It's an Olympic Sized Mission
Chapter 13

Middleton Mall was as busy as Kim and Ron had ever seen it. Moms were dragging kids into stores for school clothes, then on to another store for school supplies, and to the drug store for some Tylenol for the mother. The two heroes had been home for a week now. Most of that time had been spent at home. The press had been hard to deal with for the first few days. The fact that Kim and Ron had a couple of missions while in China, that they each brought back two silver medals and one gold medal, and that the fact that Kim's slip of the tongue had announced to the world their engagement made the two teens prime targets for cameras and reporters. They quickly found out to stay away from the windows. Only after they set up two news conferences, and showed up on two talk shows did the hoopla settle down. This was the first time that the two of them had had some time together in public since they had returned from China.

Kim slipped her arm around Ron's waist as his arm settled across her shoulders. They were still getting used to all the stares, open mouths of shock, cameras coming out of bags and purses, and the shouts and squeals of children and some teenagers. Luckily, for the most part, people left them alone. But there was the occasional visitor to the area that just h-a-d to have a picture or an autograph.

The two of them approached the food court. Monique, Felix, Zita, Hope, Tara, and Josh were meeting them there for lunch. This would be the first time they had had to just hang out with their friends. As Kim and Ron turned the corner of the mall into the food court a shrill scream echoed throughout the mall. Both of them cringed as a whirlwind swooped up to them and nearly tackled the two of them. Kim and Ron smiled as they returned the hug.

"Hi Monique."

Monique literally bounced up and down in front of them. She gave Kim another crushing hug then nearly pulled Kim's arm out of the socket when she grabbed Kim's hand to look at the ring.

"You lucky, lucky girl!"

All three of them laughed as they headed for the table where everyone waited. They broke up into two groups and guys and the girls.

Josh and Felix gave Ron a high five. Felix smiled at his best friend.

"Dude, that leap you did during the Steeplechase was awesome. I thought my mom was going to go nuts."

Josh laughed.

"Not trying to put you down dude, but only you could fall into a gold medal."

Ron shook his head.

"Yeah, the ole Ronster dumb luck was going there."

Tara and Zita gazed down at Kim's hand as Tara held on it. Both of them sighed as the small stone sparkled in the light of the food court.

Tara looked up at Kim with a sparkle in her eye.

"You are making me so jealous, one you get a ring, and two he proposed to you in the middle of all those people at the Olympics."

Kim giggled.

"We had talked about it a little, but I had no idea that he had already talked to my dad. Then pulling that ribbon out with the box on it. The man keeps on surprising me."

Taking a seat at one of the tables Kim motioned for Ron to sit next to her. Ron stepped over and sat down. Josh, Tara, Felix, Zita and Monique all took their seats. Ron glanced around.

"So what would everyone like to eat? My treat."

Kim looked over at Ron.

"Ron, when did you get all the money?"

Ron took her hand.

"KP, remember all the requests we had for endorsements?"

Kim nodded.

"I thought that money was not supposed to come through for a few months, and that all was supposed to go into an educational fund."

Ron pulled her hand up and gave it a kiss.

"Well KP, one of them decided to go ahead and upfront some money. I just had to do a short commercial for them and they said that I and any friends could eat at their restaurants free."

Kim scowled.

"Ron, I am so not eating at BN."

Ron shook his head.

"No my love, it's not BN, although it would be badical. Nope, this is a new place. It is a part of the BN family of restaurants. Why don't we head down to the lower level? I think they may be holding a table for us."

Josh stood up and took a close look at Ron's head.

"Pal, are you sure that fall didn't dent something up there?"

Ron stood and pulled Kim to her feet.

"Nope, I am just fine. Now if all of you will join me and my badical fiancée, we shall to get something to eat."

Ron led the group down to the lower level and toward one end of the mall. Soon they were approaching the newest restaurant in the mall. Kim looked over at Ron.

"Backyard Grill? You endorsed Backyard Grill?"

Ron led the way into the restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, Kim jaw nearly hit the floor. Everyone else in the party had the same reaction. There just inside the door was a life size cardboard cutout of Ron. He was wearing a cook's apron over his running suit and he had a plate of steaks in his hand.

