L is for licorice

Hey! Edge here! I know, I should work on my Twilight fics…but this just popped into my head and my muse threw it our at me. Apparently my muse didn't want it either. Lol.

Disclaimer- I don't own Death Note, or the characters. But I really want a Shinigami like Ryuk…or hell, I want Ryuk as my own Shinigami! Wah!!

Anyway, there's hints of yaoi…well, R&R.

L is for licorice. After Light gave him the first piece, he just couldn't stop eating it.

L is for laughter. Even though only Light could hear it, Ryuk's laughter whenever L and Light fought rang throughout the building.

L is for love. L hadn't known love. Not like this. But thanks to Light, he did.

L is for life. The thing that Rem ended when he killed Ryuzaki.

L is for leverage. Of course, L took advantage of Ratio's love for him. He used it as leverage to try and get him to confess.

L is for lick. Light decided that L was no longer aloud to have popsicles.

L is for liar. Even as they made love, L knew Light Yagami was a liar. And he hated it.

L is for likeness. Ratio found Ryuzaki's likeness of a statue incredibly annoying, and yet at the same time, cute.

L is for loud. Compared to L, Light decided Misa was way to loud for him. He found he preferred the smart, quiet, (male) detective types.

L is for losing it. Light decided he was losing it twelve years after the Shinigami killed L.

L is for Light. Ryuzaki found it interesting that Light's name was something so opposite of his nature.

L is for Lawliet. The name that Light never knew. The name that Light had always needed.

A/N hey, okay, that was short and stupid, I know! Oh, and I'm not sure if that is his real name…my friend told me it was and I didn't think to look it up….sorry if its not.

And I promise, unless it's a quick author's note, I will never make anything this short, ever again. To say I am not pleased is an understantement….