent to Beijing on a mission rather than members of the US team?"

Kim smiled at the man.

"Ron and I have been listed on the alternate lists for some months. When two members of the team were unable to attend we were contacted to be on the team."

Kim selected a well known face to them. Summer Gayle was right on the front row. Summer's smile crossed her face.

"Kim, Ron, now that the two of you are considered on the hottest young couples in the world. Will this be a factor in your participation in your events?"

Ron nodded to Kim to answer that question.

"Summer, of course we are a couple. We can't help if everyone wants to follow us around. We hope that is will not cause any problems. As for our events, we have been able to handle being a couple for the past few months, go on missions and still have separate lives. I don't think that will be a problem."

Kim turned and gave Ron a kiss which caused another flurry of photographs. Turning back to the crowd she pointed out a man behind Summer.

"I am Reginald Baker London Time. About your missions, will you be taking any mission while you are in Beijing?"

Ron shook his head.

"We are not planning to be going on any missions while we are there. However, if a mission does come up that would require our talents, and then we would have to make a decision at that time. We will not allow any mission to harm the Olympic Team effort."

Jefferson stepped to their side.

"Kim and Ron thank you for coming tonight. They will be available for interviews at a later date as long as it does not interfere with their training."

Turning back around Jefferson motioned Kim and Ron back into the house. Kim and Ron joined hands again and waved as they walked back into the house. Taking off their hats once they were inside, Kim looked over at Jefferson.

"Just where we will be training and who will be training us?"

Placing some papers on his briefcase Jefferson looked up at the two teens.

"Oh, the Middleton School Board has offered the use of their facilities and fields at Middleton High. Since you will be the only ones there, we will be able to control security better. You will head up there tomorrow and meet your main coach. Now, I take my leave. A car will be here in the morning at 7:00 o'clock to take you to the gym. The same car will return you to your homes. I will be in contact about any shows or interviews as your time will allow."

Carrying their gym bags, Kim and Ron entered the gym at Middleton High. They had just checked through the security that had been set up around the school. They noticed the gym floor had been filled with an array of gymnastic equipment. There was a balance beam, a set of uneven bars, and a floor exercise area. A full set of weight machines had also been installed as wall as a couple of treadmills. Their eyes grew wide as they inspected all the equipment. Ron stepped up to one of the weight machines.

"Wow, KP. Somebody has spent some money setting this place up. I wonder where our coach is?"

A tall figure stepped out of the darkness of the dressing room hall.

"He's right here Stoppable."

Kim and Ron whirled around to see Steve Barkin standing there with a clipboard in his hand. The one thing they noticed as the plastic pass hanging from the chain along with his whistle. It appeared to be an Olympic Coach Pass.

"Mr…Mr…Barkin?" Kim stammered.

Barkin grinned.

"That's right Possible; I will be your training coach from now until you leave for the Olympics. I hope you had a nice rest during vacation because your butts are now mine. Now let's warm up with 10 laps around the gym. Playtime is over."

Kim and Ron glanced at each other and mumbled together.


So starts a new story by the Captain. This one has been on my mind since the last Olympics. I didn't think they fit in the Winter Olympics as well as they would the Summer Olympics. I thought Kim would be a given for Gymnastics and Ron for Track and Field. I had considered Ron for the saber events but thought that was a little much as he would be in several track events. I will be updating this as the time of the Olympics approaches and have a number of chapters posted during the actual events. I hope that you enjoy the coming story.

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