The host approached them.

"Mr. Stoppable, Miss Possible, it's nice to see you. We have your table waiting. Please follow me."

Leading them to the back of the restaurant, the host showed them a small private room already set up. Handing everyone a menu as they took a seat, he spoke to Ron.

"I believe this is what you requested Mr. Stoppable. Your server shall be with you in a minute."

Kim opened her menu and began to choose.

"Wow, it all looks good, but I think I'll stay with one of the salads. I still need to watch my figure."

Ron patted her on the shoulder.

"KP, I'll tell you what. Order what you want and I'll watch your figure."

Kim turned and hit him on the head with her menu as everyone laughed. A bright smile crept across her face along with a slight blush.

The server stepped into the room.

"Hi, I'm Janice and I will be your server today. Can I get your drink orders and any appetizers?"

Kim raised her hand.

"Water with lemon please."

Tara, Zita, and Monique all raised their hands.


Janice nodded as she wrote on her pad.

Ron spoke up.

"Raspberry lemonade for me."

Felix glanced up at Janice.

"Coke here."

Janice turned to Josh. He looked over the menu for a moment then looked up at her.

"Coke please."

Nodding, Janice wrote down his order.

"Now how about any appetizers?"

Ron looked around the table, then up at Janice.

"Tell you what; bring us one plate of wings, one plate of hot wings, and a plate of cheesy fries. How is that everybody?"

Janice looked around to see everyone nodding.

"Okay, I'll be right back with your drinks and your appetizers."

Janice returned on moments with the drinks and the appetizers.

"Is everyone ready to order?"

Ron looked around to see everyone nodding.

"I have the full rack of ribs, baked potato, and a house salad with honey mustard dressing."

He turned and looked at Kim smiled at him and then at Janice.

"I'll have the same."

Ron stared at Kim. She just smiled back.

"You wanted to watch my figure? Well you can. What I don't eat you can have. Besides someone has to watch your figure."

Kim growled and leaned over to give him a kiss.

All at the table laughed and finished giving their orders. Josh stood up as Janice left the room.

"Ron thanks for letting us be here. I would like to propose a toast to good food and good friends. But for the most part, this toast is for Kim and Ron. Two of the greatest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Long life and many years of happiness."

Everyone raised their glasses and clinked them together.

After the food arrived everyone one was talking when Josh turned to Kim.

"Kim, we know that Ron got this endorsement. What about you?"

Kim wiped her mouth and glanced over to Monique.

"Let's say that I went with a former employer. It appears that Club Banana is going to come out with a full line of active wear and dresses under my name."

Zita and Tara shrieked


Kim nodded. Monique smiled

"Girl, you are gonna look so fine in those clothes."

Ron took Kim's hand.

"She looks fine anytime."

Everybody groaned as Kim rolled her eyes.

"We have some other endorsements but those are the two major ones."

Ron patted his stomach.

"Now, we just need to find a school that will have us."

Leaning against the wall in the Possible living room, Kim pulled her heels off her feet, stepped over to the couch and then flopped down. Ron plopped down beside her as he pulled his tie off. Kim covered her eyes with her arm and leaned back groaning.

"How many luncheons does that make now?"

Ron lay back. Kim slid to the side, took his arm and placed it around her shoulders. Snuggling up to him she sighed. Ron gave her a slight hug then...


Kim elbowed him.

"Ron that's gross."

Ron gave her another hug.

"Sorry about that KP. In answer to your question, this was the eighth luncheon we have had. That does not include the seven dinners and four breakfast meetings. All of the above can be broken down into one fact. All the administrators, coaches and faculty members we have met with want us to attend their schools. They want me on their football teams and/or track teams. They want you on the gymnastics team and/or Cheerleader squads. All offered free rides for both of us."

Kim shifted under his arm.

"I hear a "BUT" coming."

Ron gave her a kiss on the top of her head, which brought a small smile to her face.

"Yessssss. There is a "but". The same one we discussed several times. And that is the fact that..."

Kim finished the sentence.

"All of them considered us to be great assets to their universities. Do you get the same feeling that I am feeling?"

