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"Yes," Lois whispered, her voice as shaky as her limbs. "Yes, please. I want you." The please almost undid him; Kal-El didn't hear it often from her, except at moments like this.

Well, not precisely like this. They'd never played such games before, and Kal-El was acutely aware of the novelty of the situation, as well as the trust Lois had placed in him. He'd begun it without being quite certain where he wanted to go with the control she'd handed over to him, but ideas began to flow as quick and hot as his pulse.

Still, as much as Lois was giving him, she was asking a great deal too. Particularly self-control; Kal-El had been keeping his desire tightly checked from the moment he walked into the room, otherwise it would have all been over in minutes. And really, that would be poor repayment for the gift she'd given him. So Kal-El throttled back his rising lust and tried to make this everything Lois clearly wanted it to be.

Teasing her had worked very well so far; she was on the verge of frustration, blatantly aroused and unable to do anything about it. To his surprise, Kal-El rather enjoyed having her like this. He took his time, stroking her thigh temptingly once more before slowly lowering his zipper. The rather uncomfortable sense of confinement lessened, though he was still constrained by his boxers. Lois' gaze went immediately to the taut cloth, and she bit her lower lip again, seeming completely unaware of the gesture.

"I said look at my eyes," Kal-El whispered, and Lois blushed scarlet again. She raised her eyes to his, though, in spite of her obvious embarrassment. Chuckling softly, Kal-El stood up, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of both pants and boxers. As he slid them down slowly, he grinned to remember all the times Lois had teased him by disrobing with excruciating leisure, all the times he'd stared greedily at every inch of bared skin. With the tables turned, Lois fared no better than he had. She couldn't keep her eyes from straying downward to what was hers and hers alone.

"Lois," he warned, and she looked up again, desperation gleaming in those hazel eyes. Seeing that naked desire on her face made it even harder for him to hold back; he ached, feeling his pulse throbbing just there. But he couldn't let this be over too quickly… If Lois hadn't been tied down, she would have attacked him long ago, and they would probably be on the second round by now.

"Remember all those times you teased me?" he asked huskily, forcing himself to focus on something other than how badly he wanted her right then. Climbing onto the bed beside her, he continued, "All those years I sighed over you, had to watch you walking around shared hotel rooms in a short slip, all the times you flashed me some leg coming out of the shower…"

"You keep bringing that up," Lois moaned. "It was you. It was always you … you always knew how I felt about you, even when I didn't know who you were…"

"Yes, but I couldn't do anything about it back then," he murmured, bending to kiss her shoulder and taking exquisite care to only touch her with his mouth. One brief brush against her skin might make him lose all control… Lois groaned at even that chaste kiss, and he smiled against her skin. "You teased me, and all along you were teasing the one you wanted… Well, you wanted this. You put yourself in this position, Lois. Surely you knew I'd be interested in a little payback…"

She whimpered and bucked against the tie holding her wrists. Maybe it hadn't occurred to her, but it should've. "Do you even know how long I wanted you?" Kal-El murmured. He started kissing her throat, working slowly downward. "How many years I longed for you and thought I'd never have you, even when I woke from dreams of ecstasy with your image burning behind my eyes? How often I had to force my mind away from thoughts of you so I could just do my job?"

Lois was breathing harder, Kal-El's kisses dipping softly to the swell of her breast. Lowering his voice even more, he whispered, "Can you even imagine how many times I had to keep myself from using my x-ray vision to look at you, to see you as you are now, and how many times I wanted to imagine you pleading like you have been tonight?" She whimpered softly, and he kissed her just beside her nipple as he breathed, "Can you guess what torture it was for me to be alone with you on that balcony right outside, above anyone else's eyes, seeing how much you wanted me? I always knew, Lois, and even if you'd tried to hide it, I would've known. The way your heart raced, the way your body warmed, the sweet-salt scent of you…"

She must've been remembering that particular sparkle in his eyes, amusement and attraction mingled together, because Lois lunged hard against the tie holding her fast. Oddly enough, that helped Kal-El gather his wits again; he glanced up, worrying that she would hurt herself. The silk wasn't tightening down on her wrists, but she didn't have a chance of getting loose, either.

He nuzzled the side of her breast, amazed at how warm her skin was. He'd spent the last couple of hours out doing rescues, and had risen above the cloud layer for a soak in the sun's unadulterated rays. That always left him feeling as though he'd been filled with blazing heat, and if Lois' skin felt warm to him now, it meant she was nearly feverish with lust.

