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"Keeper Of The Golden"
"The New Client"

He heard someone knocking at the door and closed the folder he had in his hands. He didn't remember how long he had been reading those papers, but his stomach was telling him that it had been a long time. The door opened and a woman appeared with some papers on her hands that could only mean more work.

"Mr. Mustang, this is the information you wanted about the new case."

The man nodded and, with a soft smile, grabbed the new folder. "Thank you, Schieska You can go home for today."

The woman smiled joyfully and bowed before leaving the room, closing the door after her. Reluctantly, he opened the folder and began to read not really paying attention to the information in the papers…he already had an interview with a client and he couldn't take more than one task at once.

He glanced at his watch and noticed it was already time to go, so he closed the folder and grabbed his suitcase, heading toward the exit of his office. He went down the stairs checking some things out of his cell phone until he reached the building's parking lot and grabbed his car's keys. However, when he was about to open the door of his brand new car, a voice caught his attention and he turned around to see his best friend walking towards him.

"Hey, Roy! I was thinking on invite you to drink some beers since it's Friday, but I see you already have plans"

"Nothing of the sort, Hughes." He waved his hand dismissively. "I have a meeting with a client. He wants to know if my reputation is well-given," he grumbled as a tacked-on afterthought.

Hughes smiled and headed to the copilot door of Roy's car. "I guess this should be fun."

"Hey! I never said you could come!"

"Come on, I have to meet the person who dared to question your abilities," Maes smirked, closing the door as Roy got in the car.

Resigned, Mustang turned the vehicle on and drove through the city hearing Hughes' voice talking about his beautiful wife, being as Maes was a newlywed. Roy could understand the excitement of the new lifestyle, but did he have to talk about how wonderful Gracia was all the time?

"She also wants a child soon too; I was so sure she was the woman for me," the man griped almost childishly.

Roy couldn't help but roll his eyes in annoyance and tried to change the subject. "So, how's work?"

"Pretty good, actually," Maes responded easily, oblivious of his friend's attempt to keep him from talking about Gracia; "I don't ask about you since I can see it's going very well."

"I just hope it's not another spoiled brat like the last time." Mustang almost sighed. "The pay was very good – I was able to buy a new apartment and this car – but it was hell."

Hughes almost chuckled. "You're not very fond of kids, aren't you?"

"It's not that…I just hate spoiled kids."

However, when he was in front of the place where the appointment was, he could tell this was going to be like last time: the place was a huge building of condominiums which, of course, could only mean rich people.

Hughes patted the man's shoulder. Roy was already scratching his head in obvious exasperation, but went inside anyway, followed by his friend. A security guard received them and guided them both inside. The receptionist made a call, asked for their ID, and then gave them access to the elevator.

"25th floor...," he muttered when the elevator began to go up.

"The higher, the richer, isn't it?" Hughes asked, genuinely interested, drawing out a small smile when Roy nodded, glaring ever so slightly at him. When the doors of the elevator opened, they noticed they were already inside of someone's house, which confused them for a second. However, a lovely woman was already bowing at their right.

"Welcome to the Elric's house," she greeted with a soft smile. "Mr. Elric is already waiting for you in the living room. Please follow me."

Roy and Hughes were impressed. The place, of course, was luxurious, but simple at the same time…maybe that was a good sign. The maid suddenly stooped and stepped aside so both could enter the living room, which was filled with the sunlight of the afternoon due to the large windows. It really gave the room an impressive sight of the city. Mustang heard a voice of someone coming. There was a laptop already in the table of the living room and some papers, so the man should be working.

"Please take a sit, Mr. Elric must have received an important call. Can I offer you something?"

"We're fine," Roy quickly assured.

Hughes, however, was never one to be bashful. "Actually, I would love some tea."

The woman nodded with a smile and left them alone, so Roy could glare at Hughes who only shrugged, a smirk tugging at his lips. It wasn't like they would go poor for a cup of tea…They waited for a moment glancing at the place discreetly and Roy noticed how many books were around the place on fancy bookshelves. Another good sign.

Suddenly, they heard how the voice stopped talking footsteps approached them so both stood up. However, what they saw wasn't what they were expecting. The first thing Roy could think of was gold. It was everywhere. There was a teenager with a cell phone on his hand and a thoughtful face walking towards them. A teenager with golden hair and eyes.

"Good afternoon, sorry for making you wait," he politely greeted, in an overly fake voice. "I'm Edward Elric, I called you yesterday."

Roy blinked a few times but reacted on time to shake the boy's hand. "G-good afternoon, I'm Roy Mustang."

The teen did the same with Hughes, guessing he was his assistant of some sort and then moved his arm as a sign that they should sit. Mustang tried to ignore the fact that he was going to talk to a boy about business and opened his suitcase to grab a folder.

"So, you want to hire my services to protect Alphonse Elric," he began, grabbing his jaw. Hughes noticed he always did that when he changed from Roy Mustang to Mustang, the professional bodyguard.

"My brother, yes," the blonde affirmed, nodding. "I heard of you and I thought it was a good idea to have some protection for him."

"Can you talk me a little more about your brother?" Roy inquired, lowering the folder.

Edward grabbed a picture frame of both him and Alphonse from the table he had at his side and handed it to the man. "This is Alphonse. He's 16 years old, currently a student at Bellingham High School. He's the top student of his generation and a member of the basketball team for the school." Edward's eyes met Roy's. It was obvious he was proud of his brother.

Roy was certainly hearing what the teen was saying, but he was lost in the intensity of that golden stare. He had never seen something like it before – like there was an adult in front of him locked in a teen body. "I guess he's one of the popular boys, isn't he?" Roy rumbled.

"Not the most popular, but certainly he's very well known and liked around the school."