Ron nodded.

"That they want us to attend their schools so that they can brag we go to their school. I have a feeling that we would be called in to represent the school every time some dignitary would come to the school."

Kim groaned.

"I am not going to be something that the school can show us off like some trophy. I want an education not be made some type of showpiece."

Kim stood up and stretched.

"I gonna go up and get out of his dress. Why don't you grab a change of clothes out of the guest room and change also. Maybe we can sneak out of here and grab a bite to eat at Bueno Nacho."

Ron grinned as Kim headed for the steps.

"Sure that I can't watch."

Kim flipped her hair back over her shoulder and gave him a sultrily look.

"Not on your life bad boy. Now after you put the other ring of my finger, then you will be welcome to join me. Until then, you will just have to dream."

Ron coughed.

"And what a dream that will be."

He ducked as Kim threw one of her high heel shoes at him. She stood at the bottom of the stairs with her hands on her hips.

"Now, if you are a good boy and get changed quickly, I think a little snuggle time in the tree house will be part of the plan."

Kim found herself standing alone at the bottom of her stairs. Shaking her head and grinning, she turned and climbed the rest of the way to her room.

Stacks of letters covered the kitchen table. Reaching for another one, Kim slit the envelope open and pulled the contents free as Ron did the same with a similar envelope. Pulling the letter open, Kim blew a strand of hair out of her face and began to read.

"Dear Miss Possible,

We would like to extend an invitation for you to attend our University with a full scholarship. We believe that we have a fine program for you and that you would be a great asset to the school..."

Kim picked up a red marker and placed an X at the top of the page. She turned to Ron as he scanned his letter. Seeing that she was looking at him he began to read the letter that had the same letterhead as hers.

"Dear Mr. Stoppable,

We would like to extend an invitation for you to enter our Culinary Arts program with a full scholarship. We believe that we have a fine program for you and that you would be a great asset..."

Kim shook her head. Ron nodded and picked up a similar red marker and marked his letter.

Kim put her head in her hands and groaned.

"You think that they might get a little more original with their letters. At least they didn't beg like a dozen others did. I find it amazing that no one of these replied to you, yet now they are sending me another acceptance letter along with one to you. All of them say that we would be a great asset to their school. Which means we would end up being publicity figureheads for the schools, just like all the other who wanted to meet with us? What is the count?"

Ron picked up a legal pad.

"Of all the letters, not including those we met with. That's the twelfth school to offer us both full scholarships. There are eight more that offered us full scholarships plus off campus housing. All of them extended offers for you to be on the Cheerleading team and for me to be on the football and/or the track teams. Four of them offered you a place on their gymnastics team."

Kim rolled her head back as she closed her eyes.

"And not one of them even acknowledged you before did they?"

Ron didn't say anything until Kim brought her head down and turned to face him. Ron shook his head no.

"Not a one."

Kim placed both letters in a box marked. "Rejected"


Ron picked up another envelope.

"KP, this one is addressed to both of us. It's from Middleton University."

Kim slid her chair over next to Ron as he handed her the letter. Ron picked up his letter opener, slit the envelope open and pulled out the letter. The letterhead announced the letter was from the President of Middleton University.

"Dear Kimberly and Ronald.

I would like to congratulate both of you for the medals you won representing our great nation. I would also like to extend my warmest congratulations on your recent engagement. Both of you have done great things and I know that you will continue to do the same in the future. I know by now that both of you are most likely being swamped by offers form every school on the planet. I know that we are not the brightest spot in the world, but I feel we have many fine programs here that both of you could benefit from.

I would like to discuss the possibility of the two of you attending our university. Please call me at your convenience and I will be happy to meet with you to discuss what your needs might be both in your lines of study, any special housing needs, and if you so desire, your participation in any of our sports team or activities.

Again I would like to congratulate you for your recent accomplishments. I look forward to speaking with you.


Middleton University."

Kim took the letter from Ron and read it again herself.

"What do you think Ron?"

Kim turned to see Ron smiling. Kim nodded.

"I think we have just found a school."

