...You are trapped. Your Mondays follow Sundays. You count seconds. You remember the past, and you strategically try to manipulate your future through your present. You may not realize that you are trapped, but then you may not realize that someone like me exists either.

For now, you will see what I see and you will move how I move. In the moments that I talk to you, you will know what it's like to be free. From where I watch, time is an art gallery and each instance is a display. I can linger, or I can skip it without a glance. I see the seeds of an era being planted. I see the fruit that those seeds have become. The order is mine to choose. There is only one rule that I follow in my endeavors: look but do not touch. Do you consider that a waste? My trapped friend, I am the eye.

Sit back. Let me carry you through a story. Just for you, I will separate certain events from eternity, and I will provide a beginning, a middle, and an end. This task may seem simple enough, but I have come to respect "time" as a continuous entity from which no events or people are isolated. Everything has a relationship -- nothing is independent of itself. Telling a story could potentially shatter this faith because it would suggest that only one particular instance, or collection of instances, is unique. Your listening is similarly dangerous, although I would argue that not much is at stake for you. You are already trapped. But still, I have ways to get around these dilemmas.

There remain certain things that I do not understand despite my ability to see them over and over from an infinite number of perspectives. In truth, there is only one last perspective that I have left to explore: yours. Trapped or not, this story is for you...