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Harry let out a laugh when Johnny rolled over on top of him, and he poked Johnny on his side. His grin widened when Johnny flinched slightly and his mouth twitched. He reached under Johnny's shirt and ran his fingers over the side of his ribs.

"Not fair." Johnny sat up on top of him, fighting back a grin of his own. It was one of the things that he had learned a while ago about Johnny. The fact that he could get Johnny to laugh if he ran his fingers over a certain spot on his side. He stopped when he thought about this and Johnny frowned, rolling over so that they were lying side by side.

"You think it'll ever change?" Johnny asked after a few minutes. Harry tilted his head to the side until it was resting on Johnny's shoulder.

"I think it's already starting to."

"I know. I mean…completely." Harry shrugged. He knew what Johnny meant. He wondered if he could get Johnny to laugh outright without tickling him.


Harry grinned. He couldn't help it. They had reached the top. They had gone rock climbing before, of course, but Harry hadn't really known how so they hadn't gone on anything this big. He sighed and sat down next to Johnny at the edge.

"Wow." He said after a moment, looking out.

"Yeah." Without thinking, Harry reached out and took Johnny's hand.

"There was all this talk that, you know, you can't move on until you face it." Johnny frowned, putting down his menu.

"You think that's true?" Harry shrugged, looking down at the table.

"Maybe. I don't know. I thought that it wouldn't matter. I mean, I just figured I'd get away and maybe…" He looked up and Johnny nodded.

Harry wondered briefly what he would have done if he hadn't run into Johnny on the sidewalk. He was pretty sure that he would be dead right now.

For so long, he had wished for it that he was sure that he would have gotten it eventually. Now, though, now it was different. He was trying to accept that. Trying to accept the fact that he didn't so much want that now and it was because of Johnny.

It was odd thinking about it, but he had to admit that he had told Johnny more about himself than he had ever told anyone. He had never even told Ron and Hermione some of the things he had told Johnny.

It had taken him nearly two years to do it, but he had. Johnny had told him a hell of a lot about himself as well. A lot of times they didn't even speak at all, but Johnny talked more and more the longer they were together.

Harry thought he might be seeing more of what Johnny was like before Sue had died. He was seeing that slowly, and beginning to understand what he was like. Of course, Johnny was always restless, but Harry knew that more often than not that was because he didn't want to think about what had happened.

As time wore on, though, Johnny didn't get any less restless and Harry thought that that was just the way he was. From what Johnny had told him about times before Sue had died, he found out that Johnny was just naturally hyper.

He had told Harry that he thought that it drove Sue crazy at times, along with the more dangerous activities that Johnny had gotten up to when he became a teenager.

Two years. Harry had spent two years with Johnny and he thought that he might be falling in love with him. It was a terrifying thought but he couldn't help but to think it. All evidence pointed to it.

It was different than the time he had spent with Cedric. He had still been a kid when he and Cedric had started dating and even though he knew that he had loved Cedric, it had been before.

It had been before he had started the war. Before he had lost too much. He had been happy then. Still content while at Hogwarts with Ron and Hermione. Cedric had elevated that and he had been the first person that Harry had kissed, cared about that way, and loved.

Ginny had been different still. It had taken him nearly two years after Cedric's death to admit to himself that he might care about her that way. He hadn't fallen head over heals instantly with her the way he had with Cedric, but it had still been there.

If he was honest with himself, though, he still hadn't quite been over Cedric when he and Ginny had started dating, and he thought that maybe he never would.

Johnny, again, was different. It was a gradual thing and sort of snuck up on him. It worked slowly to the point that he didn't even realize what was going on until it was too late.

He told Johnny about himself almost involuntarily. It was like he couldn't help it, everything just slipped out. He thought it was the same with Johnny.

"So, what do you think it's like there?" Johnny asked as they lay in bed one night. They were both on their backs side by side.

