Inner Beast Outer Beauty

I don't anyone I wish I own Solid Snake!!

Cool Down, Cool Down, Isn't it funny?, So Sad I could die!, SNAKE!!" The Beast talking

"Kid shut up and do it." Tailed Beast talking

"Why do I have the crazy chicks falling in love with me?" Thoughts

"Metal Gear? What that Uncle Liquid?" Human talking

'This Snake do you read me?' Codec Moment

Chapter One-Isn't it funny?

Somewhere in the forest of Konoha

Up in the trees a woman wearing a fitted Octocamo suit with tentacle-barren helmet waited in the tree unseen by anyone as she got a called from someone.

'Octopus do you read me did you make it there?' a voice spoke to the her.

'Heehee yes this Octopus what is it can't you see I having fun in the trees heehee.'

'Quit playing around girl do you remember your mission?'

'Hahahha of course to test my abilities and have a little fun with the people in that small village right Boss?'

'Good girl now go and do it if anyone gets in your way kill them!'

'Thank you I kill with such joy hahahahahhaha!'

Laughing Octopus one of the member of the BB aka Beauty and the Beast Unit she jump down from the trees. Making her way to the Village hidden in the leaves while the guards were on post, she made her way by crawling on the way of the giant gate and got inside the village without letting anyone know of her presents.

Night was the best thing to do this training for Octopus she could do it around day but she fled like having fun around nighttime. Wanting to killed the guards and the other but she got order just use this only for her stealth training and nothing more she never get to kill during training but the others do.

But tonight thing would be different hopefully for her and a little boy who fate will change today.

Will sneaking around and messing around with people heads Octopus spot a little boy who was running for his life from a anger group of men. Octopus did nothing but watch the whole event of it watching the little boy get kick beat up and throw down like nothing. Kicking and yelling at him.

When they were done they left the little boy alone he did nothing but seat there in the corner as his eyes were cold as hell it self. They were no light no love no sorrow but only hate and fire Octopus laughed out loud as the little boy heard her. He got up and looked around even though his legs were torn up from running and getting kick.

She appear before him actually above him as she spoke to him "What a riot heeheee hahaha what worry why didn't you fight back? Why didn't KILL them when you had the chance with their back turn?"

"Because that me I want to hurt them so bad but apart of me doesn't I'm…I'm scared." The little boy frown but Octopus just laugh at him.

"My such a weak little boy I could kill you here and now are you afraid of me little boy?"

"No…I'm not but everyone hate me everyone afraid of me."

"Afraid of a little puck like you HA!"

"There something inside me that fear they called it The Beast."


"What so funny why are you laughing at me!" He yelled Octopus stop laughing and wrap one of her tentacle around the boy body.

"So young and so foolish I was young like you I was a kid I was afraid too but this the real world so grow up kid!"

"I'm serious there something bed within me I feel it the beast The Beast within my soul."

"Hmm a Beast huh? Well I got a Beast too."


Laughing Octopus nodded "Yes…I do this Beast I have is this form I have now and I love it heeheee I love to laughing it make me feel so alive to laugh hahahahhahaha laugh with ME!"

The little boy didn't laugh at all he only frown "LAUGH WITH ME!" She roar out loud casing the Village to hear her by mistake she step herself up as she curse.

"Damn! It your fault I'll take you because of it! Hahahahahahhaha!" She wrap the little boy to her chest as she hug him and went stealth.

"Hey brat what your name?" She whisper to him.

"Naruto…Naruto Uzumaki." He whisper as he fled he was being crush by her hug

"Naruto your coming with me got it you're make a good pet for me and the girls heehee."

When the guards run the other way Octopus escape the Village with Naruto in her gasp as one of the Anbu saw Laughing Octopus escaping with Naruto in her gasps. He went to inform the Third Hokage about Naruto being kidnap by this unknown guest.

Third Hokage Office

"So Naruto was kidnap by this woman?" Sarutobi asked the Bear mask Anbu

"Yes my Lord she escape to far east of the forest but when I follow her she just vanish along with Naruto it was…strange I could still hear her laughing but she wasn't there. I'm sorry I failed you Lord Hokage."

"It not your fault we just let our guard down that is all return to your post I will deal with this myself."

"Yes sir."

In the Forest

'This Laughing Octopus heehee training done heehee and I bought an extra something for you Boss.'

'What is it?'

'I think your going to love it another child to play with heehee.'

'I see so you bought a ninja huh well ok bring him back over and out.'

