So unfortunately I don't own Annie…But here's this random bit of my imagination after watching Annie 4 times in a row…yes I am obsessed.

Grace woke up to the sound of her alarm. It was seven in the morning already? She flipped over, only to find her husbands spot in bed occupied by their daughter, Annie. It seemed strange to say those words, husband and daughter. She quietly crept out of bed, so as not to wake the sleeping beauty. Downstairs at the breakfast table, Oliver was reading the paper and sipping his coffee. He heard footsteps, and sat the paper down in time to see his wife enter and sit down. He still has no idea where his courage came from to ask this incredible woman to marry him. Perhaps it was from the little red head that just at this moment came bounding in the room. Yesterday they had had the party to celebrate Annie's adoption, and Oliver and Grace's marriage. And today they were officially a family. Today was the day Oliver and Grace went back to work. Their honeymoon was officially over. Oliver looked over at his two ladies, and smiled to himself. Life couldn't get much better.

"Oliver, dear, could you pass the sugar, please?" Grace asked, waking him from his reverie.

"Of course," he replied, handing the sugar to her, "how did you two sleep last night?"

"Oh, Daddy Warbucks," Annie started, "I had a good dream. It was so good that I wanted to tell you and mom, but I guess I fell asleep when I got to your room."

"What was your dream, dear?" Grace inquired.

And then Annie said so matter-of-factly, "That I was getting a little brother or sister", that Grace choked on her tea and Oliver cleared his throat noticeably. Grace and Oliver could hardly look at each other. While they were both being thoroughly embarrassed, Annie finished her breakfast and headed out to her tennis lesson.

Oliver sat at his desk, looking over papers, but he could not get his mind off what Annie had said. He kept sneaking looks over at Grace, who was diligently typing a speech that he was to give at City Hall in a week. She looked beautiful with her hair down. The day she had first worn it down, was the day he had noticed her, really noticed her. The first day that he realized he loved her. It was curly, kind of like Annie's, but much softer. She could almost be Annie's biological mother. Maybe someday they could have a child that looked just like her. Oliver cleared these thoughts from his head when he noticed Grace looking at him questioningly. He cleared his throat and buried himself in his papers.

Grace smiled and went back to typing Oliver's speech. He had been staring at her with that silly grin on his face for over ten minutes before he realized she was staring back. He had been so amazing these past few weeks. He was laughing and smiling, and hadn't broken any cameras. She stole a glance over in his direction, only to see that he was once again staring at her with that strange half-smile that made him look like a little boy. He was being very peculiar today…

"Daddy Warbucks, Mom!" cried Annie, rounding the doorway of the office at top speed, Sandy close at her heels.

"My goodness!" Grace exclaimed, catching the girl as she fell into her lap. "What is it?"

"I beat the asp at tennis! I actually won!" The little girl exclaimed, her eyes shining brightly, and her face lit up with smiles.

"Well, good job, Annie." Oliver answered, walking over to give his daughter a hug. It was strange calling her his daughter, as strange as it was calling Grace his wife. But somehow, it all felt right.

"Oh, Annie," Grace said, interrupting Oliver's reverie. "I forgot to tell you. Your dance lesson will be after lunch today."

"Leapin' Lizards! You mean I can learn how to dance like you?"

"Well, I suppose. But I think you can be better than me." Grace answered, smiling sheepishly as her cheeks took on a reddened hue. So she had been blushing all those times we were looking over papers and I had been so nervous. So had she, Oliver thought to himself, chuckling a little.

"Dear?" Grace asked, looking at him suspiciously. Was he just laughing? He stopped and reddened a bit, before going back over to his desk. "Well, C'mon, Annie. Let's go get some lunch. Join us, dear?" She asked, taking Annie's hand and looking back at Oliver.

"Yes, yes. I'll be right there." Oliver agreed, putting down his papers and joining his family for lunch.

So here is a random story that I started writing a while ago… R&R all!