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"If ore-sama's nails are ruined after this stupid dream, you're going to pay to fix them, Niou!" despite their endurance they gained from training, Niou, Atobe, and Ohtori were finding it hard to climb the massive rock structure before them.

"Like I'd pay for your damn nails," turning his head, Niou glared down at the narcissistic boy.

"Um, could we continue climbing now? We need to rescue Yagyuu-san from the gypsy," being in the middle of the feuding third years, Ohtori didn't appreciate the glares that were being exchanged. It felt like they were glaring at him instead of at the other.

"Fine but I'm not paying for some jackass's manicure!"

"You're going to pay for ore-sama's nails whether you like it or not!"

"Why didn't I choose to start climbing first?"

"Ore-sama thinks this place has changed since ore-sama was last here."

"What gave that away? The twisted trees? The burnt down mansion? Or maybe it was the ghost gypsies that are floating around?"

"Ore-sama does not appreciate that sarcastic tone. Ore-sama was merely stating that he noticed something different."

"Well, ore-sama needs to shut his trap!"

"Niou-san, I know you're a little irritable since your double's partner was forcibly captured but we need to work together," pushing himself in between the fighting teens, Ohtori tried to be the mediator for the two. "Right now we need to find Yagyuu-san's body and fix this mess."

"Ore-sama has found him," Atobe proudly pointing a finger that the advancing Yagyuu. He was being carried around in a golden throne held up by four bars which were being held up by one of the Silver Haired son's and one Kabaji. Yagyuu had an expression of arrogance as the chair slowly made its way to the quarreling trio. When the chair was set down the quartet dismissed, Yagyuu, preferably the gypsy in Yagyuu's body, began to talk.

"Well, well, well, it seems as though you decided to come," raising himself/herself from the chair, he/she smirked at the three. "Let's see how well you do in a fight."

"Good luck! Ore-sama is counting on you," Atobe was fifty yards back, cheering the two on.

"Wimp," although it was under his breath, Niou still heard the kindest boy mutter that word under his breath.

Jumping back from the gypsy, Niou and Ohtori posed in such a ridiculous manner that couldn't be counted as kung fu. Niou grunted loudly when he struck the ground with his fist. When nothing happened for a full thirty seconds, the Trickster realized his wrist was throbbing with an unbearable pain. Hopping around wildly, trying to ease the pain he felt, he had the other three wondering why he did that.

"Niou-san, what were you doing?"

"You mean we can't make the earth split and attack the enemy?"

"No. We're still normal people."

"Damn. Then I guess we'll have to do this the hard way."

Sprinting forward, Niou sent a barrage of punches at Yagyuu/gypsy lady but they were all blocked before they could do any real damage. As the attacks slowed, Yagyuu sent a kick to Niou's stomach and sent him flying over to where Atobe stood.

"You're not very good at this, are you?" the narcissist asked, looking down on him.

"It'd be easier if I had some help!" glancing over his shoulder Niou made a subtle hint that Ohtori needed to help him out.

"Sorry, Niou-san, but I don't believe in using violence to solve problems," the now discovered pacifist of the group said.

A rumbling from deep inside the earth interrupted their conversation as a massive rock structure began building its way up under Yagyuu/gypsy. When it was finished, the structure was as tall as the four story Braxton mansion that use to stand on the grounds and as wide as two or three Braxton's. Yagyuu/gypsy lady had a smirk on their face as if to say 'come and get me'.

"Alright, when we get to the top, Ohtori, you push him off after I talk to him a bit. Break!" after his short speech, Niou ran towards the structure and began climbing.

"Niou-san, I can't push him!" running after Niou, Ohtori also began climbing.

"Wait for ore-sama!" and so, they were all making their way up the rock to get to Yagyuu.

When the trio of misfits reached the top not only did they not see Yagyuu, Atobe was bitching and complaining that he had broken a nail. When he stopped, the other two were thankful until they heard the diva struggling to breath.

"Yagyuu-san! Let Atobe-buchou go!" looking behind them, Yagyuu had a hand wrapped around the narcissist's throat and was choking him.