"You're so hot," Kal-El murmured against her chest, looking up at her with a wicked idea percolating through his overheating mind. "Maybe I should cool you down a little…"

At first Lois just looked at him, uncomprehending, but when he blew a gentle breath across her chest she hissed suddenly. The artic air on her blazing skin made her shiver and arch her back, her nipples gone achingly hard. "No fair," she moaned as he directed another freezing breath down over her belly. Lois gasped at that, trying in vain to struggle away from him. Kal-El laughed, teasing her with tiny gusts of subzero breath, finally blowing straight across her nipples.

Lois actually snarled at him for that, thrashing and kicking, and those stiffened peaks were simply too irresistible. Catching her hip to hold her in place, he covered her nipple with his warm mouth, his tongue flicking the tip. She seemed to meld against him, molten heat pressed against his skin, and he suckled on her breast just enough to make her moan wantonly.

But not enough to let her climax from it. Lois thrust her hips up greedily, panting harshly, and that was his cue to stop. Kal-El waited for those hazel eyes – hot with lust and frustration – to meet his again, and ran his hand down her leg, parting her thighs with a proprietary air. "Don't look away," he ordered, voice low and rough. Now it was as much to help him stay in control as for the shocking intimacy of it; he wanted her so badly that his vision seemed red-tinged. The world had narrowed to the two of them.

Slowly, Kal-El took hold of her hips, lifting her body easily as he knelt between her legs. Lois bit her lip, but watched him, such intense vulnerability in her eyes that it made it a little easier for him to go slowly. And he was slow, taking an excruciating length of time to do what he had so often done in a heartbeat. It seemed that both of them could feel every infinitesimal motion as he entered her…

…and Lois' eyes rolled back in pure pleasure, her head lolling to the side helplessly, her body arching up toward him as she moaned low in her throat. All he wanted to do in that moment was take her, make her cry out for him, listen to her breath go rough as he brought her to ecstasy … but he'd promised a penalty if she looked away from his eyes.

Kal-El stopped, froze exactly where he was, even though he trembled with the effort not to finish it. After a second, Lois' eyes opened again, looking to him with a hauntingly bereft expression. "I said don't close your eyes," he growled, voice husky with need.

"Don't stop," she pleaded, arching her hips toward him beseechingly. When he only stared at her, trying to appear disapproving, she smiled wickedly. Kal-El gasped; just because her hands were tied didn't mean she'd lost control of the sensations he was feeling. "Stop … being a tease, Kal-El. You … you can't stop… any more than … I can," Lois breathed, her legs crossing behind his back. Then, with no warning, her internal muscles tightened around him in a way that made his vision briefly darken with sheer lust.

"Ask me," he managed to say. "Ask me for what you want, or you won't get it." That was pure bluff; there was no way he could've withdrawn and walked away from her. But he made himself look stern enough that she could believe it.

The warning tone made her brow furrow, the expression in those darkened eyes pure hungry agony. Her trembling had increased two-fold in the last few minutes. It was becoming clear that Lois herself couldn't hold on much longer. "Don't, please don't stop," was all she could whisper, boldly meeting his eyes as she tentatively arched against him again. "I need… Kal-El, please … please … take me. I want you … take me … please…"

That was beyond his power to resist. But if he had to yield to her sweet pleading, he would do so at his own pace. Slowly, so slowly at first, he began to move again, and Lois' moans sounded absolutely wanton beneath him. Kal-El withdrew almost all the way, making her whimper with alarm, and then had to close his own eyes against the need in her gaze before taking her again.

He wanted it to be slow, wanted to savor each moment, wanted to watch her expression every second, but it was all too intense. Kal-El could see that Lois was suffering, too – she was looking into his eyes, but she seemed haunted, far too fragile and fraught to keep this up for long. He smiled slowly and managed to ask, "Is it … too much for you … Lois? Too hard to keep looking?" He thrust hard after he spoke, to give emphasis to his question.

The instantaneous rush of sensation was enough to rock her head back, and Lois gave a besieged whimper. Nevertheless, her hazel eyes never left his, wide with sensory overload. "Yes … too … too much," she whispered, voice shaking just a bit. "Kal-El, I need … please … mercy … please?"

The look of utter vulnerability on her face, the desperate gleam in those eyes, nearly undid him for the second time. "All right," he relented with a whisper, his voice low and loving, and Lois closed her eyes in relief. He could feel her arch her back, knowing that she expected him to finish it then … but instead he withdrew from her completely.