Laughing Octopus looked down at Naruto who was now a sleep in her arms by looking at the boy he appeared to be around the age of eight pretty much around Raging Raven age when her life of hell began.

"Finally someone to play with this one better laugh with me this time or else hahahahaha!"

Unknown Base

Naruto woke up in a cell room he looked to his left and right and saw two female wearing armor and mask over their face carrying strange weapon he never seen before. One of the female guard saw Naruto was up and spoke to him.

"Hey looks who awake." She spoke to the female on the right.

"Yeah Octopus sure bought a cute little kid."

"Hey what your name?"

"It's…Naruto who are you and what is this place?"

Then the sound of the door opening up the two female quickly went to their post and became silence as a old man wearing a coat he wore orange sunglasses wearing gloves no finger on his hands. He told the two female to leave him and the boy alone so he may speak alone with him.

"So your name is Naruto huh?" The old man spoke to him.

"Y-yeah who are you?"

"Call me Liquid Ocelot and welcome to my home welcome to Outer Haven. You're a lucky boy not too much people the BB like to keep as a pet your one lucky boy indeed but it not their choose for you to stay it is mine!"

"What are you going to do with me?" Naruto laugh a little but his laugh stop real soon.

The old man seat down on a chair he pulled up from nowhere and took out a Cigar and light it as he smoke it and said "Train rise you as my own boy…tell me do you know what a Gun is?"

Naruto shook his head as Liquid Ocelot smiled "Well then I will teach you everything about guns, when I'm not trying you're the BB little toy the girls needs someone to play with while. I'm on busy business don't worry they won't kill you and also the Frog's might need someone to talk with also you understand your reason for me keeping you away boy?"

"I think so…what game do they like to play?"

"Hmm maybe in the few years you can play with the Frog's and the BB but until you reach that age your with me 24/7 got it kid?"

"Y-yes sir Liquid Ocelot."

"Good boy." He pat Naruto on the head like a dog "If you be a good then I'll give you something special for all your trouble ok?" Naruto nodded "Good tomorrow we'll see if your good with a Gun!"

Naruto pulled the cover over his body and thought to himself "I'm in big trouble I know it!"

Next Time-Calling of The Beast Naruto Code Name?

Naruto is in the hands of Ocelot and his army this is before MGS4, MGS4 will start after Naruto becomes the Firth Member of BB but he doesn't have a beauty the BB for him is Bloody Beast or Born Beast. After a few years of training with Ocelot Naruto is going to be train by one or two of the BB but which BB get our Fox boy as their pet or student?

Raging Raven-Rage and Anger show Naruto what true anger/rage is. "Give me your anger! Let it boil to the surface. Let your Fury follow freely! C'mon Show me your Rage!!"

Screaming Mantis-Fear and Terror show Naruto what true terror is "Let me hear you scream howl roar from the very dept of your soul!!"

Crying Wolf-Sorrow and sadness show Naruto true guilt is "Let me hear you CRY! So sad so very very sad so sad I could die!"

Laughing Octopus-Joy and happiest show Naruto what true joy and enjoyment is "Laugh…Laugh with me! Laugh yourself to Death!!"


NarutoXHarem or NarutoXHakuXBBHarem

Since each BB got a member of the Cobra unit combine with FOXHOUND Unit and DeadCell members the only member that haven't been taken are. Which Code name suit Naruto better?

The End + The Pain + Gray Fox "Bloody Pain or The End Ninja"-Reason if this happen, Naruto have seen true hate and is always in Pain no matter how happy he is he always in pain almost every moment. He a skilled Ninja knowing almost everything about being a Ninja what is needed and what not to be needed. There is no End to his Pain and suffering of being born. Alone in this world he lives with it everyday unloved and hated. One of the reason why these three together make a Good Boss/Naruto new form.

"Hand to hand combat only a fool trust his life to a weapon!"

Liquid Snake +Gray Fox +The End"Bloody Liquid aka Liquid Fox"-Having a demonic spirit living within your soul, no one loves you learn you have to care only about yourself to lived and stand strong and powerful. The fox give you power shielding you with a liquid form of charka giving you more of a reason to show everyone and everything you are their True End. You are their saver and their destroyer

"I am The End I am here to send you to your ultimate fate."

PS-One or two of the BB who will become the owner of Naruto will get her lemon with him the Frog can have a lemon with him too since they an army of Frog's and I think Ocelot might use Naruto for another good reason for the ladies who is his army. Well that is all later everyone!