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Tony's POV

I stared at the beautiful, pale-skinned vampire sitting on the piano bench, watching her sing while her cold fingers flew across the keys. Her topaz eyes were full of agony and sadness as she sang the marvelous melody in which she created. I sighed, remembering another time 90 years ago when her eyes held the same emotions...

"Find an animal, not a human – fox. Run after it…pounce. Then drink its blood to satisfy your thirst." I thought while hunting in a forest in Washington, a little outside the small, rainy town of Forks. After burying the carcass, I headed over to visit the Cullen's. I'd heard before that they were moving, and I wanted to see if I could say farewells before they left. As I crossed through the forest leading to their home, I was overcome by a strong scent of freesia as well as blood, followed by a piercing scream. "Human," I thought. The scent was alluring. I quickly but soundlessly made my way closer to the scent.

"AAHHHHHH!!" came another ear-splitting scream. I glanced around to see a pretty, 18-year-old girl with mahogany hair and chocolate brown eyes sprawled on the ground, covered in her own blood. Her body seemed twisted and deformed at places, and her clothes were soaked in blood. Hovering above her was a woman – or vampire I should say - with fiery red hair and sinister-looking eyes. She looked lethal with her loathing-filled eyes as she glared at the feeble human at her feet.

Despite my mind, instincts sent me sprinting a mile towards her and before I knew it, she was beheaded and dismembered and I was gathering all of the parts of her body into a pile to burn.

After the dead vampire was nothing but ashes, I turned around and cautiously walked over to the writhing teenage girl. Her heart beat was slowing as the seconds passed, and I knew I had only two choices – let her die or change her. The scene before me was a pitiful sight, and if I'd let her die it would've been a slow death resembling Hell for her. So I kneeled down and carefully sunk my teeth into her neck, allowing the venom to spread.

"Edward…gone!" She whispered in a pained voice, and before she could say anything else, an agonizing scream escaped from her lips. At the mention of Edward, I glanced at the deserted and vacant Cullen residence.

"So they left already," I muttered. I picked up the girl and dashed to Alaska, where I and the rest of the Denali clan endured three treacherous days of screaming and suffering…

"Hello? Tony? You there? You seem kinda out of it," said a velvet voice.

I suddenly zapped back into reality and saw topaz eyes looking into my own. "Oh, sorry, Bella. I was…thinking about something," I quickly muttered, and hurried away to my office.