Those hazel eyes looked so cheated when they met his, her expression nearly heartbroken, but she could only stammer, "Kal-El, don't! W-why did you…?"

It was all too clear that she was now completely out of sorts. And slowly growing demanding again. He chuckled, catching her hips without warning. Lois gasped as much with want as surprise; such casual use of his strength always made her shiver with pure molten desire. Before she could comprehend it, Kal-El was rising to his knees, one hand sliding around her hip to the small of her back, lifting her body to him. "You don't have to look into my eyes. You won't be able to," he murmured confidently, the mere words making her shudder.

Lois cried out when he claimed her again, hands grasping the tie that bound her wrists to keep herself balanced. It was deeper from this angle, something he knew all too well… Her mind flashed back to that first time together again, the moment he'd lifted her from the bed and it had felt like flying. Memory and movement combined in one overwhelming burst of sensation, and she threw her head back to give a broken scream.

Just the sound was enough to make Kal-El's skin tighten, shivers racing down his spine in the too-warm room. It could've ended at that moment, in a rush of lust, but he held still, waiting for Lois' first sharp climax to subside. She was always so sensitive after…

Those hazel eyes rolled back to him, dazed but far from satiated. "I want," she purred softly, "Kal-El, I want… I want…"

Holding her completely off the bed, he knew what she was asking for, but smiled wickedly as he whispered, "Tell me, Lois." His self-control was at its thinnest, eager to have that moment of overwhelming pleasure, the timeless wordless ecstasy they shared with each other.

Her eyes were lidded, her breathing still heavy. "Please," Lois managed, and the heat in her gaze outshone the sun blazing outside. "Kal-El, please … I want more. Give me more."

He lifted her knee a little higher, pausing for a breathless instant before thrusting all the way in, bending over her as he did to kiss her mouth. Lois shuddered harshly against his lips, the sound lengthening to a hungry whimper when he started to move against her again. Unable to control his movement any other way, Lois crossed her long legs behind his back as she eagerly arched against him. Kal-El gasped, and from that moment on he held back nothing.

"My God, Lois, you're so…" he breathed against her neck, losing the sentence in a groan of pure pleasure. No words could describe how she felt, how much he wanted her, so he showed her in a thousand little ways. She was all sounds and movement now, her legs locking him tight against her. His mouth, his hands, his body – all of him drove Lois mad with pleasure, crying out helplessly with each stroke. They seemed to be throwing off more heat than the asphalt simmering in the afternoon sun outside, the room blazing with their passion in defiance of the air-conditioning, though neither of them noticed it.

As they reached the pinnacle together – always sweetest together, and they knew each other well enough to experience it often – Kal-El caught her lips for one more hungry kiss. When he pulled back, Lois looked up at him, giving him what he'd wanted all along. He saw the pleading craving yearning need in her eyes, every ounce of her soul bared to him, and heard her sob his name even as she tightened on him for a final time. "Lois," he whispered huskily, never looking away, not even when the sun itself seemed to ignite within him and scorch every cell. In that white-hot moment of pleasure so intense it blocked out everything but Lois and himself, he felt her head rock back, heard her scream her ecstasy as well.

The entire universe might as well have stopped spinning then, and Kal-El would neither have noticed nor cared. He collapsed against Lois, pressing a kiss to her neck, his nose buried in her hair. "I love you. Oh, Lois, I love you," he managed to sigh, the words barely carrying to her ear. Lois herself could only give a soft whimper in response, and he chuckled softly, reaching up to unknot the tie.

Kal-El ultimately had to prop himself up on one elbow to see the knot and untie it, but once Lois' hands were free he kissed them both, rubbing her wrists gently. Once he was certain she hadn't hurt herself – she'd been yanking against the silk with all of her strength – he cuddled against her side again with a contented murmur. "Love you," he told her again, with more strength in his voice this time.

Lois turned her head to nuzzle against the hollow of his throat, and he could feel the corners of her mouth turn up in a smile when she pressed a kiss there. If only he had seen that smile, Kal-El would know she was planning something wicked. For the moment, Lois merely purred breathily, "I love you, too."

For several long moments, they lay there in the darkened room, the only sound their slowing breath. The contentment was such that he wasn't even aware that he had started to doze until it was happening. He heard Lois give a sighing little whimper, shifting her weight just a bit, nuzzling in a little further down his chest. He could feel the brush of her lips over the faint scar of his chest, a ritual she had kept every time they made love, before nuzzling close again. Kal-El smiled faintly, one hand rising to stroke her rumpled hair. It was taking her a while to catch her breath, which was just as he liked it.

