"Jackass!" Sarah yelled as they made their way back into the apartment complex.

"Oh, so now I'm a jackass because I was able to stop a bomb from blowing up…again…and your mad at me?" Chuck shot back.

"YES!" Sarah exclaimed. "You are not supposed to be putting yourself into dangerous situations like that! I-"

"Will you two shut up! It's 2am, I'm tired and it's been a long day. I am sick of this bickering bull shit you two have been doing for the past few months. Either find a way to get over it before I make you get over it!" Casey grumbled.

Chuck just looked at Casey and nodded, he didn't even turn to look at Sarah when he said "goodnight" and walked into his apartment while Casey pulled Sarah into his.

"You two are really starting to piss me off! What is your deal Walker?"

"My deal? He is the one putting himself in harms way, by disobeying orders."

Casey: "Yah, and your adding fuel to his fire! Maybe you should have asked for a reassignment back at Christmas!"

Sarah is stunned that Casey would even say such a thing. "It's not like that and you know it!" she called out.

"Walker, we both know that you have become more than a little attached to the Intersect. I have held out on saying anything because I was hoping that you two could come to some sort of arrangement so it wouldn't effect the job, but all you have done is pushed your feelings back and covered them up like you always do and that is effecting the mission more than anything. You either figure it out fast or I will take matters into my own hands!"

Sarah leaves the apartment with a conflicted mind, she knows Casey is right but so is she. Chuck should not be putting himself in situations like that; he is too valuable to the government for what he can do and to valuable to her for who he is.

She debates on whether or not she should try to resolve this now or wait till morning. She looks at the ground then back up and loses her breath when she sees Chuck in his window staring out at her. He was only doing what he thought was right and he saved hundreds of lives by defusing that bomb.

They stare at each other for God knows how long, that was another thing about their weird relationship…they both spoke volumes to each other through their eyes. Sarah's eyes were sad and apologetic while Chuck's were angry and confused. He took in a large breath then exhaled breaking eye contact to shut his lamp light off then disappeared from his window. Sarah closed her eyes and let out a long breath as well then left for her apartment.

They hadn't spoken in days, not since the debriefing where Beckman and Graham took Chuck's side and congratulated him on another successful mission. The anger in Sarah's face and eyes was obvious but she said nothing. Her attitude was affecting her work ethic at both of her jobs. At one point Casey walked over to the Wienerlicous to talk to Sarah and had to hold her back from beating Scooter down with a deep fry basket. Scooter suspended her for a week without pay and made the suggestion of anger management classes.

Chucks attitude wasn't any better. Big Mike was ready to kick his ass when he asked Chuck where Grimes was. Chuck just shrugged his shoulders and told him "if he got out of his office every once in a while and stopped eating all the Danishes maybe he would know!" He was then exiled to permanent duty in the cage, out of sight out of mind. Even at home Chuck snapped at Ellie when she asked if everything was ok, then retreated to his room slamming the door.

That was the last straw, Casey could care less when he argued with Walker, that was something he could play ref to but Chuck was screwing things up with his family and that was unacceptable,

Casey picked up his phone and made some arrangements. When he was done he made one last phone call.

General Beckman: Major Casey.

Casey: General, we have a problem.

Beckman: Does this have to do with the Intersect?

Casey: Yes Ma'am.

Beckman: What is it then?

Casey: General, I am requesting that you put our team out of commission for a few days so that we can straighten a few things regarding our teams arrangements.

Beckman: Major, I do not like the sound of this. What the hell is going on out there?

Casey: It's the relationship between Agent Walker and the Intersect Ma'am. He is disobeying her orders and they are clashing on missions and with their cover. I agree with Agent Walker that the Intersect needs to be able to follow our orders but since they cant come to a…arrangement, I am stepping in and taking control of the situation.

Beckman: Fine Casey, fix whatever needs to be fixed and contact me when we can be back up and running. Use whatever means necessary to resolve this. We can't afford for the Intersect to be out of commission for very long.