"I don't know." He said after a moment, wrapping his hand around Johnny's. "I hope their okay."

"You don't think they are?" Harry sighed and rolled to his side so he could rest his head on Johnny's shoulder.

"They lost three of their family members in the war." For a moment he flashed back to the memory of Molly Weasley sobbing over the bodies of her children when her greatest fear had come into play. He remembered her trying to get rid of the boggart and the way it had changed from Ron to Ginny, Fred, George, Arthur. He hoped that she was okay, but he doubted it.

They were in Asia when he found out how everyone was doing. They had been exploring the wizarding world there at the time. Harry had a cap on to cover his scar. He had found that all he really had to do was change his hair and eye color and it would be impossible for anyone who didn't truly know him to recognize him.

He thought he was being pretty stupid when while he was walking around, he ran right into someone who did know him well.

"Sorry." A very familiar voice said when he stumbled and Harry froze when he looked up and met Bill Weasley's eyes. Bill didn't recognize him at first.

"That's alright." Harry said, looking down and trying to get away fast.

"Hey, Harry." Johnny had come up just then, though. Harry winced and looked up at Bill whose eyes had widened in shock. He stared at Harry. Johnny's small smiled faded and he looked from Bill to Harry.

"What's going on?" He asked, stepping up beside Harry. He felt Johnny's hand rest on his back.

"Harry?" Bill said, still staring at him, recognition on his face now. "How…Where have you been? I thought…" Johnny stepped even closer to Harry, eyeing Bill a little warily.

"Who are you?" Johnny asked, shooting Harry a concerned look. Harry felt his breathing pick up some as he stared at Bill. He leaned further into Johnny's side, trying to calm down.

"I'm…" Bill shook his head. "Harry, you just…I can't believe you're here. I thought you were…" Harry opened his mouth to answer but he couldn't force words out at the moment. He looked around the place uneasily, something Johnny noticed.

"We shouldn't talk here." He said after a moment.

"I'll be okay." Harry said. He chewed his lip and looked briefly over at Bill and to the restaurant. "Can you just…I can't just ditch him." Johnny sighed, staring at him for a moment, before nodding and sitting down outside the restaurant. Harry went inside and sat down across from Bill. He stared down at the table for a moment.

"It's…good to see you, Harry." Bill said after a moment. "We didn't know…I mean there were people who thought maybe we'd never see you again."

"Thought I'd gone off to kill myself?" Harry said after a moment, looking up at Bill. The man flinched and looked down.

"There was talk of that." Harry nodded. At least he was being honest. "But it looks like you're doing okay." Harry saw him glance towards the door.

"He's…" Harry shrugged. "I wasn't planning on anything like this when I left. Actually, I wasn't planning on much of anything." Bill nodded.

"Mum and Dad will be glad to know you're okay." Harry hesitated for a moment before he spoke again.

"How are they?" Bill sighed and rubbed a hand across his face.

"Getting better. Mum…she wasn't good after. She spent some time in the hospital because of it." Harry nodded and looked down again.

"I couldn't stay." He said after a moment. "I just couldn't deal with it all there. I still don't think I can. Not yet."

"I get it." Bill gave a very small smile, and looked out the window where they could both see the back of Johnny's head. "I hope you're able to be happy, Harry." Harry mirrored the smile.


"So?" Johnny asked when he came outside and sat down next to Johnny. Harry sighed and laid his head down on Johnny's shoulder.

"It…hurts." He admitted. Seeing Bill hurt. Seeing anyone from his old life would have. Johnny reached out and took his hand. There were tears in Harry's eyes but he still smiled a little at Johnny when he looked up.

"It really hurts." Johnny smiled back at him. He got it. Pain was welling in his chest, and it wasn't going away. The numbness he had been so familiar with for so long wasn't there anymore.

"So, where do you want to go to next?" Johnny asked after a moment, squeezing his hand. Harry's smile widened. It hurt, but it hurt a little less with Johnny there.