What seemed a short time later, he felt her pull away again, felt the trail of her long hair slip across his chest as she sat up. He felt the mattress shift slightly as she moved, and thought muzzily that she might be getting up to get a glass of water. It wasn't unusual for her to get up afterwards, especially during the day. So thinking, he let himself doze again, sunk so deep in satisfaction that he didn't even register the stealthy way Lois was sliding down the bed.

Kal-El had only an instant's warning, as Lois kissed his stomach, her hand trailing, before she was kissing lower than that. He gasped; a moment ago, he would've said with utter certainty that he simply could not be roused to passion again tonight. Life leaped back into him, sizzling along his nerves, and he felt as much as heard Lois taking her turn to chuckle at his surprise. "Lois," he whispered in shocked tones. "Oh, Lois…" Both hands buried in her midnight hair, Kal-El was reduced to sensation only, to feeling and reacting.

Lois taunted him with as much skill as he'd used on her, and then some, moaning a little with the sweet wickedness of what she was doing. He could feel her moan, and he arched his back with a low growl of pleasure and need. She kept changing technique and rhythm, keeping him off balance, rousing him expertly without letting him approach the climax again. Kal-El felt nearly maddened by desire, a tiny part of him still able to think and be amazed by her skill. He lacked the words to tell her how wondrous it felt, but the way his hands tightened in her hair showed her everything he couldn't say.

Such taunting couldn't go on forever, and when his nervous system felt strained to the breaking point, Kal-El pulled her gently away, wanting to bring her up to where he could see her wild eyes. He had only managed to get her to his waist when he felt Lois immediately resist his attempts to move her forward. Small palms braced against his chest, her rumpled hair waved when she shook her head at him in silent denial. Her hazel eyes were almost malevolent, her gaze intense as she continued to watch him. "Come here," he whispered huskily, tugging against her hair. How he wanted her atop him, looking down with that fierce lust in her eyes as she moved against him…

Lois shook her head again, pulling away from his hands, and gave him an unimaginably wicked smile. His eyes widened; she was tormenting him for a reason, that much was clear. The question was, did she want to make him eager enough to overpower her? Or did she intend to take control this time? At the moment, Kal-El couldn't decide which possibility to hope for.

He had no more time to think. Lois drew back coyly, turning slowly as if to look over her shoulder. An instant later, she had turned her back to him … and then straddled his hips, easing down on him with a low sound of pleasure. Kal-El couldn't help his gasp, catching her hips as he arched up into her; it was so deep from this angle that she cried out, tensing against him. There was a moment's pause as she fought to control her actions before, still taut, she began to move against him in a way that made the entire world narrow a second time, everything vanishing but the pair of them.

Kal-El groaned, letting Lois set the pace – and it was very clear she wanted it teasingly slow, for now. She whimpered as they moved in unison, rocking against him, letting him thrust up to meet her. "Lois, you tease," he murmured, pulling her hips tight against him.

Kal-El could hear the taunting smile in her voice when she purred lazily in reply, "Umm-hmm. It's a fail-proof way to … capture your attention. You always go on … about how I…" There was a pause as she changed her rhythm, both of them gasping in response before she continued, "How I teased you so much back… God… back before you could have me… Must've made quite an impression to still get you so hot and … bothered…"

In answer, he rose to her roughly, lifting her with his immense strength. Lois cried out, catching hold of his legs for support. They hovered briefly, Lois' eyes rolling closed at the feeling of him so deep within her, and when Kal-El brought them back to the bed he was kneeling with her in his lap. "Quite an impression," he growled against her ear, nuzzling her neck. "You drove me half out of my mind for years, Lois."

"Good," she whispered in satisfaction, rocking against him.

His tone suddenly became softer. "And I'm so glad I can repay you for everything you've done…" One hand eased across her hip and down between her thighs, making Lois gasp. She pressed back against him, her hair spilling over his shoulder, moaning softly as he touched her.

After a few moments, Lois remembered what she had intended to do, and she caught his wrist, pulling him away. "No, I don't think so," she murmured huskily. "It's my turn this time." She held his hand against her waist, preventing him from teasing her further, and quickened her rhythm. His ragged breath against her shoulder told her there would be no more sly commentary from Kal-El.

