Come Full Circle
by: knuckz

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Summary: Ninjas use taijutsu to beat their opponents down, genjutsu to disillusion them, ninjutsu to destroy them or heal them, and weaponry for quick kills. Some specialize in specific areas, and exceed in that talent, while others keep a general base in all aspects. As such, there are general ninja's and nin-, tai-, and genjutsu masters respectively. This was before Uzumaki Naruto became a ninja. For the first time, there will be a fuuinjutsu specialist.

"blah" – talking

'blah' – thinking

Chapter 00 – The Basis – Commencing

Safely tucked away in the comfort of their beds, the majority of Konoha's population had no knowledge of the events taking place so late at night. For those still awake, all that could be seen was the mysterious fog that was looming about, obstructing the sights of all. A silence had descended upon the sleepy village, allowing the sounds of the patter of running feet, clanging noises of metal upon metal, and the whistling of whirling shuriken to be more pronounced.

It was then that a body fell from the sky, hitting the ground with a satisfying thud. The man's body refused to move despite his mind desperately willing it to do so, and he lay helplessly as Death claimed its next victim.

"Rat, collect the body while we pursue. Everyone else, stay with me!" bit out the purple-haired female ANBU, apparently the captain of the squad. The ANBU codenamed Rat broke formation and jumped to the street, only to receive a kunai to the throat.


The female ANBU jumped at the man with full speed and slashed vertically with her sword, intending to slice the man's body in half. She tensed halfway through her attack however, expecting a counter because the man was calmly awaiting her attack. However, no such thing happened, because her sword went straight through the man, whose body dissipated as she went through it.

Bunshin no jutsu. E-grade ninjutsu. Creates an after-image with no physical attributes. Also the ninjutsu needed to pass the dismal genin examination at the Shinobi Academy. With sufficient practice and chakra, even a civilian might be able to do it.

'What the fuck?'

A bunshin barely existed. A bunshin couldn't even fool most genin. A bunshin couldn't fucking shove a kunai into your comrade's throat!

'As impossible as it is, it seems that he switched with a bunshin, using the Kawarimi no Jutsu. But, it shouldn't be possible to use the Kawarimi with a non-solid object. Rat…'

The ANBU captain crouched near her comrade, codenamed Rat. He was already dead. After whispering a silent prayer, she stood tall once more.

They would have to approach the man with utmost caution. Hokage-sama had informed her that the man was only of genin class; but that his abilities were easily of the jounin level he did not inform her. Jounin or not, she would still have to kill him, and retrieve the Forbidden Scroll he had stolen.

Another ANBU team was up ahead at the village entrance, in hopes of catching the man off guard. She, and what remained of her team, would have to be quick in order to execute the pincer tactic to trap the man.

"Let's go."

The man being chased, whose name was currently Gensei, abruptly turned the corner. Counting two seconds, he threw a shuriken behind him at approximately 10 degrees above his line of sight. The lead chuunin giving chase unfortunately turned the corner right into the shuriken, which intently lodged into his brain, cutting off all functions of life. The nameless chuunin fell to the ground, dead. Gensei smirked.

'Poor bastard…'

The other chuunin followed, all with the purpose of avenging their friend. All four of these chuunin would die.

Gensei was on a veering path to out of the village. He had to first go to his established safe-house, where he would meet his accomplice. From there, the two would be able to find a safe exit out of the village.

'Well, Naruto-kun, I guess I'll be able to give you one last lesson.' Gensei thought wryly. He picked up his speed and ran in the darkness of the night, to where one Uzumaki Naruto resided.

Naruto looked at Gensei, taking in his bloody clothes and cuts that he received from kunai and shuriken thrown at him. With him, the gray-haired man carried a large scroll. So large, in fact, that it was bigger than Naruto.

Gensei, a Konoha shinobi, had volunteered to take care of Naruto a little while ago. Naruto did not fully understand why this man didn't seem to hate him, but still recognized that the man had no intentions of harming him, or so it seemed. The current Hokage was one of the few people in the village that didn't bear a grudge against the young blond, so this man most likely just wanted to get the Hokage's favor. Naruto didn't care about his reasons, and simply thanked the Gensei's actions, not his motives. He had proved trustworthy for now, and Naruto was thankful for that.

When the Hokage introduced Gensei to him three months prior, Naruto had been immediately suspicious. It wasn't exactly hard to kill a seven year-old and make it look like an accident, especially for a shinobi. Naruto kept his guard up at all times around the man at first.

