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Note: There is some ganster talk in this chapter, so I'm sorry if you have trouble reading it. I put it as bleak as I could. :)

Hour 2

With a fierce slam of the door, Sara had finally made it home.

She was hungry and tired.

Not to mention her hair felt like she just went swimming in baking grease.

"So which is it, Sidle? Starve and take a bath, or sleep and go to work looking like an unwashed sheep dog."

She stood contemplating before snatching her keys from the counter and flying back out the door.

"I need some ice cream."

He entered the store in a huff.

The cashier looked at Grissom from head to toe before reaching under the counter for something.

Grissom was sporting a pair of baggy black pants, a dark hoodie.

The man at the counter had no choice but to mistake him for a gang member.

Oh well. If anything went down, he had his gun.

Pens Gil. Pens.

He quickly forgot about the accusing cashier.

He was here for a pen.

A really fancy one.

With a pretty color. Gold. Or maybe silver.


Red's romantic.

He continued to reminise over which pen to get before snatching one of each.

Grissom was in need of some calming down. The only two things that helped with that was Sara and chocolate.

He'd have to go with the latter.

When he got to the counter, the man smiled in realization.

Dis dude ain't no gangsta. He's gay.

"'Erya go sir." He gave Grissom the bag.

Grissom smiled and walked to the door.

"Doncha get too frisky wit dos chocolates." He laughed and then muttered, "You probly just came outta da closet eh."

Grissom growled under his breath. He knew news spread fast in this city. And People he knew, knew people who knew people who were gossiping children. The last thing he needed was lab thinking he was gay.

"I'm not gay. These are for.." He struggled to come up for an excuse for the chocolates. "My girlfriend."

Good save, Gil.

The younger hispanic chuckled, "Ohh. Da ol' I-cheated chocolate trick."

Grissom was old, and he knew plenty of science tricks, but apparently not old enough to know what this particular trick was. "Excuse me?"

"Oh, ya know. When ya cheat on ya GF ya get ha some candy or suntin purty like dat."

He furried his eyebrows, "I didn't cheat on her. I mean, were not even- I haven't even asked her ou- We aren't-"

The man clapped and laughed harder, "Oh! You means ta tell me you didn't even ask da chick out yet? You'd betta get crackin' cause you aint got much time left dude."

"First you think I'm gay, now you're telling me I'm old." Grissom was getting annoyed, "How do you know I didn't get gray hair prematurely? Maybe I've been waiting for the right woman."

"Dayum, you age like-a grape den. Well den, les hope she don't want no kids cause-"

Grissom started to leave.

"No, wait man. You fogotcha bag." He lifted Grissom's bag, "Whatcha got in dare? Pens? Dats sho gonna win over da ladies."


"Yo, grandpa," Grissom was getting annoyed.


"Getter suntin dat she can keep foeva. Not somtin dat screams I-Want-ya. Dat neva works."

Got my ice cream.

Got my movie.


Sara was ready for some good old movie time.

She had slipped "Journey to the Center of the Earth" into the DVD player, it being one of her favorite childhood movies, and sat on the couch with the whole carton of ice cream.

She needed to unwind.

Her thoughts on what Grissom was doing this very second haunted her mind. That is, IF he was doing anything at all.

God he's sexy when he's being a jerk.

Her mind relaxed as the first sea monster came out of the water. Sara imagined she was the girl who had her night in shining armor to save her from the wicked beast.

She was in her comfort zone.

This zone was good.

For now.

A/N: Wow. I'm so sorry it took so long to write this. Right now, I just really can't stand Sara and Grissom anymore. Not that I want either of them with anyone else. But when you go weeks without watching a single episode, and you start watching something else and you find a better pair, you realize, wow, Grissom is such a jerk. If anyone ever treated me that way, past or present, I'd be drop kickin him in the balls and walkin out the door.

Well, I feel better. And when October 9th roles around, maybe I'll feel differently. :)

More to come. :) Soon.