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Stuffing his once more comatose son into the car, Yujiro Narumi turned and offered a brief farewell salute to his rival. He was amused to see that he also had his hands full with a sleeping child. Yujiro regarded the boy with genuine affection as they drove home. Shogo Narumi had fainted once more, yet what had she said to him to leave him with that delirious smile?

A Beauty Pop-Narcolepsy short fanfic

He woke up to the feel of a cool damp towel gently being placed on his forehead and the sounds of muted arguing, probably drifting in from another room. Although Shogo Narumi woke up slowly, at the sight of one Kiri Koshiba hovering over him, he came awake REAL fast. "What the HELL?" he screeched as he sat up with a jerk. Kiri's disconcertingly sweet look of slight concern, teeth worrying the corner of her lip as she studied him, disappeared as she quirked an eyebrow.

"Ah.... and here Seiji had me convinced that there was something wrong with you. Still as loud as ever though," Kiri smirked a little at Narumi's confused expression. "Dad said that you passed out or something so he called your father to come and pick you up."

"HE WHAT?!" he mistakenly exclaimed much too loudly.

"SHOOOoOOoOoOoOOOoOooo-CHAN! PAPA'S BEEN SO WORRIED!" Yujiro Narumi burst into the room upon hearing his one and only beloved baby boy's voice and glomped on to the heroically resisting, but nevertheless hapless Shogo. Yujiro continued to wail hysterically as his son struggled to get away. "First these riffraff contact me to say that you're unconscious at their house. And when Papa rushes over to save his son, this MAN-" here he paused to fling a dramatically accusatory finger in Seiji Koshiba's direction, "tells me to wait until Sho-chan wakes up."

Seiji cast a questioning look at his daughter as the two Narumis battled it out. Kiri neatly side stepped the younger Narumi's failing arms as he yelled at the older to let him go. "He seems ok," she told her father, "he was a little flushed for some reason, but he didn't have a fever or anything. What was he doing here anyways?"

"What are you saying, Mussyhead?" Shogo cut in brusquely. He slipped between the two Koshibas to place themselves safely between himself as his recently escaped father. "It's your fault I'm here as it is."

"What are you talking about?" Kiri looked at him curiously. She hadn't been awake for much longer than Shogo and hadn't had a chance to speak to her father. Rather than answer, however, Shogo just gaped at her, face slowly reddening.

"Are you saying," Yujiro asked, breaking the awkward staring tension between the two teenagers, "that this Koshiba girl is responsible for your illness?" When his son again remained silent and refused to look at him, Yujiro took it as confirmation and turned toward Kiri.

She matched his angry glare with a cool expressionless look of her own. And Yujiro felt his composure slip. The Koshiba girl was JUST as infuriating as that fool father of hers. He shot a glance over at Seiji with the thought and was met with bemused indifference. THAT DID IT.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON, YOU LITTLE--LITTLE.... BRAT?!" he raged as he loomed over her menacingly.

Only to be cut short as Shogo jerked the girl protectively behind himself. "She didn't DO anything. Ok, Dad? I just.... passed out or something after I carried her home." He glared back at his father as the two Koshibas exchanged looks behind his back.

Yujiro reared back almost comically in surprise and disdain. "You CARRIED her? You carried her HOME?" He peered around his son at Kiri, rather thoroughly derailed. "Does.... does Sho-chan have a GIRLFRIEND that he didn't tell Papa about? How COULD YOU? And THIS person? Liking her.... Papa won't allow it!" He ended with a shriek as he held his fists to his face and shook his head in childishly cute denial.

Shogo dropped his head with a sigh and rubbed irritably at the bridge of his nose. "Look, it's not like that. Her cat led me to her and she wouldn't wake up. I couldn't just leave her out in the park. It was getting dark." He scratched his right arm self-consciously. Carrying Kiri and thinking too much about it had gotten him into this mess in the first place. He felt his face starting to heat up a little. He didn't really want to think about it again.

"Is that true....?" a soft voice asked behind him. Shogo whirled around to face Kiri. He had been distracted by his father, forgetting she was there. But she was looking inquiringly at her own father and not talking to him after all. Shogo rubbed absently at his face, trying to get the blush to go away.

Seiji glanced at the Narumis before looking back down at Kiri. "I think so. He was probably just tired from having to carry you...." Or dying from nervousness and embarrassment due to his crush on you, he silently added. "You should thank him." Kiri hmm'd slightly in thoughtful agreement.