Casey: Thank you General, I already have everything set up.

Beckman: Good.

Casey closes his cell phone and has a devious grin on his face while he walks over to talk to Ellie. After knocking on the door to the apartment, Ellie answers with a half smile and empty hello.

Ellie: Chuck's not here right now. He said he had some computers to fix at work.

Casey: I know I just wanted to see if everything was ok. I could here you two argue and his door slam from my apartment. Is everything ok?

Ellie: I'm sorry John and no, not really. It's just Chuck has been acting different lately and it's got me worried about him.

They take a seat on the couch and Ellie looks like she is on the verge of tears.

Ellie: I just don't know what to do anymore?

Casey: Yeah, he and Wal… Sarah have been going at it lately and now they aren't even speaking. Big Mike banished Chuck to the cage and I had to keep Sarah from attacking her boss.

Ellie: What is going on with them, it's like one minute they are fine the next it's total chaos?

Casey: I don't know but I am sick and tired of it, which is why I need your help. I have a plan that will make them face their problems without any…distractions.

Ellie looks over at Casey with a firm face: What ever you need, I just want my brother back.

Casey smirks: "Good, because they are about embark on a forced vacation. I'm thinking someplace remote and deserted to help them focus on the problem. Hopefully they can get this resolved without killing each other in the process."

Ellie's eyes get really big but after a few minutes of listening to Casey explain his plan she fully agrees to help. She knew this would make Chuck and Sarah upset but it was for their own good.

Let the games begin!

Sarah was pacing around the apartment like a caged animal, alternating between sporadic cursing and throwing small objects. When her phone started to ring she had half a mind to launch it out the window, but she composed herself enough to answer it.

Sarah: Walker.

Casey: Walker listen, I have a contact that has some information about a Fulcrum cell in the Los Angeles area, you and I are going to meet him at 7 so be ready.

Sarah: 7… got it. Finally, something to take her mind off of things.

At the Buy More, Chuck was sitting in the cage pretending to fix computers. He just couldn't seem to concentrate. He was much too lost in his thoughts to notice that Ellie walked in through the back door.

Ellie: Chuck, I hate seeing you like this, and I know you don't want to tell me what's going on but I am worried about you.

Chuck: That's the thing sis, everyone is soooo worried about me that I can't do one thing without getting yelled at. I am not a little kid! This is my life damnit and I will go out and do something whenever I feel like it!

Ellie: No one is stopping you Chuck, but this…all of that pent up anger and aggression is not good for you. Come on, you and I are meeting Devon at the airport, his nephew is coming in to visit then we are all going to dinner.

Chuck: Ellie I'm really not in the mood for…

Ellie: Chuck this will be good for you, we haven't spent any time together and you don't need to be here alone wallowing, so get your stuff and I will be waiting for you out in the car.

He could tell by her tone that she was being sincere and was not in the mood for another argument. He gathered his jacket and walked out the store, placing his arm over Ellie's shoulder giving her a slight grin as they got into the car.

Ellie drove past the LAX turnoff and proceeded over to a small private airfield located just beyond the much larger airport. Chuck looked at her questionably.

Ellie shrugged. "This is where Devon told us to meet him."

Chuck nodded and they exited the car. There weren't many people around, just a flight crew preparing a Jet for take off. Chuck just stood there with his hands in his pockets and shoulders slouched over. He heard footsteps coming up from behind him and a familiar voice.

"Sorry I'm late" Casey said walking quickly towards Chuck.

"Casey what are you doing here?"

Before Casey answered Chuck's question, he felt a small poke in the side of his neck. Ellie had injected him with a strong sedative that knocked him right out. He fell into Casey's arms and Ellie let out a little gasp.

"He will be fine Ellie, by the time he wakes up a figures out what is going on he will realize that we are doing what is best for him."

Ellie just shook her head in agreement allowing a few tears to fall as Casey loaded Chuck onto the plane. She watched as it taxied down the runway and took off, praying to God that this works.