Ten Ways to Annoy the Harry Potter Characters


1. Constantly give him speeches on how evil Grindelweld was.

2. Get him off the Chocalate frog cards.

3. Make every school essay about the similarities between him and Voldemort.

4. Kidnap Fawkes and hold him for ransom.

5. Start a massive food fight in the Great Hall on a weekly basis.

6. Force him to spend a weekend with Rita Skiter.

7. Send a group of Dumbledore/McGonagall shippers to his office.

8. Tell the school governers that Dumbledore randomly pops up naked around the school.

9. Tell everyone about his stuffed duck Mr. Flappy.

10. Start a inter-house war, that he'll have to fix.


Hey guys, I've been looking for this fanfic I read along time ago, but can't find it. It's a Tonks/Lupin fanfic, that takes place in book 7. First Lupin leaves then comes back and later Lupin goes to Tonks office but one of her co-workers hits on him and kisses him, and Tonks sees him. Any idea what fanfic I'm talking about?