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Warning!! High Sexual Content!! :)

Sarah woke with an uneasy feeling as she found herself lying in bed. Last thing she remembered was being locked into Chuck's embrace down in the living room after making love. Now she is in bed with no sign of Chuck.

"That had better not have been a dream!!" she says into the pillow a little upset.

"No…last night was defiantly not a dream."

Sarah's head turned to the direction of the voice and there on the stairs was Chuck holding a cup of coffee. She smiled and thanked the lord in her head while she watched him move over to the bed and sit the cup down on the table.

She smiled as he climbed into bed next to her, his look filled with such great intentions it made her shiver. He had made love to her, he let go of all his apprehension and allowing his body to express every urge he had harbored for the last year, silently dissolving the last of her defenses. Her body answered him, letting him in, releasing herself to him until there was nothing left of her that he didn't know, hadn't touched. He made her cum with his mouth, his hands and finally his body until she had no where left to hide and in their final release the sounds that filled the room were pure, primitive.

He looks over and smiles as he places a soft and gentle kiss on her lips.

"How did you sleep?" he asked.

She smiled and stretched lazily in the bed before wrapping her arms around his torso.

"Like a baby." She replied.

"Good, the storm passed and the power came back on. It's actually a very beautiful day…I was wondering if you wanted to go out and explore, you know while we can."

"You want to go exploring?" she asked hesitantly, Chuck was not the exploring type.

"Yeah, I figured it would get us out of the house and we can see some of the country and..."

"and what?" she pressed.

"And if we don't get out of this house I am going to be all over you and have crazy sex dreams till they kill me." He finished

Sarah laughed and whispers in his ear. "Why would they be dreams? I'm sure I would be more than willing to give you the real thing!" she teased.

Chuck thought he had died and gone to heaven as Sarah rolled on top of him straddling his legs.

"You know, it just occurred to me that every time we have had sex or made love you have been in control! I think it's time that I am." She said seductively.

"What did you have in mind?" Chuck asked a little afraid of the answer.

Sarah just smiled and slid her hand into his boxers and wrapped it around his cock. She smiles as she watches at his reaction. She watched him close his eyes as a groan slipped from his mouth.

"Don't close your eyes. I want you to watch me." She ordered.

He grunted and blew out a long breath and thought about how he liked her being in control, a bossy Sarah is a really, really hot and sexy Sarah. Only groans, moans and other unintelligible noises were going to be able to come from his mouth at this moment anyway, so he obeyed, though he had to struggle to keep his eyes open as she continued to work.

Sarah slowly and tortuously slid her hand up and down the length of him. She was getting turned on because she wanted to taste him, feel him fill her. So she leaned over him, bringing his cock fully out of his boxers, then brought her mouth to his cock. First, she rolled her tongue over the tip of it, circling there, teasing him. Then, seconds later she brought his full length into her mouth without hesitation. It was deliciously intoxicating; he tried not to cum right then.

Sarah had thought about doing this many times before, even after Chuck had that dream with the handcuffs. Now that she was finally doing it, she was struggling to find a reason not to do this every chance she got.

His eyes just watch in awe as she works her lusciously warm mouth up and down his cock. She stares back then extracts long joyous moans that vibrate against his cock sending a tingling sensation throughout his body. She loves to watch his reactions and his eyes roll into the back of his head as she pleasures him further.

She could feel him coming to the edge, the moans coming out of his mouth urging her on and on even more. She increased her pace, making him cum in her mouth almost immediately, she hears the faint whisper her name. His eyes were closed as he thrust into her mouth one last time to make his orgasm last as long as he could.

His body twitched again as Sarah gave one last long excruciating suck on the tip of his head, smacking her lips when she was finished. She watched his rapid breathing slow to a normal steady pace before she spoke.

"So…was it better than your dream?" she asked

Chuck tried to laugh but the need for oxygen was far greater, when he finally caught his breath back he responded.

"It was adequate." He laughed as he saw the angered look on Sarah's face. Before she could speak Chuck grabbed her and rolled on top of her.

"Get off me Chuck!" she hissed.

"No way baby, turn about it fair play." He responded as he lowered his head and brushed a feathery kiss over her lips, then gliding down the slope of her neck. He reached her heaving chest and placed soft kisses over her hardening nipples before viciously attacking them with his mouth.

