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Edward POV

Kayla's name abruptly faded from my mind as I stared at my previous beloved and she stared back, calculating. Her eyes widened as she discovered what she had been searching for in my face, and she cocked her head in deliberation.

All the memories of the past year flooded back into my mind and replayed themselves against my will. I saw how dead I had been for a long time, and how my family gradually stopped talking to me. I saw the night I bit Bella and then met the bitch who had stolen me from my love, causing her so much pain.

How had I been so weak? I had always loved Bella but this Kayla person had ravaged my mind and taken over! I couldn't believe it! A strangled sob escaped my lips as a thousand different scenarios ran through my mind.

If I went to help Bella right then, would she push me away? Would she hug me, would she kiss me, would she kill me? My angel, my love, who I had hurt so much... I just felt like dying. But I wouldn't, because if there was any chance at all that she could still love me after what I did; I wasn't going to hurt her more.

That's what I told myself.

Throwing caution to the winds I sprinted to her side and stood there, staring down at her confused and slightly angry eyes.

I hesitated, torn between wrapping my arms around her and running away with her, and simply waiting for her to speak, before settling for reaching a hand out to (unnecessarily) offer assistance in getting to her feet.

She deliberated for an equally long time, before shakily reaching for my hand.

A bit of POV cycling now.

Esme POV

I could see how tortured they both looked, and through my joy that my son had become himself again, I was openly petrified that my beautiful daughter would not take him back, and honestly; I would not blame her if she decided he had hurt her too much. She would always be my daughter no matter who she loved.

He didn't seem to hear my thoughts. He must be too caught up in the moment.

I realised I was holding my breath, but I didn't let it out, because everyone else was, too. I didn't want to break the silence of what would unmistakeably be a life changing moment.

Carlisle POV

My wonderful, strong daughter and my deluded, confused son reached for each other's hands and I held my breath as I waited for the verdict.

Alice POV


I was glad that Edward didn't seem to notice what was going on in my mind or it would have ruined the moment. Bella's thoughts were in such overdrive that I was being bombarded with pseudo visions of all the decisions she was making as I watched with bated breath.

I saw Bella running off in unshed tears, I saw her slapping him and yelling, I saw them getting married, I saw her family tearing him to shreds and burning the pieces, I saw-

Then all that was interrupted as Jasper placed a hand on my shoulder and cooled my mind.

Jasper POV

My tiny wife was shaking in what I would have labelled as anticipation had I not been an empath. I felt her sense of being overwhelmed and I guessed that Bella was running through in her mind many courses of action that were consequently resulting in my Alice being attacked with multiple premonitions.

I started feeling constricted myself and began to hold my breath. Alice's emotions were upping so I placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and calmed her a bit. She sagged noiselessly against my side and sent me some gratitude, not wishing to ruin the moment.

Emmett POV

Had I just yelled at my Rosalie? In defence of Bella? Who had skewered me with glass?

Well to be fair, I had been strangling her sister at the time, but still. It's not like I'm married to Bella multiple times! Rose was my wife, and- OOH something's happening!

Rosalie POV


I won't do Bella's family but they are all in varying degrees of shock and horror.

Back to Edward POV

My angel reached for my hand with stunning delicacy and grace, before latching on with a firm, gentle grip. I squeezed her hand briefly and pulled her up gently to a standing position.

She didn't brace herself so my pull ended up pulling her to my chest.

Not that I was complaining.

She folded into my chest tensely and I hesitated, looking down at her.

Her face turned up to see mine, but upon meeting my eyes she turned it swiftly away again, but not before I caught sight of the pain there.

I reacted automatically.

I wrapped my arms around her and buried my face into her hair. Her small arms didn't push back, and didn't wrap back around me, but she sagged, leaving all her body weight in my perfectly capable arms.

"I'm awake," I murmured into her hair, attempting to fight back sobs and failing.

"I know," she replied just as quietly, and pushed herself against me, sliding her arms around my back.

I heard the sounds of six breaths being released into a long, many toned sigh, and four other breaths being released as huffs of indignation.

I didn't look up. This is where I always wanted to be, for always and eternity.

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