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"Do you think we should just leave them here?" Kazuhiko Ochiai and Kei Minami were curiously studying their sleeping teammates.

Shogo Narumi had been lecturing to—read as 'ranting at'--his teammates for a variety of reasons. The boy was always angry about something and generally yelling about it too. Ochiai had tuned Narumi out and was going over the latest statistics he'd acquired through the S.P. Website. However, he still noticed when Iori, Kanako, Komatsu, and Seki had made excuses and snuck out. He'd rather wondered about that. Why wasn't Kiri going with them...? Ah... one of his favorite objects of contemplation was currently dozing while sitting up. That explained it. He'd always wondered about that too... How DID she manage to sleep all the time? Oh well. He turned to study the other remaining member—Kei. Oh...never mind...he was still occupied with his most current box of snacks...he wouldn't be going anywhere until it was finished. Ochiai's eyes began to glaze back over as he let Narumi's ravings roll over him.

As his mind turned back to the recent figures regarding the S.P., Ochiai was suddenly startled by a Pocky Stick in his ear. -- Turning his swift, but silent glare on the perpetrator—Kei of course—Ochiai mouthed an angry, "What?!" Both he and Kei shot quick glances to Narumi, but as always he was so caught up in his emotions that he didn't notice the loss of the other two's rapt attention. Although, Ochiai briefly thought, it wasn't as though they'd really been paying any attention anyway. However, he dropped the train of thought as he tried to figure out what Kei was getting at. Kei was simply mouthing with exaggerated motions though, and Ochiai couldn't tell what he wanted. Ochiai lifted a curious eyebrow. Kei widened his eyes and jerked them to the side a couple of times. Ochiai furrowed his brow in response and glanced to the side as well. Kei mouthed...something again. Ochiai quirked his own mouth in a small frown. Kei let out a big exasperated sigh. Ochiai rolled his eyes.

"Geez! You are SO dense!" Kei finally hissed in a whisper. "Look at Kiri!" Ochiai did. She was sleeping. Same old same old.

"So what?" Ochiai whispered back. Kiri was seated next to Narumi—and thus out of line of sight so her sleeping went unnoticed. She was sleeping sitting up as was her norm when in classes and such.

"She's FALLING!" Kei gurgled in a troubled attempt to both yell the obvious and simultaneously keep his voice down. "Watch. She's going to touch Naru-naru." At this, Ochiai's eyes grew big. While he did have a thing for Koshiba Kiri...there was just something too amusing about a flustered Narumi to pass up. Both boys then turned to stare raptly at Narumi and the sleeping girl next to him. As they watched, Kiri's head lolled to the side and her body slid slowly sideways. In classic tantrum mode, Narumi failed to notice any of the proceedings and continued to grumble. Kei and Ochiai both leaned forward in their seats as the anticipation built. Kiri was the point of no return... and... FINALLY! Gravity did its thing, won its battle, all that good stuff. Kiri's head nestled itself comfortably on Narumi's shoulder.

. . .

And silence filled the room. Shogo Narumi had ceased his diatribe while in full steam. At the slight touch of Kiri Koshiba.

"Aahahahahahahaaaaaa!!" Both Ochiai and Kei burst out laughing at the sight. Narumi's eyes were wide open in shock and he was completely motionless. His mouth was still hanging open even. As their laughter trailed off, Ochiai and Kei got out of their seats and walked slowly over to the frozen Narumi. He was twitching slightly, but apparently had no actual control over his body. Ochiai thought that one of Narumi's eyes appeared to even be bulging. He had to snicker at the sight. Proud, ambitious Narumi... laid low and helpless. Actually...he had to full on laugh again. "Ahahahahahaaaa!!"

Kei wasn't helping any by sticking Pocky in Narumi's open, frozen mouth. And then as if to assist in Narumi's embarrassment, even though she was sleeping, Kiri shifted slightly to nuzzle into Narumi. And that finally did it. Narumi let out a strangled little whimper and gave up. As Ochiai watched, Narumi's eyes rolled back, then shuttered closed and his body went limp. Narumi had fainted and slumped back over toward Kiri. Ochiai shot a startled glance toward Kei to see how he was taking it and saw that Kei was returning his surprised look. And then of course... both boys burst out laughing again.

"Ahahahaaaa!! Naru-naru fainted!! Ahahahahaaaa" Ochiai flipped his phone open... crush on Kiri or not...this was simply too good to pass up. He snapped off a quick shot of the two sleeping teenagers and saved it as his wallpaper. Kiri had her head resting on Narumi's shoulder and he in turn had his head leaning on her head. It was really too cute for words. He held out his phone for Kei to see. "Aaahahahaaaahahahahhaaa!!" Ochiai swiped his sleeve across his streaming eyes. The laughter was really a bit much, leaving them both out of breath.

"So..." He said finally. "Do you think we should just leave them here?" He glanced at Kei questioningly. Kei looked back toward the sleeping pair and Ochiai followed his gaze.

"Ahahahahaaaahhaaa!!" Laughing, they both just walked out.


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