The older man leaned on the couch, still running his fingers on his jaw looking at the picture. The kid didn't seem to be a bad one after all, but he was sure the popularity thing would cause him troubles. "Any particular reason you want to hire a bodyguard for him?" he finally said looking up at the boy, who was smirking at that point. What a smirk.

"None, I just want him to be more protected."

"You know, if that it's a lie, it would make my job more difficult." Roy smirked too, which surprised Hughes. That was the right way to talk to a potential client?

Edward wasn't that surprised, he seemed more satisfied that anything, actually. "Well, they say you're the best," he added with a grin.

The kid had guts indeed. "And I am."

"Well, then show me what you got," Edward suddenly proclaimed, standing up. "I can see you're in great shape so you must be good in hand-to-hand combat, but there must be something else that makes you that good."

Damn brat, who the hell he thought he was? "First, I have an issue to discuss." Roy also stood up. Edward stared at him, interested, so he took a step forward. "You can't hire me without the permission of your parents. You know that, right?" Maybe he had gone too far and judged them wrongly. This kid was so full of himself that he thought he could hire a bodyguard for his sixteen year old brother?

Edward didn't say anything for a moment and looked at the table from where he had grabbed the picture of Alphonse and him and saw some pictures of his parents. The man had assumed that they were alive because of that surely. "My parents are dead," he replied with an empty look. "I'm responsible for my brother, so I don't think that will be an issue."

Yeah, Roy felt stupid. He should have noticed the only pictures that included the boys' parents had been from when they were kids. He nodded apologetically and continued when the blonde shook his head. "So, do you want a demonstration of my special abilities?"

Edward merely nodded, so Roy looked around trying to see what he could to without damaging the place. It was then he saw Hughes pointing his hand towards a fireplace in the middle of the living room, so he smirked. In a fast move, he grabbed a glove from his pocket, put it in and snapped his fingers, creating a small explosion which ignited an immense flame.

He then glanced at the boy, who seemed to be analyzing the situation. "Fire alchemy, eh?" the blond murmured with a satisfied smile. "I like it, though fire and I are not best friends."

"I can create continuous fire attacks by just snapping my fingers," he informed the blond proudly. "And, as you said, I'm an expert in Kung-Fu and Aikido, and, of course, in the use of weaponry such guns, knives, and archery."

Hughes smiled at the impressive résumé of his friend and glanced at Edward, who seemed fairly satisfied.

"Then the job is yours if you want it."

Obsidian eyes stared at golden eyes for a moment. He had the feeling that something was missing, something important the boy wasn't telling him. Maybe it was just to satisfy his curiosity, but he decided that this indeed would be interesting.

"Then I'll take it."

Edward grinned and that was when the maid appeared with the tea pouring some of it in the cups. "My brother should arrive any minute. Please make yourself comfortable. I'll be back in a minute"

Both men nodded and the teen left the living room with his cell phone on his hand. That was when Hughes stared at Roy, confused.

"I thought you said you would never take a teen again."

Mustang sighed and scratched his head. "Yeah, I said that. But don't you think something here is off?"

"I'm quite sure something is off…but I'm not sure you should get involved."

"Don't be so paranoid, they are only kids. What could be that wrong?"

"The elder brother is not a kid," Hughes argued with a concerned gaze. "I'm sure you noticed the look in his eyes."

"That what makes it even more interesting."

"….Right," Maes conceded with a deep sigh. He couldn't blame his friend for wanting something more exciting than his last mission, but he had a really bad feeling about the whole thing. Still, he decided to keep his comments to himself.

The teen came back, still talking on the cell phone, but he immediately hung up the device and asked the maid to bring some snacks for the guests. He put his hand on his pocket and grabbed a set of card-keys.

"Here, these are the keys to all the doors of the apartment in case you need it. And this is the code of entrance. Without it, you won't be able to get here unless someone lets you in."

Roy nodded. "Understood."

"Do you usually ride in your client's car or you follow them in your own?"

"It depends on the client. Some do and some don't mind. Some just don't care either way."

Edward stared at the man thoughtfully as he was analyzing what his brother would say about that detail, but then the maid appeared with some delicious-looking snacks and placed them in the table.

"Be my guest," the teen said as he grabbed a tiny sandwich.

Roy and Hughes did as told and that's when they heard the elevator's door opening and a childish voice coming from it. Edward smiled and stood up so both men followed him. They saw a teen coming out of the elevator, cell phone at his ear. The boy was about the same height as his elder Elric with blonde brownish hair and eyes; it was obvious that they were brothers.

When Alphonse noticed the guests, he hurried to finish the call and hung up. "Good afternoon," he greeted politely, bowing as he did so.

"This is Alphonse Elric." Ed placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Al, this is Mr. Mustang and Mr. Hughes."

The boy nodded. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Alphonse," they both replied at once. Roy had the feeling that he had been right; he looked like a good boy.

"Are you doing business with my brother?" Al inquired as they headed to the living room.

Roy didn't answer immediately; instead, he glanced at Ed who seemed a little…nervous?

"Hm…you could say that," the elder brother responded with a weird smile that caught Al's attention.

"What do you mean?"

As they reached the living room, Edward stopped and rubbed the back of his head. Why the sudden change of personality? A second ago the teen was all that confident and slightly arrogant…

"Well, it's just that, this time, the business includes…you," Ed answered, noticing the confused face of his little brother.

"I thought you said you didn't want me to get involve in your job."

The blonde just sighed. Well, he had to tell him sooner or later anyway. "Mr. Mustang will be your bodyguard from now on."

Alphonse blinked, completely baffled, and turned around to see Roy. For almost a minute, nobody said anything and Mustang wasn't sure if he was supposed to speak or something, but he saw Ed's face. The teen was expecting something. And then it happened.