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¨Wanna remind me why I should be happy they´re leaving for three months?¨ Mitchie asked through her fake smile. Caitlyn waved along with her. ¨I couldn´t tell you.¨ As soon as the bus turned the corner the girls let their arms sadly fall to their sides. ¨Caitlyn! Mitchie! Come on we´re leaving soon!¨ Connie called from the house.

It was the first summer they all weren´t going to Camp Rock and Caitlyn was going on vacation with Mitchie´s family.

They dragged their feet and picked up their bags to leave for their trip to go White Water Rafting. They lugged their stuff into the back of Mitchie´s dad´s truck. They sat in back, with a sigh, sharing an iPod and texting their boyfriends. Hours later when they arrived at the spot they were caught in the middle of a crowded parking lot.

¨Mom? What´s going on?¨ Mitchie asked her mother. Unable to conceal her grin any longer Connie told the girls to go for a walk. ¨Is your mom okay?¨ Caitlyn asked once they were out of the car. ¨I don´t know what´s wrong with...SHANE!!¨ Her boyfriend was standing feet away from her.

¨What are you...OH MY GOSH NATE!!¨ Caitlyn ran into his open arms. He kissed her passionately and almost picked her up off the ground. ¨What are you guys doing here?¨ Mitchie asked. ¨We convinced Connie to let you two come with us on tour, please say you´ll come?¨

Mitchie kissed his cheek. ¨What do you think silly?¨ He kissed her back. ¨Baby, I´m so glad you´re coming!¨

Nate and Caitlyn followed; their hands entwined, Nate whispering in her ear. ¨Mom I´ll miss you! You too dad!¨ Mitchie hugged her parents goodbye.

Once the girls were settled inside they heard something coming from the back of the bus. ¨Don´t ask.¨ Nate said immediately. ¨Bathroom?¨ Mitchie asked. ¨In the back.¨ She walked to the back and opened a door. ¨Aah!¨ There were two figures rolling around on a bed.

¨Oh my gosh..Ella!?¨ Mitchie exclaimed. Ella unglued her lips from Jason´s and ran to one of her best friends. ¨Mitchie! I missed you!¨ She hugged her. Jason groaned. ¨Any chance we could finish what we started Elle?¨ She shook her head. ¨Sorry Jay but we have three months together, please?¨ She pouted.

He waved his hand and fell back onto the bed. The girls ran forward and when Ella saw Caitlyn she squealed and hugged her like she had with Mitchie. ¨So glad we did this so you three could spend time together.¨ Shane mumbled. ¨Aw, I´m sorry Shaney...¨ She giggled. ¨Mitchiee, I asked you not to call me that when we´re with everybody!¨ She kissed him, ¨I´m sorry.¨

Nate walked up behind Caitlyn and kissed her neck tenderly. ¨Come here.¨ He pulled her down on the couch, just to hold her. ¨Jay!!" Ella called running to the back of the bus. They heard the door click behind her and Shane laughed. ¨Won´t see them for an hour or so.¨

Shane sat back at the love seat on the other side, extending his legs out so Mitchie had no choice but to sit in his lap. She leaned back into his chest. Suddenly the door slammed open and Uncle Brown stood there surveying the bus. ¨Oh, lucky me. Six hormone crazy teenagers for three months.

¨Wait a second I only count four. Where are Jason and Ella?¨ Mitchie laughed. ¨Uhh letting their hormones go crazy...But we aren´t teenagers Brown! We´re all at least 18!!¨ Brown raced back there. ¨Oh no you don´t! Ella your mother would kill me if she found out I let you do this!¨ The two emerged blushing , their hands entwined.

¨Oh, joy...¨ Brown muttered joining the driver up front. The six grinned at each other and turned on the t.v, Nate popping corn in the tiny kitchen. ¨Nate?¨ Caitlyn turned to him. ¨Mm, yes?¨ She ducked under his arms to stand up against him. ¨Where are we sleeping?¨ He leaned in close. ¨Why, with me of course.¨ She giggled. ¨Nate...¨ He sighed, ¨back here, in the bunks.¨

He showed her the three where he, Jason, and Shane slept and across from there were three others. ¨Sounds good.¨ She kissed him and picked up the popcorn. They passed it around while watching a movie.

¨Okay goodnight!¨ Mitchie called, being the first to hop in her middle bunk. Ella was next to hop in her upper bunk, and Caitlyn slid in her bottom bunk. The guys went to bed a little while later and Nate was the first to kiss his girl goodnight.

¨Good night Catie.¨ He kissed her. ¨CATIE!?¨ Five voices repeated incredulously. ¨Only Nate calls me that! She insisted. ¨If you weren´t so cute I would be so mad right now.¨ She kissed his cheek and closed the curtain.

¨Ella?¨ Jason leaned up to kiss her. ¨Jay, good night.¨ She kissed him. As he leaned forward he slammed his head on the side. ¨Ow...Good night Elle.¨ He closed the curtain.

Mitchie looked expectantly to Shane in his bunk but he was already passed out asleep. She sighed and turned to look at the passing scenery through the little window. Jason and Nate shook their heads at him but got in their beds to sleep.

Uncle Brown walked in between them all. ¨Good night! And no late night adventures!¨ The girls giggled. ¨Good night Brown!¨

¨Mitchie?¨ A voice broke her sleep. ¨Wha...?¨ Mitchie squinted in the darkness. ¨Come here...¨ Shane extended a hand into her bunk. She took it and he helped her out. She was unsteady on the moving bus but they only walked to the front of the bus where the pull out couch was.

Shane kissed her cheek and put down a few pillows and blankets on the couch. ¨Hang on.¨ Mitchie lied down on the couch, curling up under the blankets. Shane returned and joined her under the blankets, wrapping her in his embrace. ¨What´s this all about Shane?¨

He shrugged. ¨This is the closest I´ve really been with you in sooo long.¨ She rested her head in the crook of his neck. ¨Can I warn you of something?¨ He looked at her. ¨What?¨ She smiled, I don´t look so pretty in the mornings.¨ He laughed. ¨That´s okay, neither do I.¨ She giggled.

The following morning Caitlyn woke up first. ¨Nate? What time is your sound check today?¨ Nate blurrily opened one eye. ¨Catie? What?¨ She shook him awake. ¨Nate! Sound check!¨ He finally woke up. ¨Oh my god it´s at noon, what time is it now?¨ She looked over at the clock. ¨Eleven thirty!¨ He slammed his head on the frame of the bed.

¨Guys! Up! Come on we have to get ready and get out of here!¨ Jason looked out of his bunk. ¨What´s going on?¨ Caitlyn began waking everyone up including uncle Brown. ¨We´ll pick up lunch while you guys rehearse! The seven of them rushed off the bus and into the stadium where the concert was being held.

¨Go!¨ Caitlyn laughed, kissing Nate on the cheek.

¨Bye bye!¨ Ella giggled waving to Jason.

¨See you in a little while once we get some food.¨ Mitchie kissed Shane.

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