Sarah squirmed and moaned at the sensation of his mouth sucking hard on her nipples. She felt one of his hands groped her breast while the other skimmed down her side and between her legs. Chuck caught her moan in his mouth as he kissed her deeply while his fingers parted her lips and rubber her clit. Sarah's hands found their way into his hair and clinched it tightly as he made slow and steady motions over her pussy. She screamed with pleasure as she felt his fingers slide inside her and start to move at a rather fast past.

"What the fuck are you doing to me?" she moaned.

Chuck bent his head and kissed her and nipped at her lower lip. "Feeling you." He replied, but all of a sudden he stopped his torture and pulled his fingers out of her.

She groaned in protest. She heard his voice like it was far away summoning her attention.

"Do you want me to stop Sarah?" His hand trembled with the effort of restraint; the sound of his blood rushing filled his ears. Every time he touched her, her whole body answered, it was so intensely sexual he could feel the charge directly to his loins each time his hands moved over her. In one stroke, her breathing became shallow, her pulse raced, her skin tightened, her body became warm, wet and supple. "Do you?"

He gripped her nipple between his fingers. She wanted to answer him but her body was imposing all her attention and her words would not form. He tightened the pressure on her nipple, bordering the edge between screaming pleasure and pain. Her body jerked again, her stomach tightening as a long moan escaped her and her pussy pulsed in need.

She inhaled deeply, pushing the words out on the next breath, "no, don't ever stop."

He smiles and kisses her deeply, sliding his hand over her breast as she is lifting toward him. He rolls her nipple between his fingers soothing it and enjoying the way she moans into his mouth, her hips are rocking gently. He kisses his way down her body, his tongue darting into her navel as he passes, moving down to her thighs. His hand caresses her leg and she spreads them, aching for him to touch her again. He moves between her legs, easing them further apart as he nibbles a path on the tender flesh inside her thigh, she is squirming beneath him, panting softly.

He inhales the scent of her, sliding his hands under her, he lifts her hips and slides his tongue between her lips, opening her as he pulls her toward him and places his mouth on her. Sarah moaned loudly, reaching out her hands and clutching his hair, her head shot back as her body vibrated with desire.

He moved rhythmically against her, nibbling and sucking, his tongue darting and flicking against her, swirling quickly in and around her, his hands firmly holding her against him. She was moaning a long low sound which fed his delirious movements; he could feel her thighs trembling against him. He moved one hand to the small of her back, releasing her with the other as his lips fasten around her swollen clit. He slipped his fingers back inside her burning depths, her smooth walls quiver around him as he stroked his fingertips against her most sensitive region without mercy.

She cried out his name, her breathing tattered as she struggled with the waves of pleasure consuming her. Her feet pressed against the bed, pushing her up and against him as her orgasm erupted from her, curling her toes as his name bellowed from her lips. He increased his speed and her hips slammed against him, his hand pushing against her, lifting her while he sucked firmly on her clit.

She was crying out, her hands pulling the sheets up in tight fists when the second wave hit her. He quickly began sucking the juices gently from her folds as her body clenched around his protruding fingers and her shoulders and legs curled inward desperately trying to hold her at the peak of the intense feelings overpowering her body.

Her heart was beating in her chest not letting up as she was still overwhelmed with pleasure. He slipped out of her, moving up next to her and she curled on her side, drawing her legs together and up against her belly she wrapped her arms around her knees, needing to hold onto herself as her muscles continued to twitch. He laid behind her with a monstrous grin, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly.

When he felt her breathing calm he moved his lips to her ear, "Sarah, I really love this place!"

A few hours later Chuck emerged from the house in a simple t-shirt and jeans followed by Sarah who is wearing shorts and a tank top. The walk around talking and playing in the standing puddles left by the storm. Sarah laughed when she jumped in one and soaked Chuck, he had a 'thanks a lot' look on his face and took off chasing her though the trees. He finally caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, spinning her around laughing as he held her.

He put her down and took her hand and they walked causally though the trees.

"How much longer do you think Casey will leave us here?" he asked.

"I don't know…the letter said a week or more so maybe 3 or more days. Why are you ready to go back?"

"Yes…and no. I want to get back to reality but I would be more than happy to stay here with you. I mean things are simple right now with just the two of us I don't want it to become to complicated when we go back." He replied sliding his hands up and down her arms.

