Twilight Gone Wild

Twilight Gone Wild

SUMMARY: Notorious bad girl Bella arrives in Forks, determined to change her ways. She finds this a rather difficult thing to do when she meets the students at Forks High, particularly Edward Cullen.

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Ugh, I thought to myself, I HATE airplanes. I looked around, and wrinkled my nose at the man sitting next to me. He was fat, old, and snoring, much like all of the passengers on their way from Seattle to Port Angeles. I wondered if everyone who lived in the tiny town had drank something in the water to make them so revolting, or whether all the nasty people decided to take the plane that I was on to try to suck up some of my awesomeness. I smiled, happy that I had remembered to bring four huge cases of Evian with me. If you have to live so far from the city, bring the city with you, I decided.

"Flight attendants, prepare for landing", the crackling voice of the pilot stated over the loudspeaker. I wanted to do a happy dance. FINALLY I could get off of this freaking plane!

We landed around twenty minutes later. I grabbed my Louis Vuitton carry-on bag and brushed off my Citizens of Humanity jeans (pics on pro). I was so tired right now, and I really needed a drink, maybe a mimosa or something. I wonder what Renee would have said had she known I had just thought that…

You see, back in Phoenix, I was the girl. I was invited to (and hosted a couple) of all the hottest parties. I dated all of the datable guys at my school, and was the leader of the coolest group of girls. I loved my life.

However, one of those hot parties that took place at my house went terribly, terribly wrong. My mom and her husband, Phil, were supposed to fly to one of Phil's games, in Houston, but their flight was cancelled due to a storm in the Houston area. When they showed up at the house at ten-thirty, the party was in full swing. There was a mini-fridge stashed with vodka in the living room, as well as beer cans littered all over the floor in every room on the ground floor. Everywhere you looked, people where grinding with one another to the beat of "I Kissed a Girl", which caused some girls to be in the process of making out. Of course, I was one of the people grinding. Everyone was so drunk that when Renee and Phil started screaming for everyone to leave, someone just threw an empty beer can at them and tipsily told them that they were "downing their partay vibe".

Let's just say that things ended badly for me.

Because of that party, my mom made me move to Forks, which I find beyond unfair. I didn't see why having a little fun could result in such horrendous circumstances.

When I met Charlie at the gate, I was fuming from the memory of being so unceremoniously sent from my house to Forks in a matter of two days. My mom wasn't very rich, and I needed a whole new wardrobe for this ghastly, drenched town. So, all my glamorously rich friends had pitched in and bought me a ton of cute stuff. But truthfully, it wasn't enough to keep me from missing them.

"Hi, Charlie," I said snootily, while thrusting my carry-on bag into his arms. "So, where's the gate? I want to get the hell out of here, and just chill at your place."

Charlie looked surprised. I can't say I blame the man. I hadn't seen him since I was fourteen, and I was already ordering him around. He should get used to it – I order everyone around.

"Um, hey, Bells-"

I cut him off. "If you even think of calling me 'Bells' again, you will deeply regret it." I narrowed my eyes to show my menacing side.

Charlie's eyes widened in hurt and fear. "Whatever you say, BELLA." He overanunciated the Bella. "Soo, how was Phoenix?"

"A lot nicer than this sad excuse for a town," I shot back at him. I hated interrogating questions. "Now please, let me wallow in peace, will you?" I gave him my puppy-dog face. No one could ever resist that face.

I am beautiful, and I flaunt it. I have long, pin-straight mahogany hair, but straighten it every day just in case. My eyes are a shade lighter than my hair, and my skin is ivory and flawless. I use my looks to my advantage every chance I can get – with guys, teachers, parents, etc.

Charlie looked away from my puppy-dog eyes, and wordlessly picked up the other five of my matching Louis Vuitton luggage from the moving luggage thingy. We didn't talk all through the car ride, and I left him in the car, taking only my carry-on bag, and leaving him to deal with the rest of my luggage. I'll teach him for calling me "Bells". I shuddered.

I ran up to my old bedroom, and collapsed on the bed. Suddenly, I just started sobbing. I didn't really know what brought it on. Before I knew it, I was pounding the pillows and howling. I guess the stress of moving on such short notice, combined with the fact that my boyfriend had dumped me the night of the party two days ago, combined with my longing for my best friend, Dani just hit me at the same time.