However, Gensei made no such attempts. He acted quite kindly toward Naruto, treating him with a certain amount of respect that the blond had come to enjoy. He even took to teaching him things that he would learn at the Shinobi Academy and beyond: basics such as chakra molding, and hand seals; more advanced things such as anatomy, and torture methods. Slowly but surely, this caused Naruto to drop his guard, no longer doubting the man's intentions, only his motives. He eagerly listened to the lessons, learning techniques such as bunshin no jutsu, kawarimi no jutsu, and henge no jutsu all before the age of seven. He could probably graduate the academy at that point, but Gensei said there was no point in entering him.

Recently, Gensei had decided to start teaching Naruto a rather uncommon shinobi art called Fuuinjutsu. Fuuinjutsu was used mostly to seal items into scrolls to ease travel these days, but Gensei, who seemed quite knowledgeable on the subject, had explained to him that fuuinjutsu was much more than that. Through the use of different symbols drawn in different mediums, fuuinjutsu could control, channel and manipulate chakra. With infinite possibilities of different seal arrangements, a well-prepared fuuinjutsu specialist could very well be the most dangerous ninja to come across in battle.

Most ninja decided against using fuuinjutsu in battle because of the immense preparation and precision needed to execute the complex art. Even for masters of the art, it could take too long in determining how to accomplish a specific task. Even with the advanced preparations complete, the actual inscription of the seals took time as well. Either a lull in the battle or advance preparation was needed to effectively use them. Once the initial plan has finished, the specialist would be open to enemy attacks until they could make more seals. Though it was said all too much, in a battle between shinobi, one second could mean the difference between life and death. It was much quicker to kill an enemy with a kunai or with a ninjutsu than it was write out an intricate seal and use it to kill an enemy, and most ninja took the easy way out.

However, the idea of controlling chakra fascinated Naruto immensely. His creative and keen seven-year-old mind went over all sorts of possibilities involving fuuinjutsu that he thought no other shinobi had ever thought of. It was for this reason that, Naruto had convinced Gensei to teach him whatever he could about fuuinjutsu. Normally, the old man would just teach whatever he decided was appropriate, and Naruto had listened, enraptured.

"Well, kid, this'll probably be the last time you'll see me." Gensei said, chuckling lightly. Naruto was not surprised.

"What do you mean, Gensei-san?" Naruto said, sounding surprised. Gensei observed him, as if sizing him up.

"You're a good student, Naruto-kun. But, unfortunately, if I stay too long in Konoha, I'll get killed." said Gensei.

'Ahh,' thought Naruto, 'I see.'

"Killed? Why would you be killed? Konoha doesn't kill its own shinobi!"

Gensei eyed Naruto for a moment, still feeling slightly awed at the insight that the blond showed. The boy was young and still prone to mistakes like any child his age, but he was the type to not make the same mistake twice. The blond's curiousity spoke of a trained mind, and even now it showed.

Naruto had obviously figured out that Gensei was not from around Konoha.

It was remarkably easy for him to sneak into Konoha and pose as a genin. As a jounin level ninja, sneaking into the village as a civilian was an easy feat. Once there, he only had to steal the identity of a look alike. He had found an older generation genin, and secretly watched him, learning of his habits and friends and the like. When the time was right, he struck, killing the unknowing fool, and becoming Gensei. He spent a lot of time around the Hokage, trying to get into his good graces to gather information. By befriending Naruto, he had gained the Hokage's trust and discovered the location of the scroll. He almost felt bad for betraying the old man, but it had to be done for his village, and for his revenge.

Gensei came from a small shinobi village, one of many that had almost been destroyed by Konoha during the Second Great Ninja War. By the end of the war, only a shadow of the former village remained. Faced with poverty and sickness, the village's very existence seemed threatened. To save the village, he sought the most valuable ninja artifact in the village, the forbidden scroll. With the scroll, he could learn the techniques and become a better ninja to protect his village and earn money, but unlike some of the other artifacts in the village, when he finished learning the techniques he could sell the scroll to another village for quite a lot of money.

"Spill it, kid. How did you know I wasn't a Konoha nin?" he questioned.

Naruto regarded him seriously for the first time.

"Konoha doesn't try to kill it's ninja for no reason."

Gensei chuckled once again.

'Friggin' kid is good. I can't wait to see what he'll grow to be.'

"Well, I have about an hour or two at most, so I think I'll let you go over this scroll once. Let's see… Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Want to learn, boy?" Gensei said.

Naruto had no qualms about learning from an enemy.

'Kage Bunshin, an advanced version of the Bunshin no Jutsu, where the user creates actual bodies instead of after-images. It's only a high level technique because it can waste so much of the user's chakra. It should be perfect for him, especially with his shit-load of chakra.'

Naruto looked over what would be one of his favorite techniques.

Fifteen minutes later, four other Naruto's stood with him, each indistinguishable from the original. Gensei looked on impassively.

"I wanted to learn some fuuinjutsu." all five Naruto's spoke in unison.

