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10 Ways to Annoy Harry Potter

1. Force him to read Harry/Draco slash fanfics.

2. Find a video tape of Ginny and Dean snogging. Force him to watch it over and over again.

3. Kidnap Ginny and say she left him for Draco.

4. Pretend you're Voldermort, and run up to him claiming your not dead.

5. Surround him with dementors and take away his wand.

6. Run around taking pictures of him and asking for autographs 24/7.

7. Make him read Ginny/ Draco fanfiction and say Ginny wrote it.

8. Steal his Firebolt and tell him your only give it back if he reads Harry/ Ron slash.

9. Blame him for everybody's death.

10. Write a book called Harry Potter:Boy who lived or Cleverly Disguised Inferius?(Sugessted by Qoheleth)