IB:My own parody of the Phantom of the Opera and a crossover between two great shows.

Darkwing Duck belongs to Disney. Invader Zim belongs to JV and Nick.

Chapter 1

Bushroot was happily snoozing in a giant rosebud located in his greenhouse, when a small figure stuck a needle in his arm to keep him asleep for many hours. Then Zim took the plant man to his lab and started experimenting. After doing horrible things that I will not mention the little alien took out a lighter. "I wonder if it's true that fire burns plants..hmm..." He set the left side of Bushroots face on fire causing it to burn and sizzle...it started spreading to the right side of his face. Zim began poking it with a sharp knife and frowned. "Zim, suddenly feels bad I have disfigured this freak of nature. Zim must fix it!" He took out a bucket of water from thin air and dumped it on Bushroots face. "Ugh. AHH! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE!" Zim backed away, disgusted.

Bushroot coughed waking up and his eyes widened. His face felt like hell and he was very confused, his leafy hands began feeling his face and he frowned. "What did you do to me?" He asked sounding sad.

"You are ugly! Man! Zim wouldn't want to be you. I suggest you kill yourself now before someone sees you...Devils child," Zim said.

Bushroot frowned and took out seeds from an invisible pocket, then took out a vile from the same pocket and placed one drop of liquid on the seeds. He tossed them towards Zim who was soon almost mummified in vines. "Tell me how to get home or you wont live to see another day," He growled and the vines started squeezing the Irken.

"OW! You are breaking Zims squeely spooch..Just take my portal in the corner..owww...Now release Zim!" He ordered, flinciing.

The vines released the foul alien and Bushroot ran into the portal back to Saint Canard. Screaming came from the citizens and there was an angry mob after him. "Stop! Leave me alone! I didn't do anything wrong," He cried and got pulled into an alley by a masked mallard.

"AHH! No wonder their chaising you ugh...You weren't a sight to look at in the first place but now...well...Never mind, listen I've heard talk that they plan on hanging you. I suggest staying low and following me to a new hideout," Darkwing said.

Bushroot eyes widened and he started crying. "Why? Why do they want me to die? I don't understand, all I want is a friend in life. Instead I'm a monster that they want to hunt down. Why? Tell me why!?" He started shaking the duck.

Darkwing sighed and took out a small mirror, showing Bushroot his reflection..

"AHHHH! What did that horrible alien beast do to me?!" Bushroot stared at himself in horror. The angry mob came over and dragged him away to the middle of town where the strung him up. Tears leaked from his face and his heart felt like it had been torn and began filling with hate.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the duck who sees the soul within. I am Darkwing Duck," The masked mallard took out a knife and freed the plant man. "I'm taking you to a new town, a safer place...in England," He ran off with Bushroot .