Gensei just stared.

The ANBU captain saw a chuunin on the ground. Dead. At least, in death, the chuunin told her an important story. Gensei had come this way. The ANBU team at the border reported that the nin had not come that way. That meant he took a detour. She signaled to her two remaining ANBU underlings.

'I will kill you.' was her thought.

And the three-man ANBU team followed the trail of blood of their comrades, left behind by the vicious enemy nin.

"All I had for the next few weeks are in these scrolls. I prepared them beforehand to give to you, but I never got the chance." Gensei said. Naruto did not repeat what he said. Why did humans need to repeat what others say to ascertain truth?

"I see. Thanks."

He meant it.

"Naruto-kun, why don't you come with me? There is still a lot I can teach you. It's not like anyone in this shit-hole village wants you here."

Naruto eyed the man for a moment, considering his request. The whiskered blond knew that the possibility of him having a better life as Gensei's student existed. However, there was more reason for him to stay.

He could either be with one person who seemed to care about him, or he could be with a village that didn't care about him. But, he at least knew where he stood with the village. Gensei was a wild card. Naruto didn't want to answer.

'If I say yes, I'll get in trouble if we get caught. If I say no, he might very well kill me. He taught me everything I know; he gave me life as a ninja. He can just as easily take it away.' Naruto never wished for an interruption more than at that moment.

A purple-haired female ANBU burst through the window, followed by two others.

There was only a single moment of hesitation and tension in Naruto's apartment before everything spurned into motion.

An ANBU with a lizard mask blurred into action. He grabbed the Forbidden Scroll and threw it to the other subordinate ANBU, who jumped backward, narrowly avoiding a shuriken from Gensei. He took off into the night.

The ANBU captain attacked Gensei once more with her sword, faster than Naruto could see, but Gensei dodged it with ease. But the other ANBU came from the side and attacked, only to trip through the bunshin that the older ninja had used for his Kawarimi no Jutsu. Gensei, moving too fast for Naruto to see properly, aimed to shove a kunai into the man's head, but the female ANBU captain blocked it with the flat of her blade, knocking it out of his hand. The kunai cluttered on the floor near Naruto.

Gensei stopped the other ANBU's right hook with the bottom of his sandal and jumped, sticking his left hand against the ceiling of Naruto's bedroom. Moving his foot from the ANBU's fist, he kicked the blade of the sword into the female ANBU's neck, but she tilted body slightly, avoiding getting killed. Gensei grinned. It was exactly as he anticipated.

Using chakra to make the blade of the small sword stick to his sandal, he swung his leg back and to the side, driving the bottom of the sword through the mask of the other ANBU, hitting his forehead and knocking him out cold.

Gensei, releasing himself from the ceiling, walked slowly over to the struggling female ANBU. Her arms not moving, she pushed herself back against the wall with her legs, trying to put as much distance as possible between them. But it was useless.

"That sword was saturated with my chakra. It has special properties that causes temporary paralysis in those affected." Gensei explained, as he picked up the fallen wakizashi. The ANBU horrifyingly realized that she could not move her legs anymore.

His hand stretched out, and she shut her eyes, awaiting death. But it didn't come.

"Oho! Quite the looker, aren't you?" Gensei looked at her, a strange glint in his eyes, "It's too bad I lost the scroll. I'll have to take it out on you."

Uzuki Yuugao, now unmasked, glared at him. But she could do nothing as he grabbed the wakizashi once more, Gensei's paralysis preventing her from moving.

"Naruto-kun, watch closely." Gensei said cheerfully, gripping the small sword in his right hand, holding the flat against Yuugao's pretty face, "Torture and interrogation is important for a shinobi to learn."

There was no answer.


Gensei suddenly felt a stab of pain in his back. The sword slipped from his hand, and fell to the floor. He turned around, facing Naruto, who was facing him, shaking. Yuugao saw that he had a kunai in his back, crudely inserted into his back.

"Naruto…" he gasped out, "You little bastard!"

Gensei's hands reached out to strangle him, his usual quickness lost to anger, but his hands went through. Kawarimi with Bunshin no Jutsu.

'My technique! Little bastard…!'

However, Gensei was not completely without his skills. Naruto, who had appeared to his right, was unprepared when Gensei's hands shot out quicker this time and choked when they wrapped around his throat. He still too much for Naruto to handle, even with a kunai in his back.

"After everything I taught you, you little shit… but no matter…" Gensei couldn't focus his mind enough to finish his sentence. Naruto's vision was getting blurrier by the second, and his lungs hurt. He was dying… he was dying!

Instinct kicked in when he kicked and clawed at Gensei, who abruptly dropped him. The effect of the kunai in his back was kicking in.