Already over-stimulated from the first round, she was trembling at the threshold in moments, her entire body shivering. He was just as close, mouthing her neck and her shoulder, and Lois smiled wickedly as she decided just how to drive him over the edge. "Kal-El," she whispered breathily, leaning her head back against him as if telling a secret. "I think it's … about time you knew … the truth. The way I acted around Clark? Oh God, please… I had an idea of what I was doing. It wasn't … all … accidental…"

For one instant he froze as realization hit him. So she'd taunted him deliberately, his forbidden longing had been knowingly provoked… Almost growling with lust, he caught her hips again and took her roughly. Her cries almost constant now, Lois reached back over her shoulders and buried her hands in his hair, letting him have his way with her until he brought her to the peak of ecstasy – twice, quickly, before moaning her name harshly and falling back onto the bed.

Lois tumbled down with him, a tangle of limbs and heat and ultimate satisfaction. Kal-El pulled her close, burying his face in her hair and murmuring words of love and devotion. Lois snuggled back against him, a small smile on her lips.

It was too early for sleep, but they were tired enough to simply lie together, curled up blissfully in each other's arms. Eventually the warmth started to bother Lois – it had been growing steadily hotter all afternoon, and Kal-El's skin was always warm. She disentangled herself from him gently, getting out of bed to go to the window. She didn't bother with a robe; for once, she didn't need one.

The city outside pulsed with its own life, and Lois took a moment to listen to the constant background of noise that she'd learned to ignore. She twitched the curtain aside slightly and peered out, the late afternoon sun glazing the buildings with golden light. Everyone out there was so busy hurrying from one place to another, honking their car horns at each other, feverishly pursuing some goal. Lois herself was frequently one of them, but not right now. At this moment, she was wrapped in peace and serenity, luxuriating in the absolute trust and adoration between herself and Kal-El.

Lois turned slightly to look at him, and caught a glimpse of her own wrist. The red mark of the tie was fading fast; no bruises to torment his conscience this time. With a hoarse chuckle, her throat raw from her passionate cries, she murmured to Kal-El, "Still feeling guilty?"

He had turned to watch her, a lazy smile curving his mouth as he appreciated the view, and at her words it became a wicked grin. Or as close to wicked as he could presently get, in his pleasure-fogged state. Lois felt her heart swell with love, the same heady giddy feeling of awe and wonder and almost unbelievable joy that she'd felt on her balcony years ago, when a dream flew down to stand beside her. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, too," Kal-El answered, voice husky. "Come back to bed, Lois."

"I know we're running late," Lois called over her shoulder. "For the love of… Lana, just chill. We'll get there on time."

"Only if you drive like a Formula One race driver on drugs," came the reply, Lana's voice carrying from the front door. Lois dashed in to the bedroom, hunting for the heels that matched this dress…

Clark's tie was lying on the bed. It had clearly been placed there, not simply dropped, and besides, it was the red tie he'd worn at the wedding … the same one she'd tied around her wrists two weeks ago. Lois felt her entire body flush with heat at the sight, at the sudden flash of memory that tolled through her. In spite of her hurry, Lois took a moment to pick it up, to run the heavy silk through her fingers, to shiver in the grip of recall.

He had obviously meant for her to find it, and since the twins were at her mother's tonight, the meaning of the gesture was just as obvious. The hair on the nape of Lois' neck rose in anticipation, and for a moment she considered pleading illness to her weekly get-together with the girls and letting Kal-El find her bound to the bed again. But no, Lana was waiting on her, and she'd question such a sudden change. Besides, Lois didn't want to let Kal-El get used to finding her tied up. Where was the novelty in that?

"I'm not exactly going to enjoy your driving, Lois," Lana called, and Lois happened to see the shoes she was looking for. Snatching them up, she headed out of the room before realizing she was still holding the tie.

If she left it on the bed, he wouldn't know she had found it and was looking forward to this night. Suppressing a wicked grin, Lois carried the tie out to the front room and draped it over the coat rack where Kal-El would be sure to find it.

Lana gave her a quizzical look, but before Lois could try to make up an explanation – something having to do with Clark never being able to find that tie, most likely – the redhead just said, "I don't want to know, do I?"

Lois arched an eyebrow, trying to look innocent. "What makes you think it's something like that? You've been with Richard too long if everything seems so… Sometimes a tie is just a tie."

The redhead just shook her head, giving Lois an odd look. "C'mon, we're going to be late."

As they headed out, Lois glanced back to see the tie, where it would be the first thing Kal-El saw when he walked in. She closed the door with a smirk on her face.