"Chuck I told you, when we get home we are going to take things slow. Things won't be complicated just as long as we are not rubbing our relationship in the agencies faces. What they don't know won't hurt them!" she says with a smile.

She squeezes his hand and they continue their walk.

They walk for hours, just holding hands and chatting about nothing really, Sarah avoided the sandwich talk, Morgan can keep that subject.

"You know Sarah now that we are going to be a real couple, there are some questions I would like to ask." He tells her with a devious grin.

"Ok, what kind of questions?"

"You know…those questions." He replies giddily.

"What…sex questions? Chuck come on, I think we have had sex enough times for you to say it without blushing." She jokes.

"Hey I'm sorry I am not as…self confident as you and I'm surely not as experienced as you and I'm not…I'm not…what are you doing?"

"Kissing you neck." She replies and places her lips softly on his pressure point before sucking on it.

"You need to stop being so uptight Chuck, after all the things you have done to me I would think your confidence level should be pretty high." She whispered in his ear.

Chuck wraps his arms around Sarah as she nuzzles her head into his shoulder and runs her hand along his chest.

"I'm sorry, I'm just not as forward or blunt as you and most people are when it comes to sex." He informs her.

She laughs and takes his hand and begins to walk back in the direction of the house.

"Where are we going now?" he asked.

"Back to the house, so we can explore this topic further." She replied with a large smile and a laugh.

"Ok…Sarah you're freaking me out a little, but in a way I actually like!" he smiled.

The walk back seemed a lot longer than when they first walked around. They were getting a little unhinged, between the heat, touching each other and topic of conversation it was a miracle that they did jump each other right there.

"We are getting close…so another question. Favorite sexual position?" he asked.

Sarah smiled and looked at him with hungry eyes. "After we've tried them all, I'll let you know."

So, what's your favorite sexual position?" She brought her eyes to him slowly, the fierce blue shining bright in the sun, cutting straight into his soul.

"Any one that has me inside you." He replied with his wide grin. It was cheesy but it still made her mind run wild with the images of them in various positions pleasuring each other till their bodies could no longer function.

Her mind was reeling so much that she wasn't watching her step and tripped over something twisting her ankle as she feel to the ground. Chuck turned and a flood of worry and panic washed over him.

"Oh my god, Sarah are you ok?"

"Yes I'm fine, I just wasn't paying attention and tripped on something."

She turned her body to see what the object was that caused her fall. When she laid eyes on it her body froze and voice came out just barley above a whisper.

"Chuck! There is a rather large and poisonous snake right in front of me, whatever you do don't move!" she said freaking out as the chills rush through her body.

She watched as a 5 ft rattle snake curled up into defensive position shaking it's rattler to warn of the present danger. Sarah's first reaction was to break and run, but with her ankle she wouldn't get away fast enough before the snake attacked. She continued to watch the snake as it stared back, waiting for her to make a move so it could strike, Sarah watched in fear as Chuck walked around the side of her and slightly behind the snake.

"Chuck! What the hell are you doing?"

Chuck just looked at her very calmly, then to the snake. He watched the snake get confused about it's potential target, not knowing if it should attack Chuck or Sarah.

"I am going to get it to come after me while you get away." He said.

"I don't fucking think so!" she hissed

"Sarah, I'm not hurt and can out run a snake. If you move it will attack. I am not going to sit here and argue with you so get ready to move."

Sarah was not happy with this situation, the snake could just as easily strike Chuck and then they would be screwed with no medical facility around for miles. They glared at each other and when Sarah noticed that he was going to do it whether she liked it or not she just nodded her head to let him know she was ready.

Chuck walked a little closer to the snake causing it to shift it's attention to him. The fast movement startled them both and a small concerned breath escaped from Sarah.

"It's ok, on 3 I am going to run and it will follow. I want you to get up and head to the house; I will be right behind you."

She shook her head in acknowledgement and prepared to move. She watched the snake stalk Chuck with it's eyes waiting for his move. The next thing Sarah knew Chuck kicked dirt at the snake and took off running, he didn't even bother counting. The snake lunged but missed him, Sarah took the opportunity to get away hobbling on her leg and running to the house.

As she reached the back door she turned and was horrified that she no longer saw Chuck. The area around them was pretty open with high grass over by the trees. She began to worry that the snake had bit him and he is lying in the grass slowly dieing from the poison. Her breathing becomes fast and the fear of her thoughts causes her eyes to water. She gets ready to go back out there and find him; she knew she should have never let him do that in the first place.