Luckily, Charlie either didn't notice or didn't want to bother me. I came back downstairs after around 45 minutes of good crying, and another ten minutes for my red, puffy face to shrink back to something that looked more like a human face, and less like a baboon's butt.

"Dinner ready?" I inquired in a shaky voice.

"Yes. I ordered pizza. Is that alright?" Charlie asked, concern clear on his face. I almost had a crying relapse. Even though I had been so nasty to him, he still cared for me, and my feelings. It was at that moment that I decided to be different, here in Forks. Back at home, I was the coolest thing ever, but also, a major beeyotch. In Forks, it would be different: I would be nice to everyone, and not strive to be the most popular kid in school. Whoever was nice back, would be my friend, no matter if they were the lowliest nerd, or the hottest prep here. I had a weird urge to start my change now, towards Charlie. So I did something I've never done before…

"Charlie, um…I'm…well, you know…I'm really sorry for the way I treated you today!" I blurted out.

Charlie smiled a genuine smile, "Thanks, Bells-oh, wait, sorry!-Bella, that means a lot to me." Charlie recoiled, obviously frightened towards what he guessed my response to being called "Bells" would be.

I bit my lip for a second, so the cruel words that were trying to worm their way out of my lips could not be heard. I took a deep breath. "It's okay, Char-erm, Dad. You can call me Bells if you really want to."

His smile widened. "Sure thing, Bells."

I drove my huge red truck to school; a gift from Charlie. I hated it. It was old, and moldy. I sighed, thinking about the cars my friends owned in Phoenix. Bentleys, and Mercedes-Benz's, and Rolls-Royces.

When I arrived in the parking lot, I took a quick glance down at my ensemble. In an attempt to look effortless, I gave myself two hours to get ready for school, instead of the usual three. I had on a simple pair of Sevens, and a kelly-green cable-knit sweater from J. Crew. I grabbed my Vera Bradley tote (pics on pro), and got out of the car. Of course, being me, with my crippling clumsiness, I slipped and fell, but caught myself with my hands.

"Dammit!" I muttered under my breath, as I looked down and saw the quarter-sized hole in the knee of my jeans.

Holding back tears of humiliation and anger, I stormed into the office, and got my schedule. My first class was English, which excited me. English had always been my favorite class.

It turns out I had read all the required books for English, a fact that excited me. The rest of the morning blew by with me attempting not to sound like a spoiled brat in the introductions every teacher forced me to give at the beginning of each class. I used the same spiel every time:

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan. Technically, my first name is Isabella, but if you call me that, I think I may have to kill you." Everyone always looked alarmed at this point, but I figured it was only fair for them to know what they were up against. "I used to live in Phoenix, which was a lot warmer, sunnier, and all around better than this teensy town. No offense, cuz it's not your fault you have to live here – it's your parents. Thxkbai."

Everyone always stared, dumbstruck, at me until I flashed them a winning smile and pranced to my desk. Only a few people were brave (or stupid, depending on your point of view) to talk to me. One was this disgusting looking loser with horribly acne-covered skin and greasy hair.

"Hi, my name is-" he started, with a smile on his oily face.

"Eiw, as if I cared," I said, then grabbed my books and ran out of the class, as the bell had just rung.

Okay, so maybe this being-nice-to-everyone thing was harder than I thought it would be. I vowed to be nicer to people for the rest of the day, but decided to cut out the "being nice to the lowliest nerds" part of the deal. It was just to difficult a rule for me to follow.

When I walked to lunch, with this short little frizzball of a girl who was blabbing her mouth off, it took all I had not to swing my tote bag at her face to make her shut.up. But since she seemed to be less of a loser as that guy who was obviously deprived of a shower, I tolerated her. I figured that maybe, just maybe, she might have some semi-decent friends that I could hang with during lunch.

As we walked through the dusty doors into the miniscule cafeteria, The Frizzball pointed out her friends. They looked decent enough. When we had bought our lunches and sat down was when I first saw them. My immediate thought was, now those are the sort of people I should be hanging out with…

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