Anne held on to Kim's arm as she guided Kim to the sofa in front of the television. Gene had both of his hands on Ron's shoulders as he guided the youth to a place next to Kim. Kim crossed her arms and sat back.

"Mom, we have seen the news. It's the same as always. Besides, Ron and I had a big night planned. Wade has sent out some fake stories that we have been seen in different cities. He even hired a couple to dress up like us and is planning to have them seen leaving at the airport. The girl will be carrying a big dress bag. It's planned for the bag to come open revealing what looks like a wedding dress inside. He is sure every paparazzi in three states will chase them."

James sat down.

"Aren't you worried out the wrong rumors getting out?"

Kim smiled and shook her head.

"Nope, the plan is when they get to New York, the girl is going stumble and the wig will fall off. I would love to be there when that happens; just to see all those faces behind the cameras. Now what is so important for us to be here?"

Anne put her fingers to her lips and turned the television on. The two families settled down to watch the screen. The parents were smiling as they glanced back and forth from the screen to their children. A commercial was just ending and Summer Gayle came on screen. Behind her was a screen showing "Middleton Lifestyles." As she began to speak the screen changed to the Olympic symbol over a picture of Kim and Ron at the news conference.

"Good evening, I am Summer Gayle and this is Middleton Lifestyles. It was confirmed today by Team Possible's spokesman and by a Middleton University spokesman that Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable will be attending there this fall. With the world at the feet of this world trotting couple, we are proud that they elected to stay here and attend Middleton University."

The camera angle changed and Summer faced the new camera. Pictures of Kim and Ron appeared over her shoulder.

"For all the great things this couple has done over the years, their exploits at the recent Olympics are thought to be some of their greatest accomplishments. For so long they have been known for their heroic work around the world. Now they have shown that they are more than that. They have shown that they can be and are two normal young people. They are two young people with hopes for the future, and two young people in love. They also happen to be incredible athletes. We here at the station followed Kim and Ron through their training and onto the Olympics. The production staff has put together a video in their honor. I have been told that they will be watching, so Kim, Ron, this is for you."

The picture of Summer faded and the video opened with the Olympic Flag waving as song started in the background.. Then a picture of Kim and Ron at the first news conference came on the screen. A video clip showed them waving as they left for the Olympics.

"Each day I live, I want to be
A day to give, The best of me
I'm only one, But not alone
My finest day, Is yet unknown"

The screen showed Kim and Ron at the first news conference, then that picture faded to others of them walking into Middleton High hand in hand. There were more clips of them doing simple exercises in the gym.

"I broke my heart, For every gain
To taste the sweet, I faced the pain
I rise and fall, yet through it all
This much remains."

Anne's faced winced as the next set of clips went across the screen. One clip showed Kim straining to do a move on the balance beam, the other showed Kim making a move on the uneven bars only to slip, hit the bar and fall crashing to the floor. Another clip showed Ron doing sit ups, his faces straining, sweat popping from his forehead. The next clip showed him trying to get over one of the obstacles in the Steeplechase, only to hit it and fall hard on the other side. He got up and continued to run.

"I want one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be.
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me"

The next clip showed Kim on the uneven bars. She flipped and flowed through her routine and then landed to stretch out her arms.

"Give me one moment in time
When I'm racing with destiny
Then in that one moment in time
I will feel, I will feel eternity."

The clip on the screen showed Ron in the 5,000 meter run. The clip followed him around the track showing him pulling ahead to fall over the line. Then the clip showed him on the gold medal stand raising his arms.

"I've lived to be
The very best, I want it all
No time for less, I've laid the plans
Now lay the chance, Here in my hands"

The next few clips showed Kim and Ron working with Mrs. Hatchett and Mr. Barkin. A clip showed Kim on the exercise floor with Mrs. Hatchett working with her on a routine. The next clip showed Mr. Barkin showing Ron how to throw the javelin.

"Give me one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me"

The next few clips showed followed Kim through the balance beam routine. She finished it in style and flipped off the beam to her landing.

"Give me one moment in time
When I'm racing with destiny,
Then in that one moment in time,
I will feel, see I will feel eternity."

The video showed Ron in the Steeplechase as he made the leap over the fallen runners and take the lead. It followed him right up to the time he came in second. The next clip showed him in the javelin throw.

