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1/28 Playing With Kids (Movie 07)

On Cybertron, there is a saying: "Primus is with younglings and fools."
Well, it certainly was right – at least for one party involved…

At first, Optimus Prime and his mechs didn't know what to make out of the unexpected transmission that reached their temporary base.

Starscream's screechy, irritating voice was unique, so it was certain that it was really the former second in command, now the Supreme Commander of the Decepticons calling….

But what in Primus' name had possessed the Seeker to almost demand that the Autobots come to the transmitted co-ordinations and take him prisoner?

If you squinted your eye or optic just the right way, it was the next best thing to a surrender they ever got from him.

Scratch that, it was a clear surrender.

Even more amazing, the Autobots and their human allies had not even known that the Seeker was on the planet Earth until just a few minutes ago.
After the battle in Mission City, the Jet had simply vanished and had been never seen again, not even a tailfin or a wingtip….

And now this!

Something to investigate for sure, even if there was the danger of a cleverly staged trap – but then, ol' Screamer had sounded really desperate….

An hour or so later, Optimus Prime stood proud and tall in front of one of the most dangerous Decepticons the Autobots had ever known – and had to lock his servos in order to keep himself from doubling over in laughter.

Ironhide and Bumblebee had given up the fight against their mirth and rolled on the floor, silently shaking in unstoppable laughter, with energon tears running down their faceplates. Ratchet stood – yet –, grinning like a maniac, keeping a close optic on his comrades, should one of them surrender to their glee and offline from overheating.

The source of their amusement stood near one wall of the hangar of a human Air Force Base, to the human eye silent and in no way different from all the other jets standing in a neat line to his right. Only the wingtips of the silver plane seemed to shake slightly, but that could have been the wind, for all they knew….

A F-22, identical to all the others in the hangar, stood right under a bright banner announcing "Open Day In The Air Force!". This particular jet sported even brighter finger-prints and roughly painted pictures in cheerful colours from red to black and back and everywhere in between, and a swarm of young children sleeping around, on, and even in him.

Two or three pre-school classes had visited the base today to see the shiny, deadly planes, signifying the dreams in each young human child.

And, not realizing their chosen display piece for today, was, in truth, a disguised, hiding-in-plain-sight, recharging Cybertronian, the soldiers and pilots had allowed that the children to climb all over the jet, open the canopy and finally fall asleep.

To say that Starscream was not happy as he woke up was an understatement.

But he couldn't do anything against all these tiny, crawling, sticky, disgusting, prints-leaving, tweaking, fumbling, torturing insects if he didn't want so much grime, flesh and bone pieces inside his systems and transformation cogs that they would lock permanently.

The first hour he took in stride, the second tested his patience – the fifth was too much and he did what finally led to the present situation.

"So…," Prime began carefully over internal communications, laughter barely contained. "You…," an odd whirring sound managed to sneak through his vocalizer. He cleared his throat. "You wanted to surrender, Starscream?"

"Oh, shut up and get these things off me, already", was the tired, strained reply.

Ratchets grin threatened to split his faceplates: "Oh, if only we had met the humans earlier…."

0 for the Decepticons, 2 for the tiny, disgusting flesh-bags.