Just as she gets ready to go back, the back door opens up behind her and Chuck swoops her up in his arms and carries her into the house.

"You asshole, I thought you got bit!" she screamed.

Chuck ignored her scolding and carried her to the living room and laid her down and started to remove her shoes.

"I told you I could out run a snake, I ran all the way around to the front of the house." He told her while looking at her ankle.

"Don't do anything like that again…please. I don't ever want to think-"

Chuck stopped her from talking by kissing her lips.

"Sarah…stop talking!"

She couldn't speak, she just stared into his eyes and all coherent thought had left her brain. She watched Chuck as he massaged her ankle and rotated it to make sure it wasn't too serious. Leave it to him to always be the care giver in any type of situation.

He continued to rub her ankle, using his fingers to apply the right amount of pressure and finesse. In a low whispering voice he asks her "Better?" She looks up from her foot and sees that he is looking directly at her, her breath hitches and all she can manage to do is shake her head yes. He smiled and put her foot down and touched her cheek, she brought her hand over his and kissed the inside of his palm. Between that and the intense stare off they were having, that was all he needed to build up enough confidence to do what he was about to do.

He leaned in and barely kissed her, their breath mingling as his tongue ran over her upper lip, she opened her mouth to him, moving her hand behind his neck and pulling him into her. He eased his head back and kissed up her jaw, taking her ear lobe into his mouth and sucking gently, running his tongue around the edge of her ear as a small gasp escaped her lips

A soft moan came from her; he could feel the vibration in her lips. She leaned back slightly, pulling his t-shirt from his jeans, he released her long enough to let the shirt leave his body. She placed her hands on his chest, running them down the front of him, on the way back up her fingers ran though his chest hair and traced the lines of his muscles and then she leaned forward, her mouth on him, kissing him, her tongue running across him, circling his nipple, licking over the top of it then biting into the solid flesh.

She was engrossed in him, moving over him nipping, kissing, sucking the flesh as she went, dragging her teeth across his nipples, moving up to his neck and biting into his shoulder. Her hands were lightly raking up and down his back and arms. He was groaning a low steady growl from his chest; she loved the sensation of the sound underneath her mouth, the taste and scent of him driving her from one spot to the next.

He had never had a woman attend to him like this, lets face it, he never really had a woman do much of anything to him, it was driving him crazy, the feel of her against him, hungry to taste her, and her moving so sensuously over him. He had to concentrate to maintain his control.

When she moved back to his neck he pulled her back into him, a small breath rushing from her as she felt his erection press against her. He moved to her lips, kissing her aggressively, moving his tongue in and out of her mouth, touching hers and withdrawing over and over until she felt dizzy. His hands moved up her sides, grazing the sides of her breasts, her skin was on fire.

He paused and stripped her tank top up from her body, she trembled as his hands returned to her body, sliding up her sides, his thumbs swept out and over her nipples through the thin material of her bra, she jolted slightly in his grasp and tilted her head back. His mouth traveled back to her ear, his thumbs moving steadily over her nipples in a relentless pattern, perking beneath his touch. His voice was hot in her ear, "you feel so amazing." He could feel the goose bumps rise on her skin at the sound and feel of his voice, "Sarah, lets go to bed, I want to feel you against me."

She released him reluctantly as he picked her up in his arms and walked her upstairs to bed. He set her down gently on her feet trying not to hurt her foot anymore than it already was, at the edge of the bed then walked behind her. She felt him lift her hair and kiss the back of her neck, letting his tongue follow the line of her back, undoing her bra as he went. He reached to her shoulders and slid the straps down her arms, letting it fall. His hands came around her sides and up, cupping both breasts, letting the weight of them rest in his hands as his fingers caressed her nipples.

He was kissing her back again and came up to her shoulder, peering over he watched as his hands moved over the creamy flesh outlined by the lines of her shirt from their day in the sun. He smiled as his fingers grasped the nipples firmly. She arched back against him, her head against his shoulder, her breasts out, her hips pushing back into his penis, moaning.

He dropped his hands to her waist and undid her shorts, pushing them down until they fell to the floor. Her arms came up and reached back, pulling his head around she turned her face so she could kiss him. His hands moved freely over the front of her, caressing her breasts, across her belly, over her hips and to the top of her thighs, indulging in the soft feel of her skin beneath him. The desire pooled between her legs, she could feel the moisture and heat against her thighs, and everywhere his hands moved her body moved to follow.

