It wasn't anything special, just an accidental kiss goodbye after training

It wasn't anything special, just an accidental kiss goodbye. They had just run into each other racing home for the final bit of days training. Black on top, trying to catch up to the blond on the bottom of this pile; it wouldn't have happened if blue hadn't turned back to see the brown. Yet it happened and neither jumped up sputtering excuses or ran home without an explanation. They just lay there out on the sidewalk at some ungodly hour in the morning. Looking blue to brown, blond to black searching for something they didn't know. Neither one tried to talk or move their lips from the others. Just gazing up or down trying to figure out what just happened or what's going to happen next.


There's still a way out but did either one of them want to take it. Trying to slightly move against the boy on top of him,

"Ikki…?" As the crow above him barely felt his own name brush against his lips, "What?" Being careful just like the jet beneath him had been. Each watching what the other did, afraid to move and not knowing why. He could feel the boy underneath him swallow slightly. He could hear the slightest crack in his voice and the warmth radiating from below him.

"We're lying in the sidewalk." It wasn't even a command to get up that came out, just a basic, obvious observation. "Aren't you cold?"

Sure the boy under him had on his sweatshirt, team jacket most likely a shirt plus his signature beanie, so he was fine. Ikki had one jacket less, his shirt and was fine...ish. Subconsciously moving closer to the blond.

"We're next to the sidewalk," eyeing the grass that was under half of his best friend. "Why?" Tiredly, more contently looking down at Kazu with a tweaked eyebrow.

Sighing admitting any attempt to run away was long forgotten, "Just move you arm a bit." He smiled softly, while blue eyes gazed at a street lamp near them in comfort. They didn't know exactly what this was, but they really didn't mind it.