"You're a winner
For a lifetime, if you seize that
One moment in time, Make it shine."

The next clip showed Kim and Ron sharing the kiss on the infield.

"Give me one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me"

The video showed Kim and Ron rappelling into the stadium. The the camera switched to a high angle shot of Kim and Ron with the other athletes of the field. Ron puts something around her neck and she looks down and picks something up on the end of the ribbon, then she was pulling him into a kiss.

"Just give me one moment in time
When I'm racing with destiny
Then in that one moment of time
I will feel, I will feel, I will be free

yes, I will be, I will be free."

The next scene of the video showed a collage of small videos of various times of Kim and Ron in their events. The last scene came when at the news conference Ron put the ring on Kim's finger and they shared a kiss. The screen froze at that point. The video and music faded off and Summer came back on the screen.

"So for Kim and Ron, we here at Channel 5 wish you all the best and our hopes for the future. I know that it has been said before. But, we wish to thank you for everything you have done. This is Summer Gayle for Middleton Lifestyles. Goodnight."

The parents turned to see their children holding on to each other as Kim was wiping tears from her face. The two looked at each other and shared a quick kiss. Anne motioned to the other parents and they all got up to walk out of the room leaving Kim and Ron alone.

James Possible made his way to the front door. It was time to make sure all the doors were locked and all the lights were off. Checking the back door and back porch first he made his way toward the front of the house. Passing the living room, he made his way to the front door. He turned the front light off and made sure the lock bolt was set. As he turned to go back to the master bedroom he noticed a flickering light coming from the living room. James looked into the room to see the television on one of Kim's favorite shows. He could see a blonde head of hair above the back of the couch. Glancing at his watch he noted the late hour and thought he should get Ron on his way home. As he came around the end of the couch he saw that his daughter was asleep in the arms of his soon to be son in law. Ron was fast asleep also. In front of them was all the paperwork from Middleton University that they had been filling out.

Both he and his wife were a little disappointed that Kim did not pick either one of their alma-maters, but they knew the reasons that Kim and Ron choose MU. The reasons were pretty good. He had to admit that while his daughter was in the news a lot, he didn't like the idea of her being used for publicity for any reason, unless she fully agreed with it. He was pleased that the two of them would stay in Middleton. He also knew that the two of them would be staying in their own apartment near the campus. While MU was willing to work with Kim and Ron on the hero work and their classes, the administration thought it might be best for them to stay off campus for the safety of the other students.

As he stood there watching the two of them sleep, two arms found their way around his waist a warm cheek placed itself on his shoulder. Anne whispered.

"Let them sleep. They deserve a little rest. With everything that has been going on, they have not been able to really rest. Do you think Ron liked his gift?"

James glanced down to the mahogany display box sitting on the side of the table.

"Yeah, I know Jean and Gene appreciated it."

Both of them looked up on the far wall where a duplicate bow hung on the wall. Inside the box lay two silver medals and one gold medal from the Olympics. Over the display box was a picture of Kim in one of her gymnastics suits. Next to it was a picture of Kim and Ron in their U.S. team suits with their three medals hanging from their necks. A third picture was of just Ron in his track suit. James was a little misty eyed as his glance went from to the two sleeping figures to the pictures on the wall and then back to the small shining stone that was on Kim's left hand. Anne stepped over and took a blanket from the front closet and spread it out over the two sleeping figures. Then she turned a pillow flat so another chair so Rufus would have a place to sleep. She turned back to her husband as he pulled her into a hug. They turned their heads to the sleeping pair as James nodded his head toward them.

"When Kim first came home that day talking about her new friend, I was happy for her. I was happy that she made a friend so quickly. Then as they grew up together I had my doubts about Ron, and I am sorry I ever doubted the young man. I knew from those first few years that it would be an Olympic sized task to raise Kim. I just never dreamed how well that "race" would work out. "

He placed his arm around his wife as he turned the last light out.

The light from the streetlight outside danced across the three medals hanging in the case on the wall as Kim snuggled down into Ron's arms. The light glinted off the diamond as Ron curled his arms around her.

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