Title: Prelude

Author: Imanewme
Word count: 295

Genre: Drama

Rating: R for adult concepts.
Warnings: Characters might be OOC.

AU/Canon: Cannon
Theme: Beginnings

Disclaimer: I do not own Saiunkoku Monogatari. It belongs to its creator, Sai Yukino. I make no profit nor seek to make profit.

Shuuri set down three cups on the table and began boiling the water for tea. Ryuuki was clearly nervous, but if Serian had any misgivings, he didn't show it.

They had been secretive about their affair for fears that she wouldn't approve, but after she caught them in the most passionate of moments, they could no longer deny their feelings to her.

Ryuuki fidgeted and stared into his teacup. Serian stared out the window. Neither brother knew why Shuuri had invited them here. Finally, Shuuri began preparing the tea.

Her practiced motions showed no anger. She was as calm and calculated as usual. Her eyes only betrayed a hint of resolution.

"Shuuri I," Ryuuki began.

"Don't." Shuuri cut him off. Ryuuki winced at her words. Seiran turned to face her, training his eyes on beautiful ebony hair. He could not look her in the eye.

Shuuri finished serving the tea and brought out the sweet buns, something both brothers could never resist. The delicious scent was soothing, but not soothing enough to cut through the tension.

Shuuri calmly pulled up a chair and sat down. Taking a slow sip from her teacup she took a deep breath. Slowly she looked up at each of the brothers.

"I'm sorry for walking in on you," Shuuri's voice was slow and measured; her words clearly planned. Reaching out, she covered Ryuuki's hand with her own. "Ryuuki." Shuuri then turned and put her other hand on Serian's shoulder. "Serian."

"My Lady," They responded in unison.

"I love you both," she said simply. "The other night was," Shuuri paused once more and took a deep breath. "Enlightening." Shuuri looked down for a moment, then looked up resolutely. "which is why I would like to ask if I can join you."