Gensei stretched his arm around his back, and ripped out the kunai, ignoring the blaring pain that came with the action. He was going to kill this little bastard.

Gensei stumbled forward with his kunai, aiming to kill. Naruto fumbled trying to perform the Kawarimi no Jutsu, but it was too late. Luckily, his aim was off, and he missed Naruto's heart, piercing his stomach instead. Naruto screamed out in pain.

'I… I… don't want to… die!'

This time, tears blurred his vision.

'Please… somebody… save me!'

He screamed again when the kunai was being turned slowly in his stomach. Gensei smirked cruelly before slowly taking it out, prolonging his torture.

'To think I was going to make this kid my apprentice.'

Gensei lifted the kunai, to forever end the miserable life of young Uzumaki Naruto. A horizontal slash…, his head was completely separated from his body and it rolled onto the floor, blood pouring out in copious. The body fell to its knees, and finally onto the floor, more blood flowing onto Naruto's bedroom floor.

Behind, Uzuki Yuugao was panting heavily, with her blood-stained wakizashi in her hand. She had done it.

Gensei was dead, his head severed from his body.

Yuugao had forcibly recovered from her paralysis, and just in time. The boy who had saved her life would've died if it weren't for her timely intervention.

Naruto weakly looked at the beautiful woman, who dropped to her knees in exhaustion, still affected by Gensei's paralyzing chakra. She crawled forward with a strange look in her eyes, an emotion he wasn't used to seeing.

'She's… worried… about me?' was the last thought that went through his head before he passed out due to blood loss.

Yuugao continued to crawl to Naruto but she had no idea how she was going to get him to a hospital in her current state. She reached for him and carefully put his head into her lap. While she waited for the reinforcements to come (they always came too damn late), Yuugao observed his bloodstained face. It was Uzumaki Naruto, the vessel of the Kyuubi no Yoko.

Yuugao, like almost every other person in Konoha, had only appalling and untrue things to say about this poor boy. She, like many others, had lost friends and family members as well to the Kyuubi. She was too young at the time to go fight the Kyuubi and all she could do was watch helplessly as the bodies of her loved ones and comrades were buried. Even the Hokage, leader of the village, lost his life that day.

She had decidedly and unjustly hated this boy for that, unwilling to distinguish between the child and the demon fox. However, she had never encountered the boy before that night, so she would never know if her feelings would have made her see him as a monster. But after this night, after he saved her life, she could not hold on to the hatred she had felt. She realized how fickle her hatred was when she actually did meet the boy. While Yuugao did not comprehend why this boy stopped the despicable old man in his attempt at torture, why he didn't feed off of loneliness the way another child might have, she couldn't help regretting the feelings she had before.

'How much unnecessary pain has this child been through?' she thought. While he may never know the unkind thoughts and comments she had about him before, Yuugao, ever one for moral uprightness, resolved to make it up to him.

A lone figure came in from the window. It was a ninja she did not know, but he wore the hitai-ate with the symbol of the leaf emblazoned on it. She sighed in relief.

"Quick! We have to get him to a hospital quick!" Yuugao told him. Everything was alright now. And after Naruto was released from the hospital, Yuugao would make it up to him.

However, the ninja was not in any rush to take Naruto to the hospital. He glanced at the head of Gensei, and clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Idiot was always too sadistic for his own good. I'll have to clean up his mess." The ninja took out a kunai, "I told him to choose another place to rendezvous, but as usual, he fucked up."

Yuugao stared at him in horror.

'An accomplice?'

"Reinforcements aren't coming. Sorry, but you have to die." the man said, "Any last words?"

This was the worst possible thing that could have happened. She could barely move, her energy having gone after being paralyzed by Gensei.

'I'm at a serious disadvantage. I'm tired, all I have is this wakizashi, and I can't let any harm to come to Naruto. On top of this, he has to get to the hospital soon, or he'll die.' Yuugao was at a loss at what to do, 'At the very least, I can stall.'

She opened her mouth to reply to him, only to be interrupted.

"Too late!" the man yelled, and he blurred in motion.


Yuugao only saw a glint of silver, before her body slumped to the floor… in relief. Her ANBU partner had woken up.

"Not today." he grunted, after having shoved a kunai through the man's ear. It was over.

"Come on, sempai, let's get you and the kid to the hospital." the ANBU said. There was a hole in his mask, but it was still intact.

"Naruto…," Yuugao said weakly, "I'm okay… save him. I… order you…"

"Don't worry, Uzuki-sempai, I'll make sure he lives!"

Her fatigue overcame her, and Yuugao finally slumped into blissful sleep. Her comrade picked up both of them, and after flaring out a chakra signature, sped off to the hospital, intent on saving the boy's life.

Chapter 00 – The Basis – Terminating

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