"Derek why do I have to be so damn big?" Casey huffed as she slowly got out of bed.

"Hm... Well maybe because you are having triplets?" Derek said as he too got out of bed.

"1 more week until the babies are born thank God!" Casey said.

"Yeah I know. I can't wait. You think we can handle three babies AND Andrea?" Derek asked as he pulled on a shirt.

"Well we will have to. We have no choice." Casey said as she put her maternity clothes on and brushed the tangles out of her hair.

"Well I don't have work for a few months. Thank God for that too." Derek said and smiled.

"Yeah but you will still have to get up early and take care of the babies." Casey said.

"I know that. I meant it was good for you so you could look at this sexy bod all day long!" Derek said raising up his shirt and rubbing his stomach.

"Suuuure..." Casey said as she walked out the door. She waddled to Andrea's room and she was still asleep. Then Casey waddled down the steps and began to make breakfast. Derek came down soon after her and helped her cook.

It was about 10:30 and Andrea wasn't up yet amazingly. Casey and Derek sat at the table eating and talking.

"You know what? We don't even have any names for the babies yet!" Casey screamed randomly.

"Ok... random but let's think of some." Derek said.

"Ok well...let's start with the girl. What's your pick?" Casey asked.

"I like Megan for a girl." Derek said.

"Well I was thinking that we would have a name starting with A." Casey said.

"Ok well what was the name you were thinking of?" Derek asked.

"Alexa." Casey said.

"No way!" Derek screamed.

"Ugh fine. What do you want to name her." Casey asked rolling her eyes.

"I really like Ariel." Derek said.

"I never thought of that. I love it! Ariel it is. Now the first boy." Casey said.

"How about Matthew and Michael." Derek asked.

"No." Casey said not smiling at all.

"Well then what do you have in mind?" Derek asked.

"Alright well, I have to go through pure misery and hell also known as labor these will be the names." Casey said giving Derek a look.

"What if I don't like them?" Derek asked returning her look.

"Then you can go suck it up. I have to go through freaking misery to get these boys into the world. I have known ever since I was a kid that I was going to name my kids with these names if I had two boys. You can deal." Casey said getting angry.

"Okay, okay what are their names?" Derek asked holding up his hands.

"Nathan and Nicholas." Casey answered.

"Fine by me." Derek said.

"Good." Casey said as she took a bite of her eggs.

"Man I want to see these babies. I can't wait to have our first boys and another baby girl." Derek said excitedly.

"You might not have to wait as long as you thought." Casey said as she looked down and thought she peed herseld but then realised.

"What?" Derek asked.

"My DAMN WATER BROKE!" Casey screamed in pain.

"Uh Oh my gosh. What do I do? What do I do?" Derek panicked standing up.

"GO GET ANDREA AND FOLLOW ME OUT THE DOOR, AND HURRY!" Casey screamed as she grabbed her suitcase and waddled out the door fastly. Casey sat in pain for a few seconds until Derek came running out of the house, buckled Andrea into he car seat, and got in and sped away.


"Casey, Andrea!" Derek said noticing Andrea's look on her face.

"Ooohhh mommy said a bad word! Two bad words!" Andrea said.

"Yes mommy did and she's sorry. She's in a lot of pain right now!" Derek said and he pulled into the parking lot. Derek picked Andrea up and Casey got out of the car. They all went as fast as they could into the emergency room and told the nurse the situation and before Casey knew it she was in a hospital bed in LOADS of pain. All of her close family was outside in the waiting room and so was Andrea.

"WHY DID WE HAVE TO DO IT!" Casey screamed.

"Because I enjoy it." Derek said.

"WELL YOU WOULDN'T ENJOY IT IF YOU WERE IN THIS HOSPITAL BED!" Casey screamed. The doctor came in and toldd Casey she was 8 centimeters. Within an half and hour Casey was pushing.

"Casey here comes baby number 1!" The doctor said.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Casey screamed and then heard crying.

"Here's your baby girl." The doctor said holding up the baby.

"Baby number 2 on the way!" The doctor said.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" Casey screamed and heard another cry. The doctor held it up and she cried.

"One more time. Just one more!" The doctor yelled and Casey pushed and relief fell upon her when she heard the cry. She held her babies for a minute then drifted off to sleep.

Casey woke up and saw Derek holding 2 babies and her mother holding 1.

"Bring me my babies!" Casey screamed and Nora and Derek did as she said. She managed to hold three babies.

"Casey what are their names?" Nora asked.

"Nathan Danielle, Nicholas Andrew, and Ariel Renee Venturi!" Casey said pointing to each one when she named them. She looked at her new babies and then at Andrea when she walked in. She saw a mixture of her and Derek. Perfect children Casey though. She looked at Derek and he had the glow of a new father. She could see him teaching Nick and Nathan hockey and beating up some guy because they touched Andrea or Ariel. She rolled her eyes and laughed at the thought and got lost in her amazing life.

There it is. The End! Another part will be coming soon. Just so you Andrea's middle name is Dawn. I never mentioned that in the other story. Well I hope you liked it. Look for a part 4 on my profile soon! Until then thanks for reading! DaSeY.x.GuRl