"Hiroshi, I know he's a jackass," brushing off the glare Atobe gave him, Niou continued his planned statement," but he's not that bad. I mean, Sanada-fukubuchou is worse. Remember that time he gave us laps for telling the brattling that Santa doesn't exist and he started crying? Or that time that we had to stay after because I wanted to make a swimming pool on the tennis courts and flooded them? I mean, this guy will only give laps if he's PMSing or if things don't go his way. But you have to remember the good times! Like when we did it in the club room. I mean, you great at-"

"NIOU-SAN I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFE!" covering his ears, Ohtori didn't want to hear about anything the Trickster did with his lover.

"Niou…kun," though the words were spoken softly, the trio could still hear them.

"Hiroshi! If you can hear me let go of the jackass's throat!" a shout of 'hey!' was heard from Atobe after Yagyuu dropped him. But, the nice moment didn't last long for Ohtori had remembered what Niou told him to do and pushed Yagyuu off the rock. "What'd you do that for?!"

"You told me too!" Ohtori shouted after Niou as the Trickster slid down the rocky surface to get to his partner. Ohtori followed soon after and Atobe, not want to be left behind, slid down too but at a slower pace. He didn't want another bruise forming on his perfect body.

But of course, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows when they reached the purple haired boy. Niou was welcomed into the same choke hold Atobe had been in not too long ago but released much earlier.

"I'm sorry." Yagyuu said and the trio gave him a 'huh?" look. "I thought I wanted to protect my son from you but now I see." Yagyuu locked eyes with Niou. "You two have a relationship that cannot be broken so easily. Niou-kun, I will send you three back to the moment in time where you found my fortune teller. Instead of taking it home, like you did, I want you to dispose of it in the closest body of water. I will personally make sure it never reaches human hands again." Waving her hands, sleep started to consume the trio. They didn't have enough time to say a word of thanks for they were all asleep before they could open their mouths.

"Of course I don't have a camera the first time I see you crash," remembering the line from before, Niou took Kirihara's hand when his kouhai came to help him up.

"Brattling, help me carry this to the local river," Niou said after giving the box one final look-down. The gypsy inside still had all ten bracelets so it was all safe to dispose of.

"Fine but you owe me, senpai," each taking a side of the box, the carried it surely and slowly until they could throw it into their river.

Several days after Kirihara and him had disposed of the gypsy box, Niou confessed to Yagyuu in the same predicament he had been in. Only this time, it was Yagyuu who had just finished his shower. Not Niou.

Atobe had also confessed to Sanada but was turned down because the capped fukubuchou already had a boyfriend. His name? Yukimura Seiichi. How long? Eight months, seven days, and thirteen hours with not a single fight in that time. Feeling utterly pissed off, Atobe took his frustration out on his teammates and somehow hooked up with Hiyoshi in all of the mess.

Yanagi, not being able to get over his buchou love, had Kirihara comfort him until he realized he had feeling for his kouhai. Let's just say Yanagi gained some interesting info about the curly haired boy that he wouldn't share with anyone. Not even his best friend Inui Sadaharu.

Ohtori finally confessed to Shishido. Just like Choutarou, Ohtori couldn't stay away from the shorter boy, though he wasn't as adventurous as his past correspondent.

Overall, everyone's life continued on as if nothing ever happened. Over time, even Niou, Ohtori, and Atobe started to believe what they had experienced was all just a dream. Magic gypsies and fortune tellers that sent you to the past could never truly exist. They only existed in fairy tales and imaginations.

"Fuji-kun, let's stop in here," motioning to the antique shop, Yukimura smiled innocently at his companion.

"It couldn't hurt to take a look," entering the shop, the duo was met with a musty smell that reminded them of oranges and lint mixed together. Needless to say, it wasn't a friendly smell.

Glancing around at the merchandise as they made their way around the shop, they didn't find anything particularly interesting until they saw an old time camera where it printed the pictures directly onto the paper.

"Quite an interesting piece," the shop keeper said, standing behind the two. "I've never had to replace the film in it. For some reason, it seems to replace it on its own."

"We'll take it," the two said together.

After a long day, Fuji and Yukimura settled down on a park bench. Fuji had pulled out their newly acquired camera and insisted on taking a picture of the Rikkaidai buchou. After stating his case, Yukimura agreed to one picture and only one.

When the picture developed, two lines of words were written along the bottom.

Yuki Hale

Los Angles, California 2176

Turning over the picture, another line of words was written on the top.

Welcome to your future