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Bella's power is telekinesis. I just love that power, so it is featured in many of my stories.

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All written from Bella's POV unless it says otherwise, ok?

I finished draining the bear and stood up warily. Katherine wasn't back yet and I was starting to worry about her. She had been off to challenge a tigress, but she normally took less time than this.

I returned to my house slowly, taking long, calm steps. I heard a disturbance up ahead from the direction of my house, and felt my eyes darken slightly. Ever since that piece of filth Edward left me alone after he bit me to endure the pain of changing, I had developed a bitter, strong side.

I broke into a sprint to my home, foreboding crushing me. I broke through the line of trees near my house and gasped automatically.

Kath was pinned to the wall by a massive hand, belonging to none other than Emmett Cullen. My eyes went from darkened gold to blackest black as I saw the rest of the Cullen's gathered around, looking on impassively as my best friend and sister was being terrified by the beast.

I felt the dormant anger well up inside of me. These bastards had taken my fragile life, opened it up and spat in it, then left me all alone as I tried to patch myself back together again, never once drinking from a human, and feeling wretched and rejected. I hated them all with every ounce of me, even Esme, the 'mother' figure. What the hell kind of a mother just leaves their daughter in searing pain to fend for herself in a completely new life? A shit mother, that's who.

My hate manifested into loathing and power, and I screamed. The windows along this wall of my house shattered into a million pieces. I used that to my advantage.

I raised my arms as I ran, sweeping them in a collective motion, and as my hands passed level with the glass, it was swept into a stream of shards. I drew the stream towards me, then fired every sliver of glass into Emmett's weak-in-comparison body.

The entire family shrieked and recoiled as Emmett fell over howling. Kath fell to the ground, released, then leapt up and ran to my side, massaging her neck. I embraced her tightly, murmuring to her. She was dry sobbing into my chest, which only fuelled my hatred for the Cullens more.

They had all gathered around the twitching Emmett, whose body was spitting out pieces of glass as it tried to heal itself. It got the last of them out and he stood up shakily, and Rosalie cried out to him and hugged him.

I snarled challengingly to them from ten metres away, and they all whipped to face me. Emmett snapped back angrily, and started towards me. I sneered.

"Dumb thing to do, Emmett," I spat his name. "Didn't you just see what I can do?"

With that, I took his body in my mind and threw him into the wall behind him. He went through it with a groan and emerged looking scared witless.

"Bella?" whispered Edward incredulously. I turned on him furiously.

"YES, LIFE WRECKER?" I screeched. I clicked my fingers, and vines snapped from their trees and wrapped around him. They tightened mercilessly as he called out to his father. I dropped him and the vines slackened. He rose slowly.

"Get off my land, NOW!" I growled. They all looked taken aback; Esme and Alice would have been crying if it was possible for them. I felt no empathy for the ones who destroyed my existence.

"Bella, we need your help-" began Carlisle.

That did it. The anger inside me burst forth. Jasper tried to calm me down, so I buried him in bricks.

"YOU want MY help? You think you can bite me, then LEAVE ME HERE to suffer by myself? I saved Kath's life from the Volturi and took her as my sister, and I return to see YOU," I pointed a finger at Emmett, "STRANGLING HER!! You are lucky I haven't already KILLED YOU ALL!"

Rosalie snarled at me. "Not all of us wanted to leave! It was Edward who made us!"

I threw my head back and shrieked to the sky in frustration and fury, my hatred making Jasper weak.


Esme and Alice burst into tearless sobs.

"Look what you did!" snapped Rosalie, unfazed by my rant. I turned to her. She was unbelievable.

"I don't give a flying fuck! You all ditched me to rot in hell, and you come back years later threatening my family and demanding I help you! I can't think of one single thing that would make you think that there was even a chance of that happening! You are all insane, and I am quite close to killing you ALL!" my voice had remained calm and deadly till the end.

Alice stepped towards me, arms out for a hug I wouldn't in a million years have given her. I tossed her back with angry ease, and she looked more hurt than ever.

"We didn't want to leave," she said in a small voice. "Edward made us. He argued for days on end and convinced us it would be better for you, then he met the- well, it doesn't matter... on the night he bit you. It's not our fault! We didn't even know you were changed until I had a vision! He never told us! By then, we were so far away and he made us believe it was a step backwards and everything to come back and... and... I don't know! I'm so, so sorry Bella!" She finished, shaking with fear, and staring at Edward as though afraid he would hit her for talking.

I stared at him in shock. This was so unlike the Edward I knew; or thought I knew.

The rest of the Cullens were nodding, and Esme, Alice and Jasper were all looking furiously at Edward. He snapped at them, and turned back to me. There was no love in his eyes.

He murmured, slow and angry, to his family. Too bad for him I could hear every word thanks to my not-quite-faded newborn enhanced senses.

"You're all with me, got it? You're my family and she's just a bitch I happened to meet and intruded on our lives. You're on my side. Maybe you took a liking to her, I don't care! She doesn't matter! Get the hell over her! The girl who will be a part of this family is Kayla, and she is who matters! Got it?"

I was dumbstruck. This was unbelievable. But I believed it. I had always known there would be another girl. I played it cool and pretended I hadn't heard.

They all turned back to me. Carlisle had a distinctly betrayed expression, and I knew it was for Edward.

"We need your help," Carlisle stated. I let him continue. "The Volturi have captured Kayla... Edward's girlfriend. You are the only one who can help her."

I stared, amazed at their idiocy. "What the hell? You all ditch me, and YOU," I point at Edward. "leave me for some bitch called Kayla? And now you come back to beg your EX girlfriend to save your new girlfriend? Why, and seriously, I want to know what went through your idiotic mind, WHY would I want to? What could possibly make me want to help the family who betrayed me? I would have to be an idiot to help some girl who stole my love to take the place in his family that I wanted to fill!"

Edward stared at me, sneering. "No, you would have to be compassionate. And kind. But you're not; anymore."

"Wonder whose fault that is?" I said sarcastically. I was pissed. "Now get away from me and go save your girlfriend from the scary Volturi!"

And with that, the unshedable tears burning my eyes, I lifted each Cullen up and flung them far into the forest, deep into the darkness.

I ran inside with Kath trailing behind me, up the stairs and collapsed into my bed, sobbing with tears I desperately wished I could cry.