A/N: I wrote this at work tonight. I seem to get a lot of writing done when I'm supposed to be selling alcohol... Anyway, this might be awful, and I'm sorry if it is. Kind of based on something that happened to me. Ish.

He'd trusted him. He'd let his guard down, pushed all paranoid thoughts aside, for him. His Craig. No, not his Craig. He didn't belong to him anymore. He never had.

Tweek Tweak huddled under his blankets, shivering uncontrollably. Unshed tears glistened at the corners of his already bloodshot eyes, being replaced as quickly as they fell. His flyaway blond hair was even messier than usual, matted in places, sticking straight up in others. As the tears streamed down his face, Tweek convulsed with sobs, and remembered...

... ... ...

His name was Craig Nommel, and he was perfect.

Tweek thought so, anyway. He'd first noticed the other boy in third grade, when they had their epic battle. Tweek had been a twitchy wreck, scared to death of being in a fight. Craig, on the other hand, had been fearless. Tweek could only dream to be fearless; he was always worrying, about gnomes, about running out of coffee...about life. Yet, he fought.

The two boys had landed in the hospital for a few days, which gave them time to get to know each other. Craig wasn't much of a chatter, so Tweek usually ended up dominating the conversations. By the end of their hospital stay, they had become friends, and eventually, Tweek found himself the fourth member of a group consisting of Craig, Clyde Donovan, and Token Black. Clyde and Token were best friends, so when they split up into teams for anything, Tweek always ended up with Craig. As time went on, the blond and the black-haired boy formed their own best friendship. Tweek was grateful for it; he always felt like an outcast because of his twitchiness and attachment to coffee. People—Cartman especially—tended to bully Tweek. He was an easy target. That all changed with Craig. Now, if anybody dared to say anything against Tweek, Craig would be there instantly, defending the blond. Cartman had gotten more than a few black eyes.

The day Tweek realized he was in love with Craig, they had been playing football in gym class. Somehow Tweek had ended up with the ball, and in a panic, he had started running the wrong way. Craig, his teammate, had chased after him, trying to stop him from scoring for the other team. He'd tackled Tweek, landing on top of him, and Tweek had felt...something.

At first, the thought that he might be gay had freaked him out. He'd needed three entire pots of coffee just to calm down enough to think the words, I love Craig.

Not long after his epiphany, the new kid had come to town. His name was Thomas, he had Tourette's syndrome, and Craig thought he was the coolest kid in the world. Their quartet became a quintet, as Craig started bringing Thomas along to everything they did. Not that Thomas was a bad kid—Tweek didn't hate him or anything like that. Sure, his sudden cries of, "COCK!" and, "Aw, SHIT!" had startled Tweek more than once, but Thomas couldn't control it, so Tweek couldn't fault him for that. He just found himself wishing, more and more, that he could be as cool as Craig thought Thomas was.

When Craig and Thomas started dating, Tweek very nearly had a heart attack. He almost started hanging out with the Goth kids, like Stan had that one time. They drank coffee too...

It was Clyde who stopped him, who gave him hope. The brown-haired, slightly chubby boy showed up on Tweek's doorstep the second week that Craig and Thomas were a couple.

"Dude, you okay?" he asked Tweek, his forehead scrunched in concern.

"Ghh! What do you mean?!" Tweek's voice was higher than normal.

"Craig and Thomas." Clyde looked at the ground awkwardly, shuffling his feet. "I know you kind of have a thing for him..."

"What?! Oh, Jesus! How do you know?! Does everyone know?! Oh, God!" Tweek pulled hard on his incorrectly buttoned shirt, eyes wide with fear.

"Well... It's kind of obvious, Tweek," said Clyde. As Tweek made squeaking sounds, the other boy hurriedly added, "He has a thing for you too."

"He—nrgh!—he does?!" Tweek stared at Clyde.

"Duh, dude."

"But what about—grg!—Thomas?" said Tweek.

Clyde shrugged slightly. "You know Craig. He likes that Thomas doesn't get in trouble for saying the kind of stuff he says. That's all. You're the one he really likes."

"How do you know?!" Tweek didn't want to get his hopes up, but Clyde seemed so sure...

"It's just obvious, man. Like it's obvious that there's going to be a Butters--Cartman--Kyle triangle eventually."

Tweek couldn't argue with that. He and Clyde made idle chitchat for a few more minutes, and then Clyde left, on his way to Token's. Tweek went straight to his kitchen, in desperate need of coffee.

... ... ...

Clyde had been right. A week later, Craig and Thomas had a huge fight in the cafeteria. Tweek hadn't been there (he had taken to eating his lunch in the hallway, so distrustful was he of cafeteria food), but he'd heard all about it from Clyde later. And that night, Craig had come over. Before he knew it, Tweek found himself in a relationship with the guy of his dreams. He felt comfortable with Craig. He demolished his inner walls, letting Craig take hold of his mind, body, and soul. Tweek became fearless. He loved Craig with all he had.

And that's when he got crushed. He'd been waiting for Craig after school, like he'd been doing for the past three months they'd been a couple. He saw Clyde and Token exit the school, and waved at them with his right hand. In his left, he held a travel mug of coffee. Clyde and Token looked at each other uneasily, hurrying over to Tweek.

"Tweek, we should go," said Clyde quietly, tugging on Tweek's arm.

Tweek blinked in confusion. "But what about—nrgh! —Craig?"

Before Clyde or Token could come up with an answer, they all heard laughter, followed by a loud, "COCK!"

More laughter. Familiar laughter. Tweek looked up, freezing as he saw Craig. With Thomas. His arm slung casually over Thomas' shoulders. Tweek felt sick.

"Oh, shit," he vaguely heard Token mutter from behind him.

Craig looked up, then, his eyes meeting Tweek's. He blinked twice, then whispered something to Thomas and came over to Tweek, Clyde, and Token.

"Listen, Tweeker... I mean, Tweek," he said awkwardly. "I'm sorry, but...I can't be with you."

Tweek couldn't form words. He simply stood frozen in place, shaking.

"We had fun, but," Craig lifted one shoulder in a half-shrug. "I love Thomas. We can still be friends or whatever..." He trailed off.

There was a crash as Tweek's coffee hit the ground, and then he was running. Past other kids, cars, trees...it was all a blur. Once he reached the sanctuary of his home, he locked himself in his room and burrowed deep within his blankets. He stayed there, never wanting to go out into world again, sobbing uncontrollably, feeling nothing but the pain of a shattered heart.