So, all in all, my last year at Hogwarts was extremely eventful. The summer that followed was the epitome of laziness as my friends and I hung around the Burrow for the most part, except when work and duty called.

You probably can guess everything that went on afterwards. Hermione did become something akin to a Human Rights lawyer for magical creatures, and Ginny made the team, and currently holds the record for Most Goals Ever Scored by a Single Player.

Neville ran into Hannah Abbott, and they started dating. Luna is currently off in Sweden with Rolfe Scamander on a search for the ever elusive Crumple-Horned Snorkack. And the rest of the Weasleys have settled into their old routines.

As for Oliver and I, we've been living together for close to six months now. Mr. Wilde (a descendant of Oscar's, by the way) retired, and I now own the bookstore. I also received a letter from my parents' lawyer, telling me that the company would be mine in the event of my parents' death as long as I renounce magic and move back home. Apparently they can't conceive another heir. I told them to shove off.

Oliver is in talks with Puddlemere United on possibly being taken on as their usual Keeper, instead of their reserve one. Apparently the old one quit, too. But he's quite happy with his job at Hogwarts. We have tea with Hagrid the first Sunday of every month.

I'm waiting for him to propose now. I think he's going to do it soon, because his mother has been dropping hints when we go over for dinner. I absolutely adore both of his parents. They've welcomed me as the Weasleys did. Knowing them has made me surer than ever that I want to marry Oliver.

I think I'll just end up asking him. In fact, he's due home soon.




A/N: I just want to apologize for taking so long with this fic. I was about ready to give it up, actually, but I felt guilty. I assure you I wasn't being lazy. There has been a lot going on, and just recently I've gotten my life together.

I hope you enjoyed it, though. I know these last few chapters especially were my favorite to write.

Anyway, I wish the best for all of you!

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