Turning toward Shogo after a moment, Kiri studied him inscrutably. Then, lips twitching into her trademark smirk, she offered him a light, "Thanks, Naru Naru."

Teeth clenching tightly and eyebrow beginning to tick in typical angry Narumi fashion, Shogo opened his mouth to deliver the customary response--

--when his father beat him to it. "DON'T CALL HIM 'NARU NARU'!" Yujiro raved. Like father, like son, the Koshibas thought with a bit of amusement. "Thank him properly, girl!"

Shogo completely buried his face in embarrassment--palms flat against his eyes as he simultaneously attempted to massage his temples to ward off the developing headache. "Don't worry about it, Mussyhead," he mumbled from behind his hands, "You don't have to. It's fine."

Seiji discretely flashed Kiri a 1000 yen bill (about $10) and got a two fingers flashed back for his troubles. Honestly, Seiji griped to himself--before adding another bill, couldn't a daughter ever do things for love of her dear old dad?

"She does TOO." Yujiro returned, completely ignoring the other two's antics in favor of lavishing attention on his son. He, too, had to wonder about the lack of filial respect sometimes. But he only really had a moment before the younger Narumi then engaged him in a fierce battle of 'Does Not. Does Too.'

Meanwhile, the money exchanged hands.

With a final huff in his father's direction, Shogo turned back to Kiri. "Look--" he began, only to stop stumblingly, like a boy walking into a room full of pretty girls only to realize that he had no pants on and that said room wasn't a bathroom. He stared at Kiri incredulously, mouth opening and closing soundlessly.

Kiri was standing before him with her head down and her hands clasped endearingly behind her back. Her bangs hid her eyes as she shyly toed the ground a little. She watched her feet for a moment longer as she shifted her weight back and forth charmingly and twisted her interlaced fingers. As the room went dead silent in response to THAT pose, Kiri leaned in a little closer. Peering up at Shogo through her bangs, she finally whispered a demure little, "Thank you, sempai..."

Eyes going as wide as his mouth, Shogo could only point at her and stutter, "You... Mussy.. you... why... you." His face grew a bright red as he stammered at Kiri. "I, I, I... you, I..."

Rolling his eyes, Yujiro Narumi grabbed his son's arm and began to tow him out of the house. Shogo followed him unresisting and still mumbling incoherently. Seiji watched the two go with a giant grin on his face. There was really nothing quite like upsetting one's rival, he mused. Kiri's noisy yawning broke his train of thought then. As he watched, she rubbed absently at the back of her neck before stretching tiredly. Like clockwork, Seiji noted, always the yawn and the hand behind the head. She'd probably be passed out again soon.

Yujiro paused on the doorstep of the Koshiba house and shop, waiting for his driver to open the doors, as he tried to keep a hold of his babbling son. A gentle tap on his shoulder, though, had him turning around to face the two Koshibas curiously. Seiji was giving him a cheerful smile that he wasn't sure he trusted. Kiri on the other hand seemed to be falling asleep on her feet. She was propped against the door frame and her eyes kept drifting shut and then popping open after a few minutes.

"Thank you for picking him up," Seiji said, "as you can see, with his condition..... we weren't sure if he'd be able to make it home by himself alright." Yujiro found himself smirking a little in return as they both turned to look at Shogo. A big yawn and slight wobble from Kiri quickly caught their attention though, and Seiji had to steady his now sleeping daughter. "She sleeps a lot," he offered in rather poor explanation to the unasked question.

"Yes, well," Yujiro replied after a puzzled pause, "thanks for keeping an eye on my boy....and take care of your own girl as well. Goodnight, Koshiba."

"Night, Narumi," Seiji answered. He nudged his daughter a couple of times until she looked blearily up at him. "The Narumis are leave, Ki, say goodnight." He pushed her gently in Shogo's direction.

She took a drowsy stumble toward him and caught herself by grabbing onto his shirt. Kiri's light tug on his shirt sleeve captured his complete, panicked, and once more shocked in to silence attention. Eyes mostly closed, she smiled at him sweetly, leaning toward him and rising up on her tip toes. Shogo tilted down toward her in disbelieving, automatic response, oblivious to everything but Kiri. Resting her hands on his shoulders for balance, her hair brushing lightly against his cheek, she whispered in his ear.

"Goodnight, Shogo."

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