She began rocking her hips back against him, pushing up and down, stroking him with her body. His hand traced the edge of her underwear and slipped beneath the material, dipping into her silky wetness and pressing on her clit. She jerked back against him, crying out from the sudden intense shock of pleasure. He removed his hand and turned her around.

As he reached for her she grabbed his wrists and moved his hands behind his back, she brought her hands around to the front and undid his jeans, slowly popping the button and dragging the zipper down. She began kissing his chest again, slipping her hands into the waist of both his jeans and boxers, pulling both down to the floor. He stepped out of his clothes and stood naked in front of her.

She began at his shoulders, touching him with her delicious fingers, kissing him lightly, moving down his body with undivided intensity, burning a path down the center of him. He closed his eyes, tilting his head back, feeling the trail of fire in the wake of her mouth. In a flash he scooped her up and laid her on the bed.

She was looking at him, her eyes a bottomless blue, desire rumbling in their depths he kept his gaze locked on hers as he reached down and slid her underwear off. He laid down next to her, kissing her, his tongue teasing hers. She felt his hand across her abdomen, smoothing across her skin, down one thigh and up the other, circling but not touching.

He moved his hand between her legs, he could feel the heat pouring out of her. He took his mouth from hers, rubbing his cheek against her and moving to her ear, "you are so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful."

She wrapped her legs around him, opening her eyes to look at him while she reached down and moved the head of his penis against her eagerly anticipating body, rubbing it up and down in the wet entrance. He was looking at her with a mix of lust and love, she drove him absolutely insane with desire that he couldn't take it anymore. He leaned forward and slowly and agonizingly penetrated into her molting depths.

He felt her walls suck in tight around him; he eased forward slowly, watching as she drew in sharp breath. He felt her lift up beneath him, rolling her hips and drawing her legs up as he sank deeper into her. He watched her arch her head into the pillow, her hands clenched onto his back. He began kissing her neck and slowly moving all the way out and back into her. She opened her eyes and looked at him, locked her gaze on his, their bodies in a rhythm, sliding together, rocking together. She brought his face to hers, their lips barely touching, she moaned as the feeling overwhelmed her. "Chuck you feel so, so…"

"Oh baby, I love you. I love the way I feel inside you." He was whispering against her lips and leaning in to kiss her as he began moving faster, her thighs tightening against his sides as she followed. They moved together, following the urge to go faster, he could feel her tightening around him and he knew she was close.

He pushed rapidly against her, she came up off the bed, calling his name, her thighs crushing against him, her legs and hips lifting them as her body locked on to him. His hips pushed forward, his warm release emptying inside her with each throb against her as she clamped around him, the feeling exploding between them, through them, over them. . Her body was twitching and trembling as she slid her legs back against the bed. Her hands were on his ass holding him inside of her.

She felt him reach up and move the damp strands from the side of her face, she was overwhelmed, her body ached, her muscles were still twitching with small shocks while she was afraid to open her eyes, to let this feeling slip away. He hugged her, their bodies still hot and slick and she held on tightly. He waited, just holding her until he felt her start to relax beneath him. He braced himself up higher on his elbows and placed a delicate kiss on her lips.

"Sarah open your eyes." It was a simple request. Her lids fluttered and she looked at him, her eyes shining, the cool blue washing over him. He smiled a grin of satisfaction and exhaustion and she smiled back. He eased out of her, hearing her groan in protest as he went, moving next to her on the bed.

She looked at him and placed a quick kiss on his lips before letting out a giggle.

"What's so funny?" he asked still caught up in his state of satisfaction.

"Nothing, I was just thinking that we had enough fun outside today and think we should just stay in the house. (Chuck laughed) I was also thinking that, that was one sexual position down and about a hundred more to go before we find my favorite!" she said with a devious grin.

"Well you did say we had about 3 or more days left so I will make it my personal goal to find that favorite position of yours before we leave!" he said in a rather cocky tone.

"Really!" she replied sarcastically. "Well in that case why don't we try a little doggy style next?"

Chuck laughed and rolled back on top of her. "Ok by me!" he said as he started making barking and growling noises into her neck causing her to laugh.

Oh yes the next few